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Why ROBINSON Maldives – Adults Only Resort Is The Best All-Inclusive Resort for Couples

My luxurious and incredible stay in the Maldives wouldn’t be possible if it’s not for the high-standard service of ROBINSON Maldives.

I’m finally back in South Asia! This time, I visited a country that’s not new to me. I’ve been here in 2014 but hey, it is absolutely worth it to always go back here. The pristine and blue water, the breeze of the clean air, and the tranquility of the place, yes, I’m talking about the Maldives!

Why is ROBINSON Maldives The Ideal Place to Stay While on The Island

We all know that the Maldives is a small archipelagic state that is boasting with beautiful water of the Indian Ocean. With the amazing experience this country offers, you will definitely go back here, and I’m sure of that!

Imagine you already booked a flight going to the Maldives, now all you need is a place to stay in. Choosing one is a bit crucial. You must not waste your days on the island with the wrong resort. As for me, I usually choose the one that is organized, has a very accommodating and friendly staff, offers amazing activities for guests, and has a relaxing and luxurious room. Especially if you’re in the Maldives, this really should be your standard! And I found one! The ROBINSON Maldives. My experience with this resort was really a blast, and I will tell you everything below.

Why is ROBINSON Maldives The Ideal Place to Stay While on The Island

About Robinson Maldives

Why is ROBINSON Maldives The Ideal Place to Stay While on The Island

Escape the stressful life in the city and cherish the island life for a moment. The ROBINSON Maldives is your perfect getaway while you’re on the beautiful island of the Maldives. Offering not only a divine location but also wellness, sports, good cuisine, and exceptional entertainment, you can forget your problems for a while when you’re here. 

Why is ROBINSON Maldives The Ideal Place to Stay While on The Island

At ROBINSON Maldives, you can have the opportunity to choose an unforgettable all-inclusive holiday as they offer a lot of amazing options. There are a variety of traditional spa treatments available so you can finally give yourself the pampering that it needs! 

I was lucky enough to be given a chance to experience this one-of-a-kind service from the ROBINSON Maldives and I’ll be sharing with you about my awesome trip here.

Why is ROBINSON Maldives The Ideal Place to Stay While on The Island

Services and Activities I Experienced At Robinson Maldives

My stay at this hotel was not only made memorable due to its location but also because of the services they boast. Here’s what’s included in my stay:

Floating breakfast

You know that enviable photos you see on Instagram with people having their very own floating breakfast by the pool? Yes! This is it! I’ve had the chance to try their floating breakfast for 2 guests during my stay. Luxury and elegance are what you would feel while eating your first meal of the day. Not to mention the delicious food you’re about to dig in! Exclusively wonderful!

A 60-minute Massage

Your mouth can deny it but your body can’t. Every once in a while, we can feel that our body is telling us something — “I need pampering!” So yes, go ahead and enjoy that 60-minute massage! The ROBINSON Maldives is just perfect enough to have this kind of treatment. 

With ROBINSON’s Spa menu, you can find a lot of options. I chose the treatment I want in their ‘Massages East to West’ Menu. Here are the choices for this menu:

  • Balinese Massage – This massage uses acupressure, skin rolling, and relaxing strokes to ease and calm your mind and body.
  • Muscle Ease Massage – Uses a Swedish massage technique that targets deep tissue to squeeze out tension and stress that results in a more relaxed body. 
  • Anti Stress Head And Back Massage – A massage that focuses on the back and upper area of the body. Using traditional heated herbs, this therapeutic massage results in deep healing and can release muscle tension.
  • Aromatherapy Massage – A treatment that is more than just a massage. Aromatherapy is a blend of massaged oil that’s ideal for your mood, feelings, and physical needs.
  • Oriental Massage – The perfect blend of Thai, Balinese, and Indian head massage to have a relaxing experience of releasing muscle tension, greater movement, and renewed energy.
  • Thai Massage – This ‘Yoga’ massage can open the joints and increases the energy flow and muscle flexibility. It results in an improved postural body alignment without the use of oil. 

