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List of the Best Beaches in Herceg Novi, Montenegro

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor April 30th, 2022 Posted in Europe Travel Blog, Travel Blog No comments

Looking for the best beaches in Herceg Novi? We have them for you! You might be thinking of where you will spend your summer in this city in Montenegro. It actually has plenty of beaches that will really make your holiday complete. These beaches are not only beautiful but they’re all unique in their own way. Offering both relaxation and adrenaline rush activities, Herceg Novi will surprise you with what it has.


List of the Best Beaches in Herceg Novi that We Recommend

1. Bijela Beach

Best Beaches in Herceg Novi and Sorroundings
Photo by Thomas W CC BY-ND 2.0

Bijela beach is the main city beach. The beach is a platform that is made of concrete and equipped with staircases before you can enter the ocean. There are a few cafes, renting sun loungers and umbrellas, and all the necessary infrastructure in the surroundings for your convenience. 

Recommended Hotel: Palmon Bay Hotel & Spa 

2. Djenovici Beach

Best Beaches in Herceg Novi and Sorroundings
Photo by Jérôme Decq CC BY 2.0

Dzenovici beach or Đenovići plaža is a concrete platform with shingle and sand fill. Partly, the beach belongs to the nearest hotels. Djenovici beach is also equipped with all the necessary facilities such as renting sun loungers and umbrellas, beach cafes, and parking.

Suggested Hotel: Wellness & Spa Hotel ACD 

3. Beach Igalo


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The beach of Galeb villa or Beach Igalo is a popular beach located next to a former residence of the President of Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito. It is very well equipped. You can find beach cafes and restaurants, renting sun loungers and umbrellas, shower and WC in the beaches’ proximity.

Suggested Hotel: Hotel Azzurro

4. Mud Beach (Blatna Beach)

List of the Best Beaches in Herceg Novi, Montenegro
Photo by dronepicr CC BY 2.0

Blatna beach or Mud beach is famous for its therapeutic muds. It is situated in the Igalo resort town, near the Sutorina river. Here, locals and tourists can practice spa and manipulation treatment using mud, that they can use to cure rheumatism and other diseases of supporting-motor apparatus. There are also beach cafes, renting sun loungers and umbrellas. There is parking close to the beach.

Suggested Hotel: Centar Novi

5. Rafaelo Beach


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Rafaelo beach or Rafaelo Plaza is a very famous shingle-sand beach on the lines of Herceg-Novi and Igalo. It is equipped with all the necessary facilities for visitors’ convenience. There are renting sun lounges and umbrellas, cafes and restaurants next to the beach.

Suggested Hotel: Hotel Casa del Mare – Blanche

6. Baosici Beach


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Baosici beach or Baošići plaža is situated along the shore of the village. The first line of the sea is occupied by several private villas and mini-hotels. The beach is partly gravel, partly sand, separated from the road by trees. It is well-equipped with all the necessary facilities such as renting sun loungers and umbrellas, and beach cafes.

Suggested Hotel: Garni Hotel Bokeška Noć 

7. Beach Kumbor

Kumbor beach or Kumbor plaža is a tiny beach with a concrete section, partly sand, and gravel. It is separated from a road by lush vegetation. Despite its small size, the beach is well equipped. There are cafes and renting sun loungers in the beaches’ proximity to your convenience.

Suggested Hotel: Hotel Perla

8. Beach Lalovina

Lalovina is considered to be the best beach in Zelenika. It is filled up with sunshine until late evening. All thanks to the mountains and southern location of the city. One can enjoy sunbathing 5 months per year (usually it happens from May to September). The average temperature is 22 – 26°C. It is easy to enter the water, there are no huge stones and the gravels are small. This small beach is surrounded by picture-perfect subtropical planting and well-equipped with beach accessories. There are comfortable cafes and all that is necessary to have a wonderful time.

Suggested Hotel: Apart Hotel Sun Village

9. Beach Njivice

List of the Best Beaches in Herceg Novi, Montenegro
Photo by Thomas Hackl CC BY-NC 2.0

Also called as the Queen’s Beach, it is the main city beach in Njivice, just 1 km long. It is situated close to the hotel Club Hotel Riviera. There are different types of shore, concrete, gravel, and sand on this beach. It is ideal for families with children as the water is shallow. There is a separate zone for nudists which is the Sutorina beach. There is also parking close to the beach. And there is a pier, renting sun loungers and umbrellas, beach cafes and restaurants on the beaches’ proximity.

Suggested Hotel: Club Hotel Riviera Montenegro

10. Beach Sutorina

The beach Sutorina is one of the four official nudist beaches in Montenegro. Sutorina – the wild beach is covered with fine shingle. It is situated in the municipality of Herceg-Novi between the village of Njivice and the Sutorina river. You can also find a lot of mud in the very shallow water which the locals coat themselves with therapeutically. There are parking, pier, renting sun loungers and umbrellas, beach cafes and a restaurant near the beach.

Suggested Hotel: Guesthouse Villa Stari Grad

Immigrate to Montenegro

These beaches in Herceg Novi will absolutely make your next beach getaway more memorable and unique. This country, despite its size, offers a lot of fun and exciting experience for both local and foreign tourists. So if you’re ready to beat the summer heat, pack up and make your way to visit any of these best beaches in Herceg Novi.

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