List of the Best Luxury Hotels in Mexico : Updated for 2019

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Note: This article is updated in March 2019! Before you go, check out our Ultimate List of Best Luxury Hotels in Mexico for recommendations that include rates, locations, and great reviews. This article will help you with your stay! Browse through our best hotel finds in these top cities that cover: Mexico City | Guadalajara | Tijuana | Puebla | Ciudad …

Luxury Hotel Review – NIZUC Resort & Spa, Cancun, Mexico

Luxury Hotel Review – NIZUC Resort & Spa, Cancun, Mexico @nizuc_resort

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Upon reaching Cancun International Airport, you only have to take a short drive before you experience the paradise NIZUC has to offer. From being backpackers staying at the most affordable hostels, we are now enjoying the luxurious lifestyle in some high-end resorts. Now, what do we have to say about this amazing place? We arrived at NIZUC after 6 weeks of back-to- basics …

View from our Room in Paradisus Cancun - All Inclusive Luxury Resort Experience

Our First All-Inclusive Luxury Resort Experience – Paradisus Cancun, Mexico

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Having been travelling for over three years now, we have developed our own unique travel style – a certain blend of adventure, luxury, boutique, and experiential travel. We have come a very long way from when we first started travelling full time back in 2013, staying in the cheapest hostel dorm rooms, eating the cheapest food and always travelling by …

Texas Visit and Mexico Day Trip

My Experience Crossing the Texas – Mexico Border

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When I arrived at O’Hair International Airport my nephew (Brenden) started to cry. He had never been without me longer than 3 days at that time of his life. So I gave him hugs and kisses, told him that I’ll miss him too. I went through the security and checkpoints, mind you I have not flown since 1995 (post 9/11) the whole …