Scuba diving 

Another way to release the stress and enjoy the moment is to have a thrill-seeking adventure. Since you’re already in nature, why not get much closer? The Scuba Diving experience in the Maldives is something you shouldn’t miss when you’re on the island. I guess that’s common knowledge, right?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro or just a beginner, Deep and Breeze Maldives of ROBINSON Maldives has diving courses for all types of levels – from Beginner PADI Courses to PADI Specialty Courses. If you just want a one-time diving experience, it’s also not a problem. They have plenty of options that you can choose from. You can even customized your activities. As for me, I had the Discover Scuba Diving in the Lagoon. I’ll share more information about my personal experience with the hotel’s services and activities below. 

Glass Kayaking

Why is ROBINSON Maldives The Ideal Place to Stay While on The Island

Originally, glass kayaking was not part of my activities to do at the Resort, but because of some reasons (I wrote it below), the staff told me that I can do this activity. And I was glad I did! Glass kayaking offers you an opportunity to see what’s beneath you without having to put on snorkelling gears. I guess you already imagine it, with the glass kayak and the clear water of the Maldives, it is really not impossible to see nurse sharks, colourful reefs, and other marine animals! At Robinson Maldives, you’ll be able to go around the small island watching and observing the underwater world. Such a sight to see!


Why is ROBINSON Maldives The Ideal Place to Stay While on The Island

At ROBINSON Maldives, you can also have the opportunity to attend a mobility class. They offer a WellFit Course which you will be experiencing to discover your inner self in their Yoga and Body & Mind Courses. The resort has a range of exclusive spa offers that everyone can enjoy! I was so lucky that I got the opportunity to attend one of their WellFit Course called Mobility Training. More of my experience below!

Another good thing about the ROBINSON Club is they have an app that you can download so you’ll be able to see the program and services they offer. You can download the app here: IOS | Android

My Blasting Stay at the Robinson Maldives

Day 1 – Arrival

How To Travel on Qatar Airways During The Pandemic

We had a 4-hour layover in Qatar just before we headed to our next destination which is the Maldives. After we landed at the Male Airport at around 7:50 in the morning, the hotel’s airport representative assisted me with my luggage and moved me to the domestic airport because I’m supposed to take a domestic flight with Maldivian Air, the national carrier of the Maldives.

My domestic flight is around 10:30 in the morning so I still had spare time. The good thing is while waiting for the domestic flight, they put me in the business-class lounge where there’s breakfast and internet so I can do some work. I’m also able to go around the dock and look for other things to do, haha!

The flight from Male Airport to the Domestic Airport is quick and it took just around an hour.  After arrival at the domestic airport, I waited and there are two other couples who joined me to go on a speedboat heading to Funamadua island since the Robinson Club is located there. The speedboat ride took around 30 minutes to arrive at our destination. While we’re on the speedboat, there are 3 crews who assisted us with our luggage and we also wore life-vests for safety reasons. 

Upon arrival on the island, they had welcome drinks for us like tea, champagne, etc. They also greeted us with necklace-like coconut leaves and put them on us, we felt really welcomed! I was surprised as well because there’s a Philippine Flag there as there’s actually Filipino staff, who works there which is Micah, who works at the front desk, and also a Filipino chef working in the kitchen. 

Why is ROBINSON Maldives The Ideal Place to Stay While on The Island

We were also able to catch lunch when we arrived on the island which consists mostly of steak to fresh fish, and a lot more which is usually a buffet-type. After eating, they assisted us to go to our room just to check in. My room is the Lagoon Villa and has its own private pool with access directly to the water which is really cool! My room also has an awesome bathroom with a shower and bathtub and it has a fully glazed front to the seaside. Such a really nice view!

