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10 Types of People you will meet at an Airport in the Philippines

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor March 26th, 2022 Posted in Travel Blog, Travel Guides 18 Comments

The airport is filled with different kinds of people. If you get bored from waiting for your flight or turn on your queue, try observing those in your surroundings. Here are 10 Types of People you will meet at an airport in the Philippines.

10 Types of People you will meet at an Airport in the Philippines
Photo by Marco López on Unsplash

It’s better if you are an airport reading this and guessing people based on this check this list. In case you are not, you can check your memories if you indeed have met these types of people. It’s an entertaining activity, especially if you are traveling solo and without someone to talk to!

1. Backpackers

10 Types of People you will meet at an Airport in the Philippines
Photo by Alexis Antoine on Unsplash

Backpackers are those who want adventures. They usually are budget travelers opting to bring their backpacks rather than checking-in luggage. Aside from carrying over-sized knapsacks, you can see that they are comfort travelers. They will opt to wear shorts or pajamas and may look really haggard. They will be quite friendly to the locals too and may travel solo or in groups.

2. Business Executives

10 Types of People you will meet at an Airport in the Philippines
Photo by Roman Chyller on Unsplash

A total opposite of a backpacker is a business executive. They are traveling for work purposes and look really formal. They are probably going straight to an office or a business meeting the minute they arrive. You will see them dressed in business attire – blazers and all, call their assistants, and have a black trolley or an attaché case.

3. First-timers

10 Types of People you will meet at an Airport in the Philippines
Photo by Erik Odiin on Unsplash

A lot of travelers have been here before – first time traveling in a plane. Though the outfits are not obvious, you will know it’s them through their actions or faces. First-timers usually don’t know where to go – like you will need to check-in first, then have a boarding pass, then have your things checked, etc. Experts know the flow, but first-timers might have doubt in their faces, look at what people are doing, and might ask some people questions. And a common mistake first-timers will make are the carry-ons during baggage check – no drinking water, liquids should be about 100ml, and no sharp things.

4. Fashionistas

10 Types of People you will meet at an Airport in the Philippines
Photo by Laura D Vargas on Unsplash

One of the people you will meet at the airport is the Fashionistas. The one where you might think they are there for a shoot rather than traveling. They will be dressed well from head to toe; they will surely make heads turn. A photo here and there will probably be taken, too! That person is probably an influencer or just someone who has many amazing clothes¸ sayang naman if nasa closet lang.

5. Babies and Children

10 Types of People you will meet at an Airport in the Philippines
Photo by Man Chung on Unsplash

Did someone dash in front of you? It’s probably a kid running around the airport. You can see those types of people in an airport in the Philippines; they will be reprimanded by their parents in a few minutes. There are also cute little ones sleeping in their parent’s arms. Hopefully, they won’t be crying when they fly from one airport to another; parents surely will be stressed, the seatmate and crew, too.

6. Cellcoholics

10 Types of People you will meet at an Airport in the Philippines
Photo by Ali Yahya on Unsplash

This generation will be full of them. These cellcoholics are people who are addicted to their phone, but you can put those who have been looking at their screens for hours under this category – gaming, watching a movie, or browsing social media. You might be categorized as one if someone sees you reading this while waiting for your flight.

7. Lovebirds

10 Types of People you will meet at an Airport in the Philippines
Photo by Louise Palanker CC BY-SA 2.0

Makaka-sana-ol ka dito. Love birds or couples may be found at the Philippine airport. However, close friends might look like a couple, so don’t get yourself confused. How do you know they are a couple? They will hold hands, sit so close and whisper things to each other, or show PDA.

8. The Tourists

10 Types of People you will meet at an Airport in the Philippines
Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

“The tourists” is another type of person you can meet at the airport. You can spot them quickly as they do not look like Filipinos or does not speak the local language. Backpacks are usually brought, and they will usually wear sleeveless or shorts as most find our country hot.

