7 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Learn a Foreign Language

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor March 17th, 2015 Posted in Inspiration and Love Stories, Travel Blog 25 Comments

Language is a powerful bridge that connects people. We use it to express our thoughts and feelings for each other. So more than English, and your very own native tongue, how cool it is to know another foreign language?

Well, it certainly widens your array of lifetime opportunities, gives you awesome perks, and turns you an equally awesome person. Not so convinced yet? Let me tell you 7 awesome reasons why you should learn a foreign language.

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1. Learn a new culture

And appreciate it. This is my favorite. Learning a new culture excites me, because it’s like entering a whole new world and getting out of what is familiar and ordinary. Being able to fully immerse yourself in learning a foreign language offers a whole new perspective on different literature, beliefs, arts, history, cuisine, customs and many other things that a distinct culture has and offers. Being able to explore and understand all these in different language does not only enrich yourself with the new discoveries you are just about to have, but also enables you to truly appreciate the vast world you’re in.

2. Maximize your travel experience

If you get to travel often or if you have already opted to go nomad at this point of your life, learning a foreign language can make you maximize your travel experience more than just walking to the best tourist spots, dining in a cozy restaurant, or taking your best shots; because if you’re really interested in fully submerging yourself into the place, I say, you must talk to its people. Even if these are just short and simple conversational phrases, they are already useful to allow you to build rapport and connection with the locals. More than getting the right direction because you are able to ask the right question, you’ll never know how being able to speak to them can land you awesome freebies or life-long relationships. That’s how magical language is!

3. Get a legit bragging right

Impress people around you. Whether you aimed for it or not, being able to speak another language boosts your confidence three times. According to studies, bilinguals are proven to be more confident. I am not implying that you should be out, loud, and proud for being a bilingual or a multilingual, all I am saying is this is how extra awesome you can be when you know another language apart form your own. How convenient will it be for you and your friends, if you can properly order Crème brûlée, Crepes, Croissant, and Croquembouche for dessert? You’ll surely get compliments for having this special skill. See that? It’s like getting extra life point, extra awesome life point for that matter!

4. Mark up your value

This is a long-term self-investment. Whether locally or abroad, having the abilities to speak, to read, or to write in a foreign language increase your employment opportunities. This marks up your credentials, and promises greener pasture in the future. You can go ahead and search on how advantageous it is to if you know a different language, other than your own and English, in local corporate industries today. You can certainly become a company asset. Even when you’re planning to work abroad, this can be a pass to easily get it. So go ahead mark up your value and have a brighter future ahead of you.

5. Exercise your brain cells

According to researches, learning a new language sharpens our cognitive and life skills. This requires an intensive brain activity, thus make your brain cells more productive. So if you feel like you’ve been stagnant for a long while, and looking for a mind challenge, this is just perfect for you. You might initially struggle in learning new vocabularies, pronouncing words, or comprehending new and unfamiliare thoughts, but you’ll surely get by and will have awesome time learning.

6. Become open-minded

“A different language is a different vision of life” – Federico Fellini, Film Director

Learning a new language allows you to have another vision of the world. As you get out of the box of what you know, you allow yourself to be immersed with the things that you do not know and you must know. Isn’t it priceless to open yourself with a whole new perspective and understand individuals from a completely different culture, background, and tradition from you? I must say, it’s refreshing, and an absolute eye-opener.

7. Widen your social circle

“The most important trip you may take in life is meeting people halfway.” – Henry Boye, author

How awesome it is to be able to relate yourself with someone who was born and raised half of the globe apart from you? This is where the most fun part comes in, when you get to befriend people. This is where language fulfils its purpose, when you’re able to connect with people using an entirely different language you didn’t grow up using. Learning a new language can bring you amazing people in your life, with which you can build life-long friendships, or lifetime romantic relationship – that we’ll never know!

If you’re interested in learning a new language, the Two Monkey Travel has the best offer for you. Get your Privilege Pass to get 50% discount at Every Nation Language Institute.

What is Privilege pass exclusively for Two Monkeys Travel Group?

You will show the pass and you will get 2 sessions or 10 hour FREE Class (exclusive of class materials). Your own Language choice of Japanese, Mandarin, Korean, French, Spanish, and English but you need to reserve 2 weeks in advance. 

