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How to Apply and Get a Police Clearance Online in the Philippines

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor January 11th, 2020 Posted in Asia Travel Blog, Destination, Travel Blog 112 Comments

When applying for a job or having a valid ID, a Police clearance is one of the requirements. Police clearance will state that you have no criminal records as per the Philippine National Police’s (PNP) database. You can get a Police Clearance online, now.


Mostly, an employer will ask you a police clearance from where you have lived or worked before. So if you are applying in Quezon but worked before at Sampaloc, then a police clearance from Sampaloc would be asked.

How to Apply and Get Police Clearance Online in the Philippines1
Photo by PNP DIDM

When asked for a Police clearance though, you should not submit an NBI Clearance and vice versa. Though a police clearance offers the same details as the NBI Clearance it differentiates in the scope. The NBI has a much broader range (the whole Philippines) while the Police Clearance is only up to the scope of the region or municipality.

Here are the steps on how to get a National Police Clearance Online:

Steps In Applying for a Police Clearance Online Account

1. Go to this website

How to apply Police Clearance Online

2. Click register if you don’t have an account yet.

3. Read the terms and conditions, check the boxes and click next until you see the button “Agree”.

How to apply Police Clearance Online1

4. Type your details and click register.

How to apply Police Clearance Online2

Double-check it and click “save”.

Editing your Profile

1. Sign in using the e-mail address and password you entered

How to apply Police Clearance Online

2. Click “Edit Profile.”

How to apply Police Clearance Online3

3. Type your information.

How to apply Police Clearance Online1

4. Save Profile

Always review your profile, you need to do the whole process again in case you have a mistake in your printed Police Clearance.

Setting an Appointment

1. Click “Clearance Application”

How to apply Police Clearance Online3

2. Select the police station nearest to you or where you want to go.

3. Select the date of appointment – where there are vacant slots AM/PM

4. Select Payment Option

Land Bank of the Philippines which is Php 150.00How to apply Police Clearance Online2

5. Save AppointmentHow to apply Police Clearance Online4

Paying for your Police Clearance

1. Click “Click here to pay” button

How to apply Police Clearance Online5

2. You will be redirected to the land bank e-portal. Choose a payment option:

How to apply Police Clearance Online6

3. Your payment summary and transaction details will show-up. Check it and confirm your payment.

How to apply Police Clearance Online7

4. Take note of your reference number and print the official receipt.

Getting the Police Clearance

1. Prepare the following:

  • Police Clearance Reference Number
  • Official Receipt of Payment
  • 2 Valid IDs

According to the PNP website IDs to be valid must be: not expired,
original and not photocopied with clear photo and signature of the applicant and have the full name.

Listed below are the valid IDs to be presented:

  • Alien Certificate of Registration
  • Birth Certificate
  • IBP ID
  • LTO Driver’s License
  • PNP ID
  • PRC License
  • Passport
  • Philhealth ID
  • Postal ID.
  • School ID with Registration Form
  • Senior Citizen’s ID
  • TIN ID
  • Voter’s ID

2. Go to the PNP Branch on your appointment date. Remember to wear proper attire – no sleeveless, shorts or slippers.

3. Get your photo taken as well as your fingerprints scanned.

4. If you be “hit,” the processor will give you instructions, so please comply. If you are not, proceed to the next step.

5. Wait for your name to be called so you can get your police clearance.

FAQs on Police Clearance

1. How much is a police clearance?

The fee is Php 150.00 plus charges for transaction fees.

2. I haven’t paid my police clearance fee yet, what do I do?

Pay the fee within 2 banking days before your appointment or else your transaction will be canceled.

3. I already paid but want to cancel my transaction, can I be refunded?

No, your payment is already forfeited.

4. I failed to go to my appointment date, what do I do?

You need to schedule again and pay again as both are forfeited.

5. When is my national Police clearance Valid?

Your Police Clearance is valid for six months.

6. My police clearance has mistakes on my details, can I get it reprinted?

No, the PNP can’t reprint your clearance. You need to correct your data on the website and do the process again.

7. I only have one valid ID; what do I do?

Present your valid ID with a Certified True Copy of Birth Certificate with original Official Receipt. You can get one through the PSA website.

8. How do I know the Police Clearance is authentic?

You can go to the pnpclearance.ph and click “Verify Clearance.” Type the surname and clearance number, and you will see the details.

9. I was asked for a Police Clearance, can I submit an NBI Clearance instead?

No, please follow instructions on what to get.

Police clearance is now very easy to obtain. You can get an appointment online, and when you are there you could get your details captured, and you are done. You can do it in less than an hour. It is so convenient as this is a requirement for work, Civil Service Exams or going abroad.

I hope this How-to guide helped you in getting your Police Clearance. Check out our other How-to guides for Philippine Documents and How-to guides for obtaining a visa to travel abroad for Philippine Passport Holders!

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112 thoughts on “How to Apply and Get a Police Clearance Online in the Philippines

  1. I hope it is just less than 1 hour. I am registering since morning but it was always server error. Hope i could enter tomorrow.

