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Guide on How to Apply For a Work Permit in Montenegro

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor August 3rd, 2021 Posted in Destination, Europe Travel Blog, Montenegro, Travel Blog One Comment

If you’re looking for a guide to help you apply for a work permit in Montenegro, then you are on the right page! Read more below to learn.

Guide on How to Apply For a Work Permit in Montenegro
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The most important question we usually ask before moving to Montenegro is “How can I get a work permit?”. You don’t want to be an illegal worker in a country you’re not from, do you? So if you are planning to settle in this country, here is a guide that will help you apply for a work permit in Montenegro.

Things To Remember Before Applying

This is the basic information that you must remember before you apply for a work permit in Montenegro:

  • A foreigner may work in Montenegro under the conditions established by the law on the employment of foreigners
  • A person who has just moved to the country can legally work with a temporary residence or a work permit and conclude an employment contract. 
  • Every company that employs foreigners in its business premises must have copies of residence permits of employees who are not from Montenegro. 
  • According to the same law, people residing in Montenegro illegally cannot be employed. 

Steps and Process for the first stay of a Foreigner in Montenegro based on Employment, Seasonal work, etc.

Guide on How to Apply For a Work Permit in Montenegro
Photo by GotCredit CC BY 2.0

Step 1: Make a residence registration

Step 2: A written offer of the employer for hiring foreigners for a particular job (in the prescribed form)

Step 3: Proof of acquired level of education and qualification (Nostrify diploma) – Decision on the recognized educational document of a foreigner or academic document of a foreigner with a confirmation of the submitted application for recognition of a foreign scholarly paper

Step 4: Medical certificate – issued by the competent health institution in Montenegro

Step 5: Health insurance (insurance policy in Montenegro or health booklet)

Step 6: Proof of provided accommodation – Real estate certificate, landlord’s statement, and real estate certificate, employer’s certificate of collective accommodation with the entrepreneur or entrepreneur registered to provide accommodation services (or other connection between the apartment owner and the tenant)

Step 7: Proof of means of subsistence – (Proof of possession of funds in the account, proof of personal income based on employment in the last three months, or confirmation/statement of the employer on the employee’s income). The foreigner must have the funds or a certificate/statement of at least 10 € for each day of the required stay.

Step 8: Payment to the bank account: 825-50-71, model 05, reference number: (depends on the municipality issuing the documents) – 2.00 euros. Save the receipt because it should be attached to the documentation. 

Step 9: Payment to the bank account: 825-42-95, model 05, reference number: (depends on the municipality issuing the documents) – 60.00 euros

Step 10: Payment to the bank account: 825-42-95, model 05, reference number: (depends on the municipality issuing the documents) – 5.00 euros.

Step 11: Proof that the candidate in the country of origin has not been legally sentenced to unconditional imprisonment for a term exceeding six months for a criminal offense for which he is prosecuted ex officio

Step 12: Photocopy of passport or biometric ID card

Step 13: Evidence from the CRPS – proof of registration of a company or authorized person with a registered office in Montenegro (excerpt from the central register of business entities).

All documents should not be older than 6 months.  Extension of an expired work permit follows a similar procedure.

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When Can a Foreigner Not Obtain a Work Permit?

The employer will be denied an application for a work permit for a foreigner if:

  • she/he informed the Employment Service of Montenegro that he/she would dismiss the employees before submitting the application for the issuance of a work permit for a foreigner;
  • he/she dismissed employees for an indefinite period, by a special regulation six months before applying for a work permit for a foreigner 
  • refused to employ an unemployed person from the records of the unemployed of the Employment Bureau who met the conditions for work

Montenegro Residence Permit

Note: These rules do not apply if the foreigner is married to a Montenegrin citizen, a family member of the employer, or a highly educated person applying for a company’s leading position. 

People who are Exempted to the Rules

The rules mentioned above do not apply to persons:

  • who are members of the diplomatic or consular mission on the territory of Montenegro;
  • who have immunity under international law;
  • who perform activities in Montenegro based on international agreements concluded by Montenegro with another state, global organization, or the European Union;
  • refugees who have resided in Montenegro for at least three years, are married to a Montenegrin citizen or have one child who has Montenegrin citizenship;
  • academic staff invited as a professor or lecturer and a researcher participating in a scientific research project of importance for Montenegro; 
  • who come to Montenegro to participate in sports competitions;
  • artists and technical staff for opera, ballet, theater, concerts, art, and other cultural events, if they do not stay in Montenegro for more than 30 days, or three months a year with breaks;
  • who operate within registered humanitarian organizations. 

Immigrate to Montenegro

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