Things to do in Eden Nature Park and Resort, Davao City, Philippines

On the mountains of Davao City lies one of the most famous mountain resorts, the Eden Nature Park. Enjoy the beauty of nature and have fun in this 80-hectare resort. If you are interested, read our things to do Eden Nature Park and Resort, Davao City, Philippines.

Travel Guide to Eden Nature Park and Resort
Photo by David Quitoriano CC BY 2.0

Before, this was a logged-over forest that was eventually developed. Pinetrees were planted, and facilities were built. In 1997, Eden Nature Park and Resort opened and was classified as an eco-tourism zone. Not only was this place resort a great place to relax, but you can also have seminars, retreats, and celebrations here. With zip lines, gardens, playgrounds, and much more, it’s one of the top places to visit in Davao.

What to do in Eden Nature Park and Resort

Travel Guide to Eden Nature Park and Resort
Photo by Constantine Agustin CC BY 2.0

1. Try the fun rides

Want to get your adrenaline pumping? Well, Eden has fun adventures for you. Try the Skyrider where you can glide on 200-meter long cables while falling in love with the view of Davao or the Skyswing where you get to swing up above literally. There’s also Skycycle and Skywheel if you want more time in the sky. For kids and kids at heart, try the Indiana Jones!

2. Tour the Resort

There are many attractions in the resort, so why not tour there?  You can walk or take a guided shuttle tour. Ready your feet, however, if you want to walk all over the place as it’s so big!  There are also hiking trails where you can see waterfalls and much more!

3. Learn more about the culture

In the heart of the resort is Tinubdan that lets you learn about Mindanaon culture. In this part of the park, you’ll learn traditions, beliefs, and the way of life of the Lumads or indigenous people of Mindanao. You won’t only enjoy this place but have a more in-depth understanding of Mindanao, too!

4. Enjoy mother nature

With the gorgeous gardens and animals in the park, you will love Mother Nature. Check out the birds, spot a deer, and say hello to the butterflies. There are also various gardens all over the park.

5. Take Pictures!

With many amazing attractions; gardens, maze, amphitheater, and much more, bring your camera and take as many photos as you can. You’ll surely remember the beautiful memories as you scroll your pictures when you come back home.


Travel Guide to Eden Nature Park and Resort
Photo by Constantine Agustin CC BY 2.0

Here are the costs you might incur during your trip to Eden Nature Park:

Attraction Prices

  • Guided Shuttle Tour – PHP 120
  • Skyrider – PHP 150
  • Skycycle – PHP 200
  • Skyswing Solo – PHP 300
  • Skywing Tandem – PHP 400
  • Horseback Riding – PHP 100
  • Swimming – PHP 80 (55 for children)


You can also stay near Eden Nature Park and Resort. Here are the rates:

Travel Guide to Eden Nature Park and Resort, Davao City, Philippines

You can book in the resort or through Agoda.


There are five restaurants in the area

  • Vista Restaurant – available buffet lunch at PHP 550
  • Café Vista – plated snacks at PHP 220
  • Fishing Village – you can fish in the area and have your catch cooked or bring them home
  • Fisher’s Grill
  • Skyview Café – plated snacks at PHP 220

How to get to Eden Nature Park and Resort

Travel Guide to Eden Nature Park and Resort
Photo by Lynneth_Omandac CC BY 2.0

Plane Ride

  • The airport in Davao city is Francisco Bangoy International Airport
  • Local Flights available to and from: Manila, Cebu, Clark, Bacolod, Cagayan de Oro, Iloilo, Siargao, Tagbilaran, and Zamboanga
  • International Flights available to and from: Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Qatar, China


  • From the airport, you can ride a taxi to Eden; however, it would take about PHP 1,200 plus for air-con taxis or about PHP 500 for non-air-conditioned one
  • You can negotiate to avoid being overcharged

Commute to Dahilayan

  • Ride a jeep going to Toril
  • Stop at Mercury Drug Store
  • From there, ride a habal-habal bound for Eden

Via Private Car

  • Drive towards Toril that is south of Davao City
  • When you see Mercury Drug Stor, turn right
  • There is a fork road and turn left to Eden
  • There are signs, don’t miss them

Travel Guide Tips to Eden Nature Park and Resort

  • Go there during low season to avoid much crowd
  • Packages are available especially for groups of more than 30, contact the resort ahead
  • Contact Numbers for Day Tour ((082) 286-0383) and Front Office ((082) 286-0385)
  • The resort is open from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Mondays to Sundays except on Christmas Day
  • For those who will use the mountain trail, please register at the center and hike during the day
  • Don’t tease or feed the animals
  • Please be mindful of the operating hours of the activities
Travel Guide to Eden Nature Park and Resort
Photo by David Quitoriano CC BY 2.0

Sample Itinerary on Eden Nature Park and Resort

Day 1 in Eden Nature Park and Resort

7:00 AM – Arrive at the Airport / Travel to Eden
8:30 AM – Arrive at Eden Nature Park and Resort / Take Shuttle Tour
9:30 AM – Sky Activities
11:30 AM –Buffet Lunch at Vista Restaurant
2:00 PM – Check-in / Swimming Pool
4:00 PM – Snacks / Tour / Photo Op
7:00 PM – Dinner
9:00 PM – Sleep

Day 2 in Eden Nature Park and Resort

7:00 AM – Wake up / Breakfast
8:00 AM – Mountain Trail / Photo Op
10:30 AM – Check-out
11:00 AM – Fishing Village / Lunch and Fishing
2:00 PM – Back to Davao City proper

I hope you find our list of things to do in Eden Nature Park and Resort useful as you plan a trip there. It’s the perfect getaway with family and friends if you want to experience nature and thrilling activities. Have fun, and enjoy your stay there! Happy Travels!

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