Why is ROBINSON Maldives The Ideal Place to Stay While on The Island

After checking in to my room, Zaarath, the assistant front office manager, showed me around the property and the map since they arranged a diving activity for me so he brought me to the discover diving session so I can schedule my activity. He also brought me to the spa which is run by Balinese Indonesian ladies who are so sweet. Other than these two, Zaarath showed me other activities you could do on the island as well like volleyball, etc.

Going around the island, you could use the buggy, but since it is really tiny, it’s actually easy to walk around. We were able to walk around for less than an hour! Kayaking for an hour is also recommended! 

Why is ROBINSON Maldives The Ideal Place to Stay While on The Island

Another cool thing here is that they also have nurse sharks and turtles at the jetty. Unfortunately, I didn’t see turtles, but my newly-met friends got the chance to witness them. This is one of the main reasons why snorkeling is really ideal here as you will see various marine animals and beautiful coral reefs. 

The island is really tiny and we found out that ROBINSON Club is on 2 different islands. The first one is the ROBINSON Maldives (where we stayed), which is an adults-only resort and the other one is the ROBINSON Noonu which is good for families.

Why is ROBINSON Maldives The Ideal Place to Stay While on The Island

The day is almost over and we’re now moving on to our first night at the resort. After the day tour, I was able to go to the Sundowner, which is the beach part of the area wherein I enjoyed my Mojito on my first night on the island, haha! Kris, the Junior Manager in charge of the island, was playing deep-house music while waiting for the sunset so I was able to hang out with other couples there from different parts of the world! A really good place for socializing. 

We also learned that there are very few people on the property during our stay. It is usually fully booked but due to the travel restrictions, guests who can stay there are very limited. With just very few people, we could feel like we have the island for ourselves and you don’t feel like it’s crowded. But of course, we still need to wear face masks when we enter restaurants and we must follow protocols as well. 

After the Sundowner, which is from 6:00-8:00 PM, we had a buffet-style dinner with different kinds of food. We’re also able to enjoy a night party after eating dinner. There’s a DJ who plays in Ibiza that performed that night. That’s what’s awesome about ROBINSON as they keep bringing Resident DJs from abroad to perform and play. And since the resort is an adult-only one, all the alcohols are free! Yay! ROBINSON really knows how to draw parties. We’re able to socialize with other couples, we were dancing, drinking, and partying all night!

That’s how I spent my first day and first night in ROBINSON Maldives. It’s only the first day but it was a total blast!

Day 2 – A More Chilling Day

Why is ROBINSON Maldives The Ideal Place to Stay While on The Island

The 2nd in the Maldives is actually a more chilled one because after a long travel time from Serbia to Qatar and then the Maldives, I ended up sleeping early. And then the 2nd day, I started the day at around 9 in the morning where they served me the floating breakfast which is an absolute experience! After that, I went snorkeling and saw the beauty of marine animals. 

Why is ROBINSON Maldives The Ideal Place to Stay While on The Island

When I finished snorkeling, I was able to just chill, relax, and have lunch. The diversity of the food that they serve is on another level! They have local South Asian cuisine which is very spicy, sausages, and steak that are more of the German style, and a lot of salad, modern food, and fresh fish is being served as well. 

Why is ROBINSON Maldives The Ideal Place to Stay While on The Island

After enjoying my lunch, I met the Balinese Massage therapists, Mommy Sudi is the name of the other one, and they’re really amazing! Plus, they also did the hair braid for me! Yes! I had another hair braid style on my trip, haha! I was just hanging out with them because I had to arrange my massage for the next day, and I proceed to walk around the island and enjoy the tranquility of the place.

Why is ROBINSON Maldives The Ideal Place to Stay While on The Island57

When I’m done exploring more of the island and see other facilities, I joined the sundowner with my Austrian couple friends again in the evening. That night was a special night, we call it ‘Taste Jam’. Taste Jam is where they serve different street food like sausage, meat, etc., but in street food style. After enjoying the Taste Jam, we watched a game, England VS Germany but I didn’t finish it because you know, it’s not my thing. Haha!