  2. Hindi po ako makapag bayad kasi palaging service unavailable errror lumalabas pag kini click ko ung “clicl here to pay” ano pong pwede ko gawin? 🙁 Wala ako landbank

  3. Mag.process po sana ako..pero walang Gcash sa payment option.. only cash payment..what does it mean po? Sa mga bank naman, laging “cannot be process”.

  4. How do I get the official receipt of payment? I only received an email from Landbank. Is that the official receipt?

  5. Trying to edit my profile Pero yung cp number ayaw kahit na anong input ko ng numbers puro xxxxxxxxx pa rin walang numbers di ko tuloy ma save yung profile ko

      1. Tanong lang po yung number po dito kapag tinype maging xxxxxxxx ganito lang po siya then kapag tinype ko +63 di pain?

  6. Question: What if the police clearance is asked by immigration in another country to extend trapped PH resident because of Covid. Can she/he gives authorization for pick up to her/his family members here?

  7. Hello panu pho palitan ang mode of payment kc pho need ng bank acc.ng lanbank pag magbayad eh wla nman pho aqo nun napindot ko po kc landbank agad..please help

  8. I need to renew my police clearance in philippines while i am in australia, kindly advice how do i go about this. PNP online application only directs applicant to select appointment date and time and preferred police station.

  9. Hello, how do I change my mode of payment? I accidentally clicked LandBank instead of Gcash. Hoping for an urgent response.

  10. I am a OFW in Singapore and I need to secure a police clearance for my new job application in United Kingdom. I need the clearance from 2010 to 2013. May I kindly asked for your assistance on this matter? Can my mother be my representative to collect it to the respected location , example in San fernando PPO area? Kindly advice. Thank you

  11. Pag nakakuha ka noon ng police clearance at kaylangan mong mag renew ano po ba ang dapat gawin renew online or tulad ng dati na registered uli

  12. thank you so much po for your post, it’s very informative 🙂
    but I have a question po, nag try din po ako ng police clearance pero pagdating sa “Click here to pay” button naka disabled po siya, alam niyo po ba kung bakit? Maraming salamat po sa response.

    1. I am an OFW here in Macau, just want to ask if it is possible to get police clearance in our municipality while I am here since I cannot fly back to Philippines and it so happened na need ko po ang clearance ngayon. Requirements ko for obtaining US visa po sana, actually my NBI is on process na rin po hinihintay ko na lng ibalik sa akin. Can I just authorized someone para makakuha po ako? Please advise me naman po, salamat ng marami. Godbless

  13. I have filled in all the blanks for my details but for the last part of the registration Theirs a message sunddenly appear stating that the page has already expired. What should i do? Since not receiving a reference number. Hoping for your immediate response.
    Thank you.

  14. hi can i ask if i can pay directly sa police station? wla na kasi yung option thru gcash and ung mga bank na ksama sa online are rare bank.

  15. Hi po, ask ko lang hindi ko kasi nakuha pooice clearance ko sa appointment date ko. I will pay again? Change appointment? How to pay again?

    1. Their site says “In the event that you cancel your transaction, and/or failed to visit the issuing Police Station on the appointment date set for the purpose of either processing and/or claiming of your Clearance, your payment will be forfeited.”
      you’ll have to set it again.

      1. I resched my appointment then they reply they said they will email me for the details how will i pay again but until now. Theres no email

    2. I resched my appointment then they reply they said they will email me for the details how will i pay again but until now. Theres no email

  16. How will I know where is the exact location of the police station I have chosen?
    Example ps 01 pasay city, spd hqs.

    Thanks for help.

  17. I am from Mindanao but now I am staying here in Marikina. Am I allowed to get a police clearance considering that I am not registered here in Marikina? Thank you

  18. Hi, i had been blottered in the past, and i worry that this will appear on my police clearance as “derogatory information”. Will it really appear on my police clearance? Thanks.

  19. Hi, does the Transaction status online change when you’ve already paid? Mine says “Pending” still even if I’ve already paid via 7-11.

  20. Please help me po.. natapos ko na lahat na fill up ang details.. magbayad na sana ako through Gcash/7-11 tapos sa payment button hindi ko siya ma click po..kailangan ko na sana bayaran.. please help me.. ???thanks po

      1. hindi parin po Ma’am.. bakit po kaya? gusto ko na sana mabayaran palagi ko nalang eni extend ang schedule ko po kasi nga hindi ko ma open ang payment.. huhuuuhu :'( help me po… pwedi po ba pumunta sa police station kung saan naka lagay kong saan ko e cla-claim ang clearance?

    1. Bakit po invalid email and password lumalabas once nagsisign in ako? Active naman ang email na nilagay ko sa registration. Panu po gagawin?

  21. There’s an error in my son’s police clearance id. Name of subdivision and date of birth (year). Should he pay again for correcting it?

      1. What about the details on the id that they issue? Will they capture my son again and issue a new card? Thanks.

        1. Have you already gotten the police clearance, sir? Was the mistake on your end or PNPs? If it was in your end and the clearance is already printed, then you’ll need to do the process again.