9. Sleepyheads

10 Types of People you will meet at an Airport in the Philippines
Photo by Free To Use Sounds on Unsplash

While everyone in the airport is busy, they are found in the corner or on the chairs sleeping. Sitting position or laying position with jackets or covers on their faces. Many can find them during the night, waiting for the first flight in the early morning. I can put myself in this category as I love sleeping at the airports (it saves me money!)

10. OFWs or Balikbayans

10 Types of People you will meet at an Airport in the Philippines
Photo by Paulo O CC BY 2.0

Our beloved Overseas Filipino Workers or Balikbayans is another type you will see at the airport. It’s probably hard to identify them in the departure area. However, if you see them waving at a group of crying people at the door, they might be one. At the arrival area in the airport, they will be easy to spot – bringing a lot of luggage and, of course, balikbayan boxes for pasalubong. And a lot of people will be waiting for them at the airport.

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Photo by Neil Martin on Unsplash

That’s it! Those are the different types of people you will meet at an airport in the Philippines. Have you met them all? If you were the traveler instead, what category will you be in? I usually am in the backpacker and sleepyhead category, how about you? Comment down below!

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18 thoughts on “10 Types of People you will meet at an Airport in the Philippines

  1. Such a great and humorous post. I’ve seen them all and been but a few. The worst are the business execs in my opinion.
    Keep up the great work!

  2. Hahahah this was hilarious! I’ve thought about doing a post like this every single time I’m stuck at an airport and I’m watching the stereotypes around me!

  3. Cute post! I have spent many hours in the airports these past few weeks and you are spot on. You forgot the group that sees the babies and is thinking ” Oh Lord please make sure those babies sit far, far from me!” LOL That is my group!

  4. Homeless of the airport? How dare you! Haha! I prefer to think of it as the airport BEING our home! ;D And those business class travellers WISH they could be as comfortable as we are! Haha

  5. Funny…I definitely met them all…
    I still remember one flight when I was surrounded by kids… it was awful .. at the end even the moms started to argue because one kid wanted to sleep and the other was crying… and the 3rd was kicking in my seat….%)
    And what about the category wearing too much perfume? or maybe my nose is too sensitive…but on my last flight I would have opened a window if that was possible

  6. Ha ha, love this! Good use of your time spent it the airport, hate being so early! Despite taking so many flight a year I hate flying and usually look like a nervous wreck as though it’s my first time!! Then I arrive and im all confident and act like an expert!! lol

  7. Definitely have seen all of these, but I have another to add……the what should we call it “hot mess hungover partier”. It’s the traveler that has only had a few hours of sleep because they were out partying all night one last time with their new found travel friends only to get way too drunk, sleep through their alarm, and almost miss their flight. Get too close and you can probably smell the booze still on their breath or clothes since they more than likely are still wearing the same outfit from the night before, and their bags are more than likely a jumbled mess because of the mad dash to throw everything in and book it to the airport.
    I’m not going to lie. I have been this traveler before….in my younger days of course 😉

  8. I enjoy reading this post! I agree that I can see these different types of people at the airport since I love to people watch. I am definitely one of those who struggle to sleep for 10 hours! Although my travel buddy has no problem with that lol since she can sleep just anywhere due to her flexibility

  9. I am one of those who can sleep 10 hours in a plane! I can fall asleep even before the plane takes off 🙂 I love how you were able to summarize this and very very true, these are the people I see when I go people watching to pass the time in the airport 🙂

  10. You forgot to mention my category: the way too tired. I am always so tired before boarding a flight that I either can’t be bothered to get on the plane (or get caught in other things till I eventually get called to board the plane that is leaving) or try to get in first so that as soon as I sit down I can fall asleep.

  11. I love it Mary – I think we’ve all come across each one of these people.

    Especially the dam children and crying babies – grrrrr!!

    1. Ugh, I got stuck to four kids on a 11 hour flight to Dubai before. And the parents didnt care how loud they were – I fell your pain :/

  12. Yes, you can see quite a range of people at airports, which makes for fun people-watching. I hope to consider myself an “Expert Traveler”, mainly because that’s the only above label that fits.

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