Why is ROBINSON Maldives The Ideal Place to Stay While on The Island

Why is ROBINSON Maldives The Ideal Place to Stay While on The Island

This is also the day where we borrowed snorkeling gear which is free for all the guests. You just have to sign a waiver, and you can use this gear the entire time that you’re there. Just wow!

Day 3 – Meeting More People and Partying

The third day was when I had quite a lot of ‘photoshoot sessions’ wearing my black swimsuit. Of course, must not forget the OOTDs! Haha. I also did snorkeling to see the nurse sharks! The resort staff also surprised us with champagne. They went around the island to provide champagne for the guests. How sweet and thoughtful isn’t it? 

Furthermore, this is also the day where we did a PCR Test since we needed this for my next destination in a few days. They have to send the test result from their little clinic to go to the main island and the main hospital. The PCR Test in the Maldives costs $150 per person so it’s quite pricey but worth it. Remember that we need to follow safety protocols. 

After the PCR Test, I proceeded to do the Discover Scuba Diving. Unfortunately, I just found out on that day that I was not allowed to do scuba diving because I had my surgery last March and they didn’t allow me to go underwater. However, they told me that I can just use the Kayak and the Paddle Board which I did the next day so I just spent the entire afternoon reading books, taking a nap, and joining a sunset Yoga Flow. 

Why is ROBINSON Maldives The Ideal Place to Stay While on The Island

This is also the time I met Jenny, a solo traveler from Germany and we ended up hanging out, drinking Pina Colada, and listening to the DJ that they brought from Ibiza. We enjoyed the Sundowner watching the sunset, and sharing amazing stories. 

Why is ROBINSON Maldives The Ideal Place to Stay While on The Island

At dinner time, as I mentioned earlier, there are protocols that we must follow like wearing masks when we go inside the restaurant. Zaarath is really cool and very accommodating, he really made sure that we’ll enjoy the night. That night was another party night with a DJ from Turkey. I was hanging out with Jenny, the Austrian, and the German Couple. We were dancing all night, a lot more drinks mixing mojito, champagne, pina colada, and a lot more! We really drank all night partying which is really fun as I met new people and made new friends!

Why is ROBINSON Maldives The Ideal Place to Stay While on The Island

Day 4 – A Balinese Massage

Since we were drinking all night, we started the day late but we were able to book an appointment to do a mobility class which is like a yoga stretching kind of thing at the studio. Since there are COVID restrictions, they only limit the participants to less than 7 and we were joined by other people. They have their resident yoga teacher, resident fitness gym instructor, and a gym with modern equipment. What we did was the WellFit Course called Mobility Training.

This modern mobility training includes active-dynamic exercises that extend beyond your entire physiological range of motion. And take note, this is an addition to traditional training, so that means you will absolutely achieve a good result after doing this training.

After our Mobility Training, we went to the clinic because I asked them to remove some stitches from my surgery. The Nepalese doctor and nurse that assisted me are very very accommodating so I’m so much grateful for their help. Aside from this, I also had to do my health declaration form in preparation for leaving the Maldives which is required.

Later that day, we did glass kayaking and from the name itself, we rode a kayak which is glass so you can clearly see what’s beneath you. I was able to see nurse sharks, some fish, and we kayak around the island which is an incredible experience for me. This activity proved how clear the water is in the Maldives!

Why is ROBINSON Maldives The Ideal Place to Stay While on The Island

Since this is our last night on the island, we had a very special night at the ROBcarpet Aperitif because they prepared a 6-course meal for us wherein everyone should dress in blue and white as it is the theme of that night. But actually, before this event, we had our 75 minutes Balinese massage.

I chose the Balinese Massage (In the East to West Massage Menu) for 60 minutes plus another extra 15 minutes (which they will offer you once you arrive on the island), so it’s a total of 75 minutes of massage! The spa center also gave us a welcome tea. And before we start the massage, they actually ask us to choose some stones that they will put on our back. Something that you can visualize when you do the ‘energy thing’ and the Balinese massage, as you know the Balinese people has this kind of thinking and it’s very interesting.

