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The Best Beaches in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor April 3rd, 2021 Posted in Destination, North America Travel Blog, Travel Blog, Travel Guides No comments

A hook-shaped peninsula in Massachusetts is Cape Cod that is in between Cape Cod Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. With countless beaches all over Cape Cod, it’s a famous destination, especially during summers.

Cape Cod also offers historical sites, museums, and natural sites that attract birds and sea creatures like seals, whales, and sharks.

Best Beaches in Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Photo by Thomas Kelley

The best time to come here is during the summer season from May to September when it’s hot and humid. Cape Cod, especially at the beaches is the best place to cool off the summer heat and enjoy the waves and time with your family. December to March is the coldest period ranging from 7 to -7 degrees.

Best Beaches in Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Photo by Kelly Sikkema

Here are the best beaches in Cape Cod where you can truly enjoy your summer vacation:

1. Cape Cod National Seashore

With 40 miles of seashore facing Cape Cod Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, Cape Cod National Seashore has one of the best beaches in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. With a big area, you will find a perfect spot to enjoy the view for yourself. It’s a great place to watch marine life too, as you will see sea lions, whales and great white sharks.  It’s also a great place to surf, especially in the Atlantic Side; however, surfers are warned if ever there are sharks come by. The sand dunes are also a must-see in this part of Massachusetts and hopefully, you can end your day by watching the magnificent sunset.

Suggested Hotel: Viking Shores Motor Inn

2. Herring Cove Beach

Best Beaches in Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Photo by Steam Pipe Trunk Distribution Venue CC BY 2.0

Off to the farthest point of Provincetown is the Herring Cove Beach. It’s a very mellow beach without much crowd and a great place to relax and bathe under the sun. The waves are also very calm so your kids could enjoy swimming nearby.  It’s also a great place to see birds, whales, and sharks. The breathtaking sunsets and the tranquility this place offers makes this one of the best beaches in Cape Cod.

Suggested Hotel: AWOL Hotel

3. Nauset Beach

Best Beaches in Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Photo by Caitee Smith CC BY-ND 2.0

10 miles of fun under the sun is offered by one of the best beaches in Cape Cod; Nauset Beach. With countless activities you can do from swimming, surfing to fishing, you surely will enjoy your time here. This beach is very popular for all ages; for kids playing with the sand by the beach, oldies walking along, teens surfing, adults sunbathing or fishing; you should come here as early as possible to get a great spot. Food vans are in the corner so you won’t get hungry plus bathrooms and areas are well kept. It’s really a great place to hang-out!

Suggested Hotel: Ship Knees Inn

4. Race Point Beach

Best Beaches in Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Photo by Lin Mei CC BY 2.0

On the other side of Herring Cove Beach is Race Point Beach, the beach facing the Atlantic and still at the edge of Provincetown. This is known for its rougher waters, so non-swimmers should stay near the beach as possible. There is also a possibility of shark activity, so check with the lifeguard always. The place also has many sunbathers since it shines directly on the sand all day. It’s truly one of the best beaches in Cape Cod; pair it with a hike at the lighthouse and a view of sunset then your vacation is perfect.

Suggested Hotel: Carpe Diem Guesthouse and Spa

5. Skaket Beach

Best Beaches in Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Photo by Liza CC BY 2.0

On the shores of Orleans is Skaket Beach, one of the best beaches in Cape Cod. With fine sandy beaches and warm waters, it’s a great place to spend time with the family. When the tide is low, go to the tidal pools to look for tiny sea creatures or just enjoy the sand. There are food trucks nearby; fries, burgers, and ice cream. As well as this beach great views of the boats from the harbor as well as the gorgeous sunsets. You will definitely make lovely memories with your loved ones in Skaket Beach.

Suggested Hotel: Skaket Beach Motel

6. Mayflower Beach

Best Beaches in Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Photo by Jones Road Caddie CC BY 2.0

A very popular beach in Dennis, MA is the large fine-sand beach named Mayflower Beach. When there is low tide, the sand will stretch far and wide and everyone can have fun looking for hermit crabs or just walking in the tide sandbar. There is a big space in the beach so activities like Frisbees and picnics are well-enjoyed. Amenities are also complete; with snack shacks, showers, and bathrooms. Go early to get a great spot on one of the best beaches in Cape Cod.

Suggested Hotel: Starlight Lodge Cape Cod

7. Head of the Meadow

Best Beaches in Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Photo by joyruH7 CC BY-ND 2.0

Get an awesome view of marine life; from whale to seals to shark sightings at Head of the Meadow Beach in Truro. It is on the Atlantic Ocean Side and you can enjoy the views of the dunes and the sand. Surfing is allowed outside the main beach area; however, always check on the lifeguard in case there are great white sharks. If you don’t like to swim or surf, try exploring the huge sand dunes, bike on the trails, or sunbathe. This is one of the best beaches in Cape Cod so you won’t regret coming here.

Suggested Hotel: Sandpiper Cottage

8. Cahoon Hollow Beach

Want to have an adventure before enjoying the sand and sea? Well, when you are off to Cahoon Hollow Beach, you need to go up the steep path and hold on the rope to visit this place. With massive dunes and the Atlantic Ocean, it’s a sight to be at, especially if you are young (teens to 30s). There’s a popular seaside bar and restaurant; the Beachcomber, where you can fill your stomach. It not only has a great view but also a great party atmosphere, an awesome place to hang out with friends.

Suggested Hotel: Self-Sufficient Cottages at Even’tide Resort

9. Corn Hill Beach

Corn Hill was named after Corn was found by the pilgrims in this spot as they were buried by the Natives before. This long and narrow beach in Truro is one of the best beaches in Cape Cod. It is picturesque and you would enjoy watching the boats off to the harbor as well as the sunset. It’s very senior-friendly too since there is a handicapped ramp for wheelchairs. It’s very tranquil, so you would enjoy peace at this side of Cape Cod.

Suggested Hotel: Sandpiper Cottage

10. Coast Guard Beach

One of the best beaches in Cape Cod is Coast Guard Beach which is known for boogie boarding and surfing. There is only limited parking, however, there’s a shuttle service that can get you to the beach. Enjoy your day here with your family or friends and bring also food in case you are hungry. This is a quite popular beach so come very early in the morning or late in the afternoon to catch a wonderful view of the dunes and sunsets.

Suggested Hotel: Inn at the Oaks

We hope you come here and spend your getaway at one of the best beaches in Cape Cod. You can choose between facing the Cape Cod Bay or the waves in the Atlantic Ocean. Bring your family and friend as you explore the dunes or check out creatures on tidal pools. You will have the time of your life especially if you watch the sunsets or gaze at the animals living freely.

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