How To Get a Barangay Clearance in the Philippines

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Many people don’t have Valid IDs and a requirement to get a valid ID is another valid one or 2 documents supporting our identity. Ang weird talaga dito sa Pinas, para kumuha ng valid ID dapat may isang Valid ID pa, pero pano kung wala? Eh di, dapat kukuha ka ng mga documento na nagpapatunay na ikaw nga si Juan Dela Cruz. hahaha!

How To Get a Barangay Clearance in the Philippines4
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If you have a Barangay Clearance, then the Barangay Captain could attest you are indeed Juan Dela Cruz a resident there and a person of good character. Mas kilala ka sa barangay mo kaya okay siya maging requirement. It’s very easy to get a Barangay Clearance and cheap too, sometimes it’s given for free. With a Barangay Clearance, you can get certification for your NBI Clearance, Police Clearance, and valid IDs like the UMID Card or Postal ID. You can also open a bank account or use for opening a business.

Barangay Clearance

How To Get a Barangay Clearance in the Philippines3

A Barangay Clearance is a document issued by the Barangay Secretary and signed by the Barangay Captain stating that you are a living at that specific place and you are of good moral character. Somehow, a smaller version of NBI or Police clearance.

Possible reasons to get a Barangay Clearance

How To Get a Barangay Clearance in the Philippines3
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  • Job Requirement 
  • Bank Requirement (you are a resident or stating your address)
  • NBI Clearance
  • Police Clearance
  • Postal ID
  • UMID Card
  • Driver’s License
  • Business Requirement
  • Indigent Certification for PhilHealth

The requirement to get a Barangay Clearance

How To Get a Barangay Clearance in the Philippines2

The requirements will vary per Barangay, minsan nga pag-kilala na ng mga opisyal, hindi na kailangan ng requirements. Pero, eto yung mga inisu-submit:

  • Community Tax Certificate or Cedula
    • For the current year, you can get it from the barangay (if it’s big) or from the city hall
    • Payment is Php 5.00 plus Php 1.00 for every Php 1,000 income. So if you have declared you earned Php 100,000 last year, then you will pay Php 105.00
  • ID
    • You can submit an ID with your name
  • Application form
    • Not that some barangays are high standards and some are low-key, so maybe you could write your personal details and purpose in a piece of paper
  • Barangay Clearance Fee 
    • This will also depend on the Barangay, it would be either free or less than Php 100.00, our barangay clearance fee is Php 25.00 only

Steps in Getting a Barangay Clearance

How To Get a Barangay Clearance in the Philippines
Photo by Barangay Bel-Air, Makati CIty

1. Go to the Barangay Hall and look for the Barangay Secretary.
Make sure it is an office day – Monday – Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM, as they may be busy

2. Inform the Barangay secretary that you want to have a Barangay Clearance.
Fill-up the form that is given to you or a piece of paper.

3. Give the form or paper as well as your identification documents to the Barangay Secretary. Pay the Barangay clearance fee also.
You might sometimes get interviewed, so answer the question honestly. This isn’t formal, so feel free to speak your dialect. 

4. Wait for your Barangay Certificate. The secretary will just edit and print the document easily if you are the only one asking for it. It will also be signed by the Barangay Chairman, so if s/he is not there, you might as well go back at a specified time. But if the Barangay Chair is present, then you can have your Barangay Clearance immediately.

5. Receive the Barangay Clearance; check your name (if the spelling is correct) and the correct purpose is stated.

And that’s it. Getting a Barangay Clearance is easy and fast, especially if the Barangay Secretary and Chairman are present. However, if they’re not another person in command might sign if s/he was given authority. Please also note that you must be living in the Barangay for at least 3 or 6 months to be issued one. Di malalaman if good citizen ka ng barangay A if sa kabilang barangay ka galing. 

With your Barangay clearance, you can now apply for an NBI Clearance, a Postal ID, or a UMID ID to get a Valid Passport. You can also use it to apply for a Bank Account especially if you are still a student. Having a Bank Account is great as you can save for your future travels there. Go to your nearest Barangay and get your Barangay Clearance na! 

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56 thoughts on “How To Get a Barangay Clearance in the Philippines

    1. Please ask from your Barangay po – usually if you live or are a registrant or a business owner there – you can get one.

  1. Are you allowed to get Barangay clearance if you are just renting on that specific Barangay?

    Is it really necessary that you are a registered voter on the Barangay before they issued a Barangay Clearance?

    I hope you answer my question Thank you

  2. Hello. If young cedula po ba is sa ibang province kinuha pwede po ba I submit sa ibang province din para makakuha ng brgy clearance??

  3. Tanong ko lang po kung mabibigyan kaya ako ng Brgy. Clearance kung wala ako I.D na naka address sa tinitirahan namin? Kasi po 4 months palang kami nakakalipat, ano kaya alternative na documents na pwede ipakit except I.D’s.

