A 2-Day Travel Guide In El Valle And Our One-Of-A-Kind Stay At Unique Exotic Eco Hotel

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Hello everyone from El Valle!

My sister-in-law and her boyfriend finally got the chance to visit us here in the Dominican Republic. This has been our home for 7 months now and it’s the perfect time for a visit since we’ll continue to set sail if everything goes well on December. I can say that this has been our home but in reality, we’re still tourists here so we don’t know much about all the good spots to take them to. Good thing Dominican Expert was there to help us prepare our itinerary, suggest excellent hotels according to our distinct tastes and preferences, and arrange activities that each one of us would enjoy.

One of the towns they suggested for us to visit is the town of El Valle located Northeast of the Capital. We sure know that they are famous for the Playa El Valle but other than that, we were surprised about the amazing things they have to offer. This was one of the best stops we had. Read along to find out why! 🙂


1) Have a stopover at Laguna Dudu Lagoon- I highly recommend renting a car when you’re traveling around the Dominican Republic simply because there’s always something nice to see in between towns. One of the best stopovers we had was in Laguna Dudu when we drove from Samana to the town of El Valle. The water is blue and it is so refreshing! The zip line which will drop you into the lagoon is a must try! This place sure looks like Cenote in Mexico :p

2) Just keep swimming at the gorgeous beach of Playa Grande- One of the most famous beaches here is the Playa Grande and it’s not hard to see why– they have golden fine sand, clean and blue waters, and they have a huge mountain serving as a backdrop. We were so lucky to see a huge rainbow when we visited 🙂

3) Go horseback riding and make your way to the ‘Secret Waterfalls’- Now this is what made our stay in Unique Exotic Eco Hotel one-of-a-kind. They organized a horseback riding tour for us where we went inside the forest and was eventually led to a waterfall. I think this is something you won’t find on the internet because it is indeed the locals’ top secret. I was surprised that it was only us in that waterfall! This is one of the most authentic experiences we had in the Dominican Republic! Thanks to Unique Exotic Eco Hotel and to Poti, the best Tour Guide for this.

4) Eat Seafood Paella at a cliff in Las Galeras- This sounds fancy and I’m telling you, the price is also fancy so do this at your own risk. Haha! You gotta pay for the view sometimes :p

There are other more cool things to do there but we had a limited time so if you have other suggestions.. comment below!


Our sanctuary in El Valle was a Standard Room at Unique Exotic Eco Hotel. To be honest, describing it as a sanctuary is an understatement. It is a haven tucked in the wilderness, it is a place guaranteed to melt all your worries away with the lush greeneries which are a feast for the eyes, the sound of the crashing waves, the sound of the birds as if singing you a melody, the smell of zero pollution. It is definitely a feast for the mind, body, and soul. Here are more things that we love about them:

1) The rooms- It is huge and clean. The beds are comfortable and sparkly white as if already promising us with a peaceful stay. Everything is made of wood thereby making you feel as if you’re one with nature. The moment you open your windows and step out at the balcony, everything turns magical with the beauty of the nature unfolding before your eyes. Expect to have mosquitoes so don’t forget an insect repellant albeit a mosquito net is available for use.

2) They organize unique excursionsThis is what makes them unique among all the hotels in this area. They organize excursions which you’ll certainly enjoy such as the Rincon Beach Tour, a trip to the Hidden Waterfalls, Boat Tour at Puerto Escondido, Cliff Jumping, Horseback Riding, Zip Lining, and Trekking at Laguna Salada. I swear we would have stayed longer if only we had time!

3) The amazing staff- We totally felt like we’re a small family living in the wilderness. The staff were very friendly and professional. The service was exquisite. The beauty of the hotel and its natural setting was even complimented by the beauty of their smile and the sound of their laughter.

4) The yummy food- Their complimentary breakfast is to die for, same as the dinner which is prepared by their in-house chef right before you. It was totally a feast and the dining setting is very rustic and raw. We loved it!

5) Their daily yoga practice- A mind, body, and soul retreat wouldn’t be complete without a yoga practice. Make sure to sign in for the lessons and start your day with clean thoughts and calm mind. The jungle setting will definitely make your yoga practice extra special.

6) It’s only a few minutes walk to Playa Grande- For just a 10-minute walk, your view will drastically change from luscious mountains to a serene beach. Go swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing or just watch the day go by on their comfortable beach beds. For beach lovers, they also have a lovely beachside accommodation that you can book.

7) The common area- This area is thoughtfully designed, very rustic, and most of all, very comfortable. It’s a good place to meet other travelers or just grab a cup of coffee and read your favorite book.

Overall, this was one of the best, authentic, and exotic trips we had in the Dominican Republic. Jo and her boyfriend surely had a great time and so did we! Our trip to the Secret Waterfall was an icing on the cake and if only we had more time, we would have probably just stayed in the hotel because it was so relaxing and that is priceless. It’s nice to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city once in a while. Check out the Hotel’s Website, Booking.com, or Tripadvisor.   

We wouldn’t have found this hidden gem without the help of Dominican Expert. Make sure to avail of their services if you need personalized trip planning and I promise that your visit to the Dominican Republic will be a trip of a lifetime!

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