The massage itself was really really relaxing and they even said that I was snoring for 40 minutes out of that 75 minutes massage. Haha! That’s just how good it is and I badly needed it so the experience was totally amazing! 

After the massage, we took a nap then attended a special dinner at the ROBcarpet Aperitif. It started at 7 PM and gave us an opportunity to enjoy 6-course-menu. Unfortunately that night, I didn’t really party that hard since I needed to leave early the next morning for my flight.

Day 5 – Last Day and Departure

The next day, I had to wake up early because my flight is 9:45 AM. I’m so glad that they really prepared a very early breakfast for me before I go. The cool thing is that Zaarath is always there helping me since I arrived, from the party and until I leave the island. They have a speedboat with 3 crews just for me, to bring me to the airport and help me with my luggage and with the check-in. My first flight was at 5:30 in the morning.

Note: ROBINSON time has its own time. They are 1 hour ahead of Male, Maldives so they have the same time as Dhaka, Bangladesh. Don’t get confused. 

Why is ROBINSON Maldives The Ideal Place to Stay While on The Island

So we took the 30 minutes speedboat ride going to the domestic airport, then from there, we had a 1-hour flight going to Male Airport. The airport staff also helped us moved from the local airport to the international airport and we checked in to our flight. But before we could leave, we had to have our health declaration and PCR Test because we’re going to Sri Lanka and it has stricter rules than the Maldives. Actually, once we arrived at the airport, I found out that we’re only less than 25 people on our flight.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Maldives open now for tourists?

Yes. Maldives’ borders are already open for tourists of all nationalities (with the exception of travelers coming from South Asia) since the 15th of July 2020 given that visitors present a negative COVID test result prior to their visit. You can check the latest information here

2. How much is the rate in the ROBINSON Maldives? 

There are two ROBINSON Resort in the Maldives with different rates. To see their latest rates (depending on your chosen date), you can check here or visit booking.com.

3. How to book?

You can find the availability and book the property here at booking.com.

4. What are the requirements to enter the Maldives?

Their local government requires its tourists to fill out a health declaration form, which can be done here at IMUGA. After filling out the form, a special and unique QR Code will be created and these are the requirements upon arrival in the Maldives. Once I arrived in the Maldives, they didn’t ask a lot of questions about my Show Money but I just have to have my Health Declaration Form and other documents.

5. What are the requirements before leaving the Maldives?

Due to Maldives’ regulations, every guest at ROBINSON must have an exit screening (health check) with their doctor before departure. This must be done one day before your departure. After this mandatory health check-up, you will receive a copy of the health check at your departure from the Maldives.

You also need to remember that 24 hours before your departure, you must register at IMUGA again for your health declaration form. The same when you arrive, you will receive a QR code after a successful registration. Just screenshot this code and show it on departure then you’re good to go.

6. How to go to the ROBINSON Maldives?

From Male International Airport, guests have to take a 55-minute domestic flight to Kaadedhdhoo Airport, followed by a 20-30-minute speedboat ride to Robinson Club Maldives.

Meeting Halfway in the Maldives

The ROBINSON Maldives’ service is so organized and the people are so polite. As you guys know, I’ve been to a lot of all-inclusive hotels, and I think this is the best time to travel to the Maldives as the island has fewer restrictions than any other country. Plus major airlines are flying to the Maldives as well. Another thing, this is the best place for LDR couples, especially those Filipinos who have European partners, to meet halfway. Travelers only need to present a negative PCR Test and a health declaration form to enter the Maldives. For Philippine Passport Holders, in addition to those requirements, we only need a Visa on Arrival which is free for 30 days! 


If you want to visit the Maldives and also do the amazing things and activities I did here, then you can hire our team. We offer a consulting service to assist you with the preparation of requirements for the Maldives and everything you need to know.


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