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Awesome Things To Do in Baler and Nearby Towns, Aurora @TourismPHL

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor July 17th, 2022 Posted in Asia Travel Blog, Philippines Travel Blog, Travel Blog 2 Comments

Let me guess, the first thing that popped up to your mind when you heard the place Baler is “surfing”. Honestly, I won’t deny it because I thought about that too.

Let me tell you a short story, I was on a north road trip with my partner (Ilocos-Baguio-Tarlac) when we passed by San Juan, La Union which is considered the surfing capital of the north. We were both tempted to stop and try surfing; it was my first time that’s why I was a little hesitant which made us decide to move forward to our true destination.

Few months later, on our first year anniversary we planned a trip to Baler to try a new water sport. That was just the beginning of our countless travels together.

12go Asia

I am the person in charge for the itinerary and packing. I am a little bit OC so I always make sure everything is perfectly in place. I planned ahead, when I said ahead it means 1 week before the trip. Should I consider it planning ahead? I guess so. Well anyway while I was researching I discovered that there’s so much we could do/visit/taste and experience in Baler, it doesn’t just end in surfing. For me discovering Baler is like discovering a precious gem or opening a VERY wonderful present. Let’s cut all the crap and let me share to you the real deal. (Scroll down – IT’s a MUST!)

Do (MUST for the adrenaline junkies)

  • Surfing – Do not leave Baler without trying to surf. Again do not leave Baler without trying to surf! Surfing was probably one of the best that ever occurred to my monotonous life. Years passed and I still find myself falling to it over and over again. In surfing, I feel free; it makes me believe that the impossible could also be possible.
  • Biking – Wanted some time alone? You can enjoy and have a date with self while exploring the beauty of Baler and nearby towns.
  • Skating – If flat season comes you can consider land surfing to maintain and practice your balance. Enjoy the warmth of the sun to your skin while you smell the addicting sea breeze which will make you forget all the hassle of the city life.

Visit (MUST for the town trippers)

  • The nostalgic vibe of Dona Aurora house – this house made me imagine how simple life they have back then.

things to do in Baler

  • The nostalgic vibe of Quezon Memorial Park

things to do in Baler

  • The literally breathtaking Ermita Hill Park – this park was built in memories of the seven families who survived the tsunami happened a very long ago. From the stories of the locals the Ermita hill saved them while the rest of baler was washed out by the said tragedy. On the hilltop you’ll see the whole breathtaking Baler shoreline.

things to do in Baler

things to do in Baler

  • The educational treat of Museo De Baler – if you really wanted to know more about Baler on a very personal level, this is the perfect place to go. All its history and secrets is revealed here.

things to do in Baler

  • The White sand and blue waters of Dicasalarin cove – This place is not really included on the regular tour but if you opted to add this to your itinerary you may ask the guide for a special arrangements. Make sure your heart is ready for the steep, narrow and zigzag roads along the way.

things to do in Baler

  • The educational treat of PAG ASA weather station – PAG ASA station is situated few meters away from Dicasalarin cove, so if you decided to visit the cove make sure that you drop by the weather station too. This place offers a good overlooking view of the cove.

things to do in Baler

  • The Calming vibe of Lukso Lukso Islets – Some families enjoys their Sundays on a picnic on this place. It’s heartwarming to see Filipino families with genuine smiles to their faces with a bit of contentment.

things to do in Baler

  • The Refreshing waters of Diguisit waterfalls – just watch your steps because it’s never easy to go on top.

things to do in Baler

Taste (MUST for the tummy centered lifestyle)

  • The healthy Paco salad of Kusina Luntian – this is for the patient heart, your food will be cooked as you order. You will really enjoy the nice post surf chat with friends and family then “galit-galit muna” when the good food arrives!
  • The affordable buffet of Gerry Shan’s – This is perfect for those who wanted to eat big but on the tight budget. For less that PHP 200 you will already have a happy tummy which includes bottomless iced tea. Now tell me, who would say no to that?

MUST look for!

Shane’s Eatery – Rolling stores

Aling Pacing’s Peanut butter

The bukolicious with a twist of cheese Buko roll – again, this is a MUST!

The mouthwatering cakes and pastries of Dialyn’s bakeshop

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Experience (MUST for the wandering souls)

  • The no stop over Executive joy bus – with built in restroom, reclining seats and free crackers with water, all you have to do is sleep and wake up when you arrived in Baler.

things to do in Baler

  • The warmth of Baler sunrise in Sabang beach – Most favorite part of the day was watching the sun rise gracefully while people start their awesome filled daily grind.

things to do in Baler

  • The one only Baler Surfer grill, where your food is grilled on the hood of a Volkswagen beetle.

things to do in Baler

  • The elegant vibe of Costa Pacifica Raintree

things to do in Baler

  • The freezing and clear waters Ditumabo mother falls – hike is not easy but it will be paid off when you see the majestic Mother falls and experience its bone penetrating cold waters.

things to do in Baler

  • The famous Balete tree – They call it the millennium tree and considered to be one of the biggest in Asia. There might be huge changes on how it looks now because of the impact of the typhoon “Lando” but it will always be one of the heritages of Maria Aurora town.

things to do in Baler 3

These are just few of the awesome things you could do/visit/taste and experience in Baler. May you have an awesome hassle free trip and hoping to see you in the line up! =)

About the Writer:

me on keeping the good vibesHi! I am angel, 100% Filipino. Born and raised in the Philippines. Wanderlust, Adventure seeker, a shutter bug, an animal and a Nature lover, a novice surfer and loud and proud Negra (a girl with tanned skin). Blog page: The Lakwatserang Negra



Awesome things to do in Baler and nearby towns

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