          I misunderstood your first comment and thought that your son did not yet go to PNP office yet.

  22. Hi, Can I get a police clearance while I am abroad through this website? Or for appointment system lang ito? Any advise will be appreciated. Thank you

    1. Hi, I think its only for appointment system since it requires that you physically go to your local police station to have your picture and biometrics taken. Hope this helps.

  23. Ang police clearance ko po galing sa Pasig city na expire po xa dito na ako sa Davao pwede ko po bang I renew dito at may kasama ho bang ID, magkano po ang bayad with ID at saan po mag renew at ano po ang requirements. Salamat po, reply pls.

  24. Nakakadissapoint ng sobra yung police clearance online. Nagpaschedule ako ng appointment ngaun pra sa brother ko sa tarlac capas ppo then naset sya ng appointment dun today tpos pagpunta nya hindi daw pwede at applicable sa kanila. Imagine bumiyahe pa sya kagbi from bulacan tpos expected nmin mkakakuha sya sa tarlac dahil dun sya nka aapomtment tpos walang nang yari. pati pagkuha nya tuloy ng prof license sa tarlac nabalewala. sayang yung effort at oras ang layo pa nman ng biyahe. next time kung gagawa po kayo ng police clearance online kung hindi po pde dun sa lugar na yun wag na po ilagay sa choices! nakakadissapoint ng sobra eh… Tapos binayaran mo na din then balewala na lang yung binayad mo. Kanino mapupunta yun kung di nyo nireleasehan ng police clearance? ibubulsa nyo nlng?? Ayusin nyo po sana para sa susunod wala ng maabala ng ganito! Hayst!!!

  25. I have paid my clearance but the payment was not posted yet during my scheduled appointment. Is the payment forfeited already?

  26. i have already registered but when i tried to sign in, it said that the email is invalid. My email is active, and i dont know what to do next.

  27. Pano po yung sa cash payment thru 7 eleven? Pano po process nagtanong kasi ako sa counter di daw nila alam nbi lang daw merun?

  28. Napakahassle..nagkaroon ako NG ref number.ayaw tanggapin sa landbank.ayaw din sa bayad center..sa lbc hndi pde Kasi maxadong mahaba dw Ang ref number…sa halip n makatipid.mas nagastusan pa ako sa pagbalik balik.at hangang ngayon hndi pa ako nakakakuha.kasi dko pdeng ulitin Kasi may nakapending pa dw akong transaction

  29. Please investigate Angono Rizal as they seem overcharging for Police Clearance.
    My partner paid Php 115 for the Police Clearance then Php 210 for the processing fee. She only received cerificate and a layout of the ID printed i
    on the same paper. As I know it should only cost less than Php 200.

  30. Good day. I just wanna ask about setting an appointment because no slots we’re showed on my selected PS. Thank you.

    1. Check if other stations if there are slots shown, if not, try another browser. If meron, baka full na ang napili mo 🙂

    1. If you choose the right province in the dropbox, it will automatically let you pick between the cities or municipalities in that province. The barangay as well depends on what you clicked.

    1. it’s a drop-down menu, after the province may drop-down menu that provides you choices, just click your city or municipality. Same with sa barangay, automatic yan 🙂

  31. How long does it takes for the PNP to received the payment made from authorized merchant? Example you paid 7/11. as of January 23, 2020 my transaction status still pending on the website of PNPclearance. Kindly settle this vague issue on the clearance application…thank you

  32. Hi, I have been trying to “Click here to pay” but it keeps saying Invalid Merchant Reference Number. My transaction is pending. Is there any way I can cancel? or any thing I can do?

  33. If you guys have the same issue as mine: already paid but transaction status is still pending esp. if you paid thru cash (7 11-myegph). You may proceed as scheduled. The officer-in-charge should assist you further for the application of payment. You still have to wait tho for the status of your transaction from pending to paid. You can still get your clearance on the same day too. It will only take an hour.

  34. I’ve set an appointment, no gcash option so i chose cash, paid at 7/11 but status still pending eventhough the transaction was succesful. What should i do?

      1. I have the same problem. I paid through MYEG.PH on 7-11 last 16th January – but until today (21st January), my application is still pending. I called the police station where I supposed to get my biometrics, picture and clearance, but they told me that the system should state “Paid”. Otherwise, they cannot do anything about it. Also, I called the number reflected in “Contact Us”, but the local number is not working. Need help as this is the only requirement I would need to get my visa. Any recommendation on next possible steps would be appreciated. Thanks for your help.

        1. Just proceed with your appointment. The officer in charge will further assist you on the application of your payment.

  35. I am married now, and newly hired.. my employer asked me to get a police clearance. Problem is they require 2 valid ID’s my valid ID’s is still on my maiden name. Can I attach bring the marraige contract PSA copy and present my valid ID with my maiden name on it? I badky need police clearance 2 days from now and I really don’t have valid IDs in my current status. Pls give me some advice and alternative to get police clearance. I’m so stress now bc of these requirements.

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