Awesome Things to Do In Puerto Galera @tourismPHL

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Puerto Galera, Philippines – a tropical island that is blessed with the beauty of nature.

Awesome Things to Do In Puerto Galera

Since the Philippines is located near the equator, Filipinos experience heat most of the time.

What do Filipinos do to ease the heat we experience in the country?

Having a bountiful 7,107 islands, there are lots of bodies of water most especially beaches to choose from. If you’re near the metro, try going south and feel the waves of Cavite or Batangas. If you want to go farther to be free from the hustle and bustle of town, have a trip to our famous white beach – Boracay, or ride a boat heading to the paradise where tall palm trees await – Puerto Galera.

Now, let’s start our trip! Let me tour you to one of the beautiful bays in the world – Puerto Galera!

If you’re from the capital city of the country, drive south and get past through the highways and expressways to reach Batangas Port. The estimated time of drive will just be two to three hours. Once you’re there, buy a ticket for a boat ride heading to Puerto Galera. The boat ride will take an hour and a few minutes.

Awesome Things to Do In Puerto Galera

If you’re not used to riding a boat, consider bringing medicines for a headache because the ride may get so wavy from the usual which may cause dizziness.

Touchdown! We’ve arrived our destination. And now, let’s start our awesome adventure!

What are the fun things to do for us to enjoy our getaway? How about taking a dip? First awesome activity, stroll and have fun at White Beach.

From the name itself, the sand of this beach is fine and white. Here, you can try different activities. Many people you see strolling along the shoreline may come to you and offer fun activities like riding a jet ski, banana boat, flying fish, or fly board. If you don’t want to try any activity, you could just simply play with the water under the bright rays of the sun.

Awesome Things to Do In Puerto Galera (5)

Second awesome activity, conquering the night! White Beach has never a dull moment. When the sun sets and the moon take place, the peaceful beach in the morning becomes a young, lively night. Restaurants and eateries along the beach prepare a stage in front of their stalls for performers to entertain the guests. You can choose how you want to spend your night. You can choose a stall that has gay performers who make the crowd laugh just like in a comedy bar.  Or you could choose a stall where there is a disc jockey and play with music just like in a bar. Of course, you’ll enjoy it more when you’re having a few drinks with the people you’re with. Also, there lots of fire dancers in the place. Be amazed by how they dance with the music while they perform with fire!

Awesome Things to Do In Puerto Galera

Awesome Things to Do In Puerto Galera

Awesome Things to Do In Puerto Galera

Awesome Things to Do In Puerto Galera

Enough with the nightlife. Now, let’s spend time with the salty air and water. We’ll snorkel! That’s our third awesome activity to do.

Be sure to have a guide banca (boat). The one guiding you will take you to different islands as well as lead you and tell you the best thing to do for you to make the most of your adventures. We’re going to snorkel and I’m sure that we will be captivated by the beauty of the underwater.

Awesome Things to Do In Puerto Galera
Coral Garden

Awesome Things to Do In Puerto Galera

We’ll now snorkel at Coral Garden. Snorkeling at Coral Garden, the boatman may ask you to hold on to the rope at the side of the boat. Then, while you’re looking underwater, the boatman will start the boat’s engine and drag you forward. It’s like you’re strolling along Coral Garden. You’ll see different kinds of fishes and you’ll surely be stunned by the beauty of the corals. This may give you chills because some corals are really beautiful while the others are unusual. Plus, make it to a point to spot the giant clams. You’ll have a hard time looking for it especially if it’s your first time to hunt for a clam. To know how it looks underwater, ask your guide to describe it for you.

Another thing, bring bread with you. So that when you could feed the fishes. It’s so fun having the fishes surround you. Just don’t move too much or you might scare them and they’ll not come close.

Awesome Things to Do In Puerto Galera
Fish Feeding

For our fourth awesome thing to do, island hopping! Yes, we’re going to visit different islands. Something that is very contrasting to the picture of the metro.

First island to visit, Haligi Beach. This island is not that big compared to others. But, the good thing is fewer people. You get to have fun with the island because there isn’t so much noise. Another thing that makes it different from other islands is its sand. Haligi Beach’s sand is quite bigger and more of rocky because of the dead corals along the shoreline.

Awesome Things to Do In Puerto Galera

Awesome Things to Do In Puerto Galera

Also on the same island, we transferred to another beach where a line of eateries welcomes us. This beach is quite longer and has finer sands than Haligi Beach. One of the boatmen said that this is where we’ll have our lunch. You can choose from various food places to fulfill your gratifying taste buds. The eateries offer diverse foods from meat to seafood. Could you imagine how serene that could be? Savoring your food along the salty air of the beach.

Awesome Things to Do In Puerto Galera

Awesome Things to Do In Puerto Galera

Last island to hop, Bayanan Beach. Like the other beaches, it is not crowded. The island is quite big. It is also filled with palm trees and if you look beyond, you’ll see a mountain. The island has fine sands and pebbles that make it look quite grayish to white.

Awesome Things to Do In Puerto Galera

Awesome Things to Do In Puerto Galera

Time for our fifth and last awesome thing to do, explore the Underwater Cave. Unlike most caves, this one is peculiar for you have to go down a wooden ladder to get in. You have to be careful once you’re down the cave, there are rocks that are quite pointy which may give you wounds. When it’s low tide, you have different holes to choose from for you to exit the cave. While if it’s high tide, you have to exit in whatever hole is available. Our guide said that Underwater Cave is the place where the famous teleserye (TV Series), Marina, shoots some of their scenes. Great spot for an adventure!

Awesome Things to Do In Puerto Galera

Awesome Things to Do In Puerto Galera

Sadly, our trip has come to an end. Before we go home, let’s not forget to bring pasalubong (souvenir like a shirt or food from the place you visited) for our loved ones. The ideal pasalubong from Puerto Galera to give your loved ones are a shirt, coin purse, or keychain with ‘Puerto Galera’ written on it.

Awesome Things to Do In Puerto Galera

Thank you for staying with me in our adventure in Puerto Galera. ‘Til our next destination! Only here in the Philippines.

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