  4. Hi, is it necessary na maging bontante ka muna ng specific na Brgy bago sila mag release ng brgy cert or bago ka nila i allow na makakuha? matagal na kasi ako resident sa brgy namin pero di pa ko bontante, and yet di nila ko inallow makakuha while sa other brgy which sa auntie ko at hindi ako dun nakatira binigyan ako. can you please answer my question. and tanda ko rin kasi regardless if you’re a voter or not bibigyan ka nila as long as you live there for at least 6mos.

  5. Can my filipina fiancé already apply for a barangay clearance for marriage before I (foreign partner) am coming to the Philippines? So we are prepared 🙂

    1. Yes, she can apply for everything before you arrive except your legal capacity to contract marriage as you need to process it in your country or at the Embassy in the Philippines.

  6. I’ve had a clearance last January but they won’t issue another one one again to me this january because they told me they can only provide once every three months. Is that true? I thought it was only valid for 3months but not limited to one clearance every 3months?!

  7. I dont know why, but when I asked for a barangay clearance, the Barangay Captain asked whether my mom was a Registered Voter in our Barangay, which apparently she was not. He would not release the forms, but for me I think I have the right for such public documents. The Barangay Clearance was for the purpose of an entrance examination, which the deadline would be in next week. It was such a hassle, i think because the Captain himself was shouting, and i felt like i was being scammed. Unfortunately, due to long processes, we went home empty handed. Is this right? How can I report this?

  8. for estate settlement taz, how does a barangay certificate of family home look like? what are the requisites for applying for it? is it the same as a barangay certificate of residency at the time of death?

  9. Pwede po ba ako kumuha kahit 17 palang ako? Ibig sabihin po di pa ako nag sesweldo meaning po ba niyan di ako babayad nang tax na hinihingi nila?

  10. Kaya ako napunta dito na site dahil nagulat ako na 100 pesos ang bgy clearance fee dito samin. Siguro dahil for marriage cert sya kaya mejo mataas yung presyo.
    Ang layo kasi sa dati na 25pesos yata yun.

      1. Why it depends.Is there a good reason to give to ensure the issuance of Barangay ID considering you have been issued a Barangay Certificate of Residency with good moral character.Is there a law prohibiting issuance of Barangay ID to person below 18 years old.Thank You.GOD Bless.

        1. Not all barangays kasi have the same rules and regulations – some issue to non-voters, some don’t. So it’s better to get the information straight from the horse’s mouth.

  11. I used to live in different barangay far away from where i am residing now. I need to get a brgy clearance from my previous residence, you think its possible for me to apply for brgy clearance online and with no appearance? Given our situation now with the pandemic its too much of a hassle to travel just to get a clearance from my previous barangay. 🙁

    1. You can try po asking the brgy you are living in. I haven’t heard of online barangay clearance yet, but usually it’s easier if you know people.

  12. Do I need to request multiple barangay clearances if I have multiple purposes? I initially used it to get a postal ID and I want to open a bank account with it. Would that be okay? thank you!

    1. It depends on the barangay, usually since the purposes are different and copies are submitted, then its better to have 2 barangay clearances.

      1. The secretary argued I can’t issue another clearance kasi naka kuha na daw ako 2months ago and I need to wait for exactly 3 months to get another one ? which I don’t believe. There’s no law stating I can’t take multiple clearance!

    1. You can try having witnesses or statements na nakatira yung nanay mo dyan, if hindi try mo place kung saan sya registered. Sometimes, as per decision talaga yan sa Barangay Captain.

  13. Sana may sumagot po dito. Bakit po mama ayaw bigyan ng baranggay clearance? Ang dahilan ay di botante dito? Pero 2 years ng nakatira dito sa amin. And kung di daw magreregister ay di bibigyan? Tama ba yun?

    1. Hello po, Barangay Clearance are supposed to be for the residents of the barangay and not exclusively for voters.

  14. Hi,wat if ndi ka lumaki dito sa manila. .pero almost 1 year kanang dito sa manila. .makakuha ba ako ng brgy clearance??

    1. Pwede po ba kumuha ng barangay id kahit 18 ka palang? Wala pa akong ibang ids kahit sa school and need ko ng one valid id kase po nagdedeliver ako sa mga village and hinihingan ako lagi ng id

      1. Yes po, kahit minor you can get a Barangay Certificate. Pero it’s much better if you have a valid ID like Driver’s License since nag-dedeliver ka.

  15. sana po bigyan mo naman ako ng Republic Act Copy tungkol sa Barangay Clearance, lalo na yung sa part ng 3 to 6 Months na nakatira sa barangay o isang lugar, marami po kasing pasaway lalo na yung mga bagong lipat na HALOS MAS MATAPANG PA SA MGA LIHITIMONG RESIDENTE.

    Arthur D. Porquirino
    [email protected]

  16. you should add that some barangay will ask for your VOTER’S ID / VOTER’S ID STUB / VOTER’S CERTIFICATE, also some barangay will not issue you Barangay Clearance even if you have a Voter’s ID, as long as you are registered as a Voter under a different City or Barangay.

  17. Pano yung barangay clearance na gagamitin pang documents sa airport? Anong ilalagay dun na pupose? Thanks sa pagsagot.

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