10 People You Will Meet At The Airport

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On my first international flight, I was 4 hours early before the departure time.

As I was waiting for the golden gate to open, I tried my best to entertain myself. Trying to search free Wi-Fi connections, read a book, checked 50 times if I were at the right gate and non-stop looking at the board if everything was all right, I’m sorry but I can’t help myself to look around and observe people.

Turkish Airlines International Flight without Jet Lag

And here’s my fabulous list of 10 different type of people you meet at the Philippine Airport:

It’s called the spotting game (well at least that’s what I called it), I thought I invented that game, but I found out I did not! It’s just spotting different people around you and guessing what kind of traveler they are. (Read this: Tips on how not get offloaded)

10 People You Will Meet At The Airport

1. The OFW Balikbayans

people you will meet at the airport

How can you detect them: They are the chattiest and happiest (or crying) people you will meet. Wearing jeans and maong jackets. They have the unexpected heavy carry on cabin luggage, trying to sneak it in pretending it isn’t heavy and won’t dare to ask for a hand from a flight attendant.

Do you want to trace where they are going or from? Big boxes covered with packaging tape and huge letters of their name and address will be going to Middle East, while those who own large trolleys will be most probably head to Europe or the United States.

2. The Americanized

people you will meet at the airport
Photo credits: www.unsplashed.com

I always wonder if they are born to be runners or they are just always running late, I let you decide.

How can you detect them: Remember those big sunglasses, jackets (despite from the fact that, Pinas will always be too hot). That girl who keep speaking English like they forgot Tagalog because they have been out of the country for three months. They also think that everything will be solved with high voices. The simple question of “Which way is the security line” sounds more like they are looking for some trouble with their “I-am-not-shouting” voice.

3. The Backpackers

Business Class Experience with Egypt Air from Madrid to Cairo to Ethiopia

The people who decided to walk on the wild side of the road. Who will do everything to go everywhere, who will go out to their comfort zone and will take the unexpected path.

How can you detect them: With their over sized backpacks you won’t miss spotting them. Wearing very comfortable shorts and shirts, unshaven beards and undone hair and the business groups and fancy people won’t even dare to look at them, they’re like the “homeless” of the airport.

4. The First-timers

people you will meet at the airport
Photo credits: www.unsplashed.com

Been there, done that!

How can you detect them: They are the ones who look nervous. I remember myself keeping all my documents ready in case of problems. I was so worried what I should do if I got offload.

The person who has all their liquids in their cabin luggage, and need to throw it because that stuff belongs to your check in baggage. They might be the reason of long ques at the security check, because they are wearing belts and have all kinds of things you can’t bring, or they simply don’t know the process.

5. The Business Executives

people you will meet at the airport
photo credits: www.unsplashed.com

The Mr-talking-so-loud-on-their-telephone are people who think they can also cut the line so they can get on the plane once the gate opens.

How can you detect them: They normally wear formal clothes, owns small black trolleys, sits with their laptops and won’t smile at you, period.

6. The Expert Travellers

Business Class Experience with Ethiopia Airlines from Addis Ababa to Nairobi

How can you detect them: Everything is easy and smooth in their travel. They know what to do at security ques, what not to put in your cabin luggage, never had the problem with excessive baggage weight and didn’t have a problem sleeping at 10 hours flight (I wish I can ask them the tricks).

7. The Babies/Children

people you will meet at the airport
Photo Credits: www.unsplashed.com

Sometimes I wonder how people can survive traveling with their kids. They are cute, I get it but they are also loooooud and uncontrollable.

How can you detect them: They shouldn’t be hard to notice, kids running while their mum will scream “Stop running Alex!” Or they can be the one sitting behind you and you can’t stop thinking why they can’t make that baby stop crying while you try to ignore them while they are kicking your seat from the back.

8. The Teenagers

people you will meet at the airport
Photo Credits: www.unsplashed.com

I must say they are the most excited. They will be away from home, they are flying without their parents who says NO to everything. They loved that!

How can you detect them: The ones who has a bag of Mcdonalds, earphones plugged in and won’t take off their eyes from their gadgets.  They always occupying the seat close to the power plugs. They can be also overdressed and are wearing loads of makeup.

9. The Oldies

people you will meet at the airport
Photo Credits: www.unsplashed.com

They can be another reason why the security ques are taking so long. They never stop whining why everything is so complicated and high-tech because they cannot figure it out.

How can you detect them: I’ll leave that to you because you know how to!

10. The Lovebirds

people you will meet at the airport
Photo credits: www.unsplashed.com

The couples who are excited to do everything together! Their first flight, they are sitting together and if it’s possible they want to go through the security ques together!

How can you detect them: That’s easy, they can be wearing couple shirts or something that looks the same, unending taking of photos together, and they will not stop making out to the point that you just want to yell at them that “walang forever” because you are single and travelling alone.

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30 thoughts on “10 People You Will Meet At The Airport

  1. Such a great and humorous post. I’ve seen them all and been but a few. The worst are the business execs in my opinion.
    Keep up the great work!

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