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25 thoughts on “7 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Learn a Foreign Language

  1. I want to win this because me and my husband are moving up to china for a few years and this will help us in communicating with locals. We will be in Taiyuan, Northern china and learning Mandarin will make us a bit more comfortable when we go around and also i can communicate when im alone and be able to explore the community without being lost 🙂 since we plan on exploring china a lot (Since we will be there for a fixed 2 years) its crucial for us to have at least one that can read and speak basic mandarin. Also we will enjoy china more when you know the language right 😉 and be able to get some side jobs too 😀 Mandarin for the Win!

  2. I want to win this because me and my husband are moving up to china for a few years and this will help us in communicating with locals. We will be in Taiyuan, Northern china and learning Mandarin will make us a bit more comfortable when we go around and also i can communicate when im alone and be able to explore the community without being lost 🙂 since we plan on exploring china a lot (Since we will be there for a fixed 2 years) its crucial for us to have at least one that can read and speak basic mandarin. Also we will enjoy china more when you know the language right 😉 and be able to get some side jobs too 😀 i hope you g

  3. wOw!! sana manalo ako.. 😉 I’ve been wanting to learn French for a long time for my niece.. and God willing be able to visit again Europe. It’s been eight years since hinatid ko sya doon.. Time flies malaki na sya at di na marunong mag Bisaya.. 😉 She’s having difficulty learning English pure French na.. 😉 Nag google translate kami pareho pag nagchachat para magkaintindihan, hehe.. Sana manalo ako! Yehey.. Thanks TwoMonkeys sa mga ganitong opportunities to learn new things..

  4. Finally…the comment wasn’t loading earlier. it’s my network’s issue i’m sure. anyway, i’d really love to learn spanish and mandarin. it’s pretty much among the top five languages for me i guess.

  5. Totally agree with everything! 🙂 when I go to a new place, I make it a point to learn at least a few key words of their dialect/language. And I must say that it always worked and brought only positive things to the whole experience. Would love to finally learn more of Nihonggo and French though. Free language lessons, come to mama!

  6. #WOW I don’t have the words to express how Kach comes up with the best articles but more so, ones that are of my interests. Mostly travel, ngayon language?!? Parang feeling ko, kindred spirits kami. Anyway, I bought this book from a thrift shop – Around the world with 80 words. Regrettably, I have never had the chance to read it. Work occupies too much time 🙁 I once said I’d be so happy even just to learn to count from 1 to 10 in 10 diff. languages. Maybe this is my chance, an actual ON-SITE course will leave me with no chuce but to learn. I would love to learn Japanese (for possible work there) and French (with dreams of Paris in my head). Haaaayyyy, universe please let me win!!!!!!! Ahooo! Ahooo! 🙂

    1. @strongerph:disqus I am so glad you like our article! I love how you expressed you desire to learn new language! Amazing! 🙂 Good luck to you! x

  7. I’m dying to win this prize ever since. I really would love to learn other language. Specially spanish And I agree with ur top reason. Learn a new culture. And we all know that hispanic culture is one of the most influential culture not only here in the Philippines but with the entire world. I believe that by learning spanish. I will appreciate the culture deeply. Also when i travelled I met a lot of spanish speaking people so I believe that by simply speaking their language. I will get a good impression and its a way for me to better introduce the Philippines to them. Well im not surprised. 400million people and growing fast are speaking spanish world wide. Im hoping to be included 🙂 As the LRT berso sa metro advertised. “ESpañol, malapit sa puso Just a station away”

  8. Been learning Spanish, Japanese and Chinese but been so long that I have forget! Spanish would be perfect to learn again and perfect for our upcoming trip to Mexico

  9. I love this article! Learning a new language will definitely make you open to new things that will be helpful in your own growth as a professional and as a traveler. I also have a goal of learning new languages and was able to check out Mandarin off my list. The next language that I would like to learn is Spanish because this would really help me in dealing with my clients here in the Philippines and even when I travel. I have met a lot of Spanish speaking travelers from my past travels and they really are cool people!

  10. I’ve been wanting to learn Spanish since I was in high school but I never got to it. I would love to show off but more importantly, I want to earn more.

  11. I have been learning Japanese by myself for a year now, I study Kanji as well. I went to Taiwan recently and I am so happy I could order some food even though they were written in Chinese characters!!! Learning a language will help you to not get hungry, too!!!

  12. I’d love to learn Korean as I have South Korea and Jeju on my bucketlist. Avid fan of Korean food as well! 🙂 Been starting to learn the basics!

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