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PAL Passengers: How to Cancel and Reschedule Your Flight or Get Refunds on Philippine Airlines [With Sample Letter Template]

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor March 17th, 2020 Posted in Guide for Filipinos, Travel Blog, Travel Guides 12 Comments

Learn more about Philippine Airlines’ Refund and Rebooking policy here.

How to Get Refunds on Philippine Airlines
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During the time of unexpected events, a lot of people are asking, “What can we do with our booked tickets?”, “Can we get a refund?”. And usually, a lot of airlines experience queries, emails, and calls. So please note that the refund process of these airlines, including Philippine Airlines, really takes time. In this article, we’ll tell you the steps on how you can request refunds in Philippine Airlines 

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Note: Philippine Airlines have a ‘NO SHOW’ fee in most of their routes and fare type. So if you’re planning to not show up on your departure date, better contact the airlines right away to know the charges and the refundable amount.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Get Refunds on Philippine Airlines

Requesting for refunds on Philippine Airlines is pretty easy as you don’t need a lot of steps to do it. The problem right now, however, is the time of processing.

Step 1: Send your booking details to any of these email addresses:

How to Get Refunds on Philippine Airlines

Step 2: In your email, put your booking details including the booking number, flight number, passenger name, and travel dates

Step 3: Just wait for PAL’s response.

If you bought your ticket directly to PAL, just visit any of their ticketing offices (see the ticketing office list here). You can also contact them directly, just call (02) 8855-8888.

If your ticket is issued by a travel agent, just directly contact your travel agency.

If you paid using your credit card, the refundable fee will be credited back to your account. If you paid in cash, it will be refunded in cash as well.

Please note that not all fare types are refundable in Philippine Airlines. To know if your fare offers refunds or not, just check PAL’s fare conditions here

We understand your frustrations regarding this matter. Refunding, rebooking, or rerouting flights as of this moment really takes time. Currently, airlines are having a hard time assisting all the queries coming from travelers. And because of that, Philippine Airlines released a request for passengers:

“We respectfully request you to consider deferring any requests for rebooking until after 12 April 2020, in view of the strict social distancing required by the quarantine measures; we expect a high volume of queries and transactions at the Ticket Office as well as the Hotline, and we ask you to bear with us as we deal with the challenge of handling an unprecedented number of canceled flights over this quarantine period.” – PAL

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12 thoughts on “PAL Passengers: How to Cancel and Reschedule Your Flight or Get Refunds on Philippine Airlines [With Sample Letter Template]

  1. I tried to log-on to your website mypal.request hub.com but hard to get-in for ticket refund, it’s been a year now. Here’s my ticket # 079-2403642581 with a reference U6KJXP and flight was schedule last July 2021 bound to Bangkok, Thailand but due to covid 19 it was cancelled. Hope to get response from your office. thank you

  2. Waiting for refund flight PR118 March 25,2020 cancelled April 16 cancelled again May17,2020 cancelled again son i decided to buy ticket from another airlines. i need my refund please answer me.

    1. PAL is number one Scum airline in the whole wide world.you will not get a refund like what happen to my ticket i have to book also from another airline(ANA)to get back home(US)

  3. I am having problem with speaking with someone who can help I just keep getting transferred from one person to another. Ticket numbers 079-2404377371-76 reference K5HB6R.This is to acknowledge your request to refund the ticket numbers 079-2404377371-
    76 under booking reference K5HB6R, due COVID-19.
    We have already processed the refund and have assigned reference numbers 079BQ7GAOGZDN, 079BQ7GAOGZDP and 079BQ7GAOGZDR. My problem that I have been trying to resolve is due to the many change in the COVID-19 the account I used to purchase was closed. I have been trying to have the value refunded to me here in Philippines by check to BPI in my wife name who was one of the travelers or mail me a check here in the Philippines, or give me the value for a further travel. Please your help will be most thankful.

  4. I paid my credit card for 3 people, but I only got a refund for 1 person. When can I get the refund. Of the other two tickets ?

  5. how do I open form above to get a refund from Philippine airlines. I was going to Cebu on July 14th and got a notification that the flight had been cancelled due to covid.

  6. Requesting for refund on my round trip from Manila last April 29, 2020 to Cagayan de Oro & return trip May 5, 2020 with booking ref:PRJLW9BN This ticket was purchase last Jan. 31, 2020 at PAL ticketing office Westgate, Filinvest, Alabang, Muntinlupa City

  7. Good day i would like to refund my ticket with booking reference VPJP65 bound for DAVAO to MANILA this coming june 09, 2020 and also my ticket with booking reference VPJWC7 bound for MANILA to SAN FRANCISCO, U.S.A. on June 12, 2020 for a reason of this covid-19 pandemic, and uncertainties. i call your hotline office in manila and all PAL OFFICE here in Davao City regarding my refund but nobody answer the phone

    Hoping for your attention on this matter.

  8. Good day.
    We booked our ticket from Riyadh to Manila last march 8,2020.which due for this corona virus you had been cancelled our flight.We would like to apologize in your good office that we will not use our ticket instead we are going to refund it.Here is our detailed flight booking.

    Booking number = QEUD14
    Ticket number =079-2404814541
    Date departure = May 25,2020
    Date return = July 31,2020
    Passengers name=Jonathan Amo and Maribel Amo

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Best regards.
    jonathan amo

  9. My PAL flight had an engine failure on November 21st, 2019.

    We achieved PAL “refund status” in January 2020.

    Nearly six months after the failed flight, PAL has stopped responding and I’ve never seen a dime of the thousands of dollars I gave them for the worst airline experience of my life.

    Good luck getting a refund.

    I’m not convinced this company will be around long enough to honor a travel voucher.

  10. Thank you Fatima. This article is so informative. My wife Raquel was able to send an email to PAL for a refund request for her May 14th YYZ to MNL trip. Calling their Global Hotline is an ordeal itself as one hour had passed and no one answered.

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