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DAS STUE: The Finest Boutique Hotel in Berlin @DasStue

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor June 10th, 2016 Posted in Europe Travel Blog, Luxury Hotel Review, Travel Blog 41 Comments

DAS STUE: The Finest Boutique Hotel in Berlin

Formerly used as the Danish Embassy in Berlin, the building has transformed into a fine boutique hotel – the Das Stue. Designed by German architect Johann Emil Schaudt and inspired by Danish classicism, Das Stue has been providing a luxury accommodation in the centre yet serene area in Berlin.

Core point to know: ’Stue’ (Danish word) and ‘Stuebe’ (old German term) define in English as ‘Living Room’

Know more about on Das Stue’s website

Monkey DividersTwo Monkeys Travel - Luxury Hotel Review

Each of the 78 guestrooms is arranged in polish with contemporary details. The rooms are designed perfectly in size where guests can enjoy the view of the Tiergarten. Every room is complemented by high ceilings, hardwood floors and views of the adjacent while 11 rooms feature terraces and balconies.

In details, Das Stue Hotel offers the following:

  • 24 Stue Rooms
  • 34 Embassy Rooms
  • 8 Junior Suites
  • 7 Suites
  • 3 Stue Suites
  • 1 Penthouse Suite
  • 1 Bel Etage Suite

For room specifications, visit this link. You can also checking Booking.com for the latest prices.

My Stay

Das Stue Berlin 1

I was able to stay for a night in one of Das Stue’s two dozens of Stue Rooms. Modern, Elegant, Comfortable and Quiet. Those are my top descriptions for the room.

Das Stue Berlin 2

The 27 m² room is equipped with huge bed, full-HD Apple entertainment set, nespresso machine, closet, and the rain shower.

I had a late check-in and exhausted from the eight-hour bus trip from Amsterdam and it’s a perfect moment to enjoy the tranquility of Das Stue Hotel.  The reception area, where mostly a chaotic part in the hotel, was surprisingly calm and a staff instantly lead me to my room.

I just embraced the softness of the bed and full of relaxation came. It’s in the morning when I found out why the room is such a paradise of serenity – the infamous Tiergarten and Berlin Zoo were in my sight.

Das Stue Berlin 3

Monkey DividersTwo Monkeys Travel - Luxury Hotel Review

Relaxing as its best! Das Stue Hotel offers the Susanne Kaufmann Spa, 16-metre indoor pool with daylight and access to terrace and Gym with Technogym equipment.

Das Stue Berlin 4
Photo by: Das Stue Hotel Berlin

The guests of the hotel can access daily the Spa and Sauna from six in the morning until 10 in the evening.

To give life the term  Stue, the Hotel provides two intimate living room represented by library lounges where some of the owners’ collections are displayed.

Das Stue Berlin 5

Das Stue Berlin 6

The mix of arts and wildlife are highly showcased in each library, where guests can freely enjoy a book of their interest.  In some cases, visitors can purchase an item, depending on its copy availability.

Das Stue Berlin 7

Leisure doesn’t stop inside the hotel as the vast Park around the hotel is perfect for jogging.

Bicycles are also available for rent while the jetty for city boat tours is just 100 meters from the hotel

Take advantage as well of the different surprise offerings by the Das Stue Hotel here.

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Lead by 4 Michelin stars restaurants owner, Paco Perez, the culinary experience at Das Stue Hotel will always go beyond your delightful expectations.

Das Stue Berlin 8

With a Spanish chef, the breakfast buffet at Das Stue Hotel is served with a different tasteful bite.

Das Stue Berlin 9

Das Stue Berlin 10

As you enjoy every dish from breakfast to dinner, don’t forget to pay a visit to the hotel’s bar.

Das Stue Berlin 11
Photo by: Das Stue Hotel Berlin

Situated in the rear part of the Lounge and an access to a terrace, take a drink of your choice at the classic bar. You can experience the taste of 1920’s and 1930’s cocktails and the whiskies and cognacs while viewing the Zoo through an immense window.

Monkey DividersTwo Monkeys Travel - Luxury Hotel Review

Despite the bustling central location of the Das Stue Hotel, the full exclusive experience is highly offered during your stay.

Das Stue Berlin 12

From a seamless intimate experience inside the hotel, you can easily access various top spots in Berlin.

Moreover, the following transport halts are conveniently situated from the hotel:

  • Berlin central station: 2.49 mi
  • Airport Berlin Tegel: 6.21 mi
  • Airport Berlin Schönefeld: 14 mi

Monkey DividersLast Words: My short and sweet stay at Das Stue Hotel is made possible by the lovely Marketing team of the hotel through Mareike Steiner. Pleasure to meet her and explore every corner of the finest boutique hotel in Germany’s capital. My warmest gratitude to every staff whose professionalism is yonder one’s expectation.

Das Stue Berlin 13

Note: Das Stue sponsored a night of stay but the views written on this article are my own.

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41 thoughts on “DAS STUE: The Finest Boutique Hotel in Berlin @DasStue

    1. Yes. Das Stue keeps the beauty of the place’s history and makes it open for guests now as a luxury accommodation.

  1. The architecture, food & drink, our room, location, facilities, the bicycles and the wonderful staff. Visiting Nueus Museum is essential and borrowing the bicycles to see Berlin and cycle through the Park
    Don’t expect

    Economy or you’ll miss out

  2. This looks like a lovely hotel. It looks like it combines the best of modern technology with old world charm and come out with an elegant place.

    1. Precisely, Voyager. Das Stue Hotel Berlin has its unique offering that will allow the guests a memorable stay 🙂

  3. I appreciate how the living room was set up. It’s like a room where somebody actually lives in and it added to it’s homey ambiance. Would love to curl up with a book here.

    1. Das Stue Hotel Berlin is basically a living room-inspired accommodation, making a homey and relaxing vibe to every visitor.

  4. I stayed in a hostel when I visited Berlin a few years back but now that I’m no longer a poor student, I’d definitely look into this place if I go back! The pool is pure goals.

  5. Beautiful place plus your beautiful shots. Those who will have a vacay here would definitely enjoy!

  6. Wow! The place looks superb! You are so lucky to have had the chance on staying at a hotel like that in Berlin.

  7. Wow the place looks really luxurious… the first thing that comes to my mind is how expensive it is to stay in such fine hotel haha…. I’m pretty sure that you had an amazing stay in this hotel!
    Thanks for giving us this extensive review

  8. wow, that place is a dream! I don’t know if I’d ever be able to go to Berlin, but if I do, I want it to be with my family. ♥

  9. The place looks so good. I can already see myself reading and relaxing and that study area. And wow, 4 michelin stars! Their food must taste so good.

    1. The food at Das Stue Hotel Berlin are simply incredible. They have a spanish chef too who prepare amazing selections, especially in breakfast.

  10. Looks like an amazing stay you’ve had! Gosh, I long for the day I could stay somewhere like this even for just a day. 😀

  11. The place really looks amazing!!! I would consider this once I am bound to Berlin which is hopefully soon!

  12. The things that really got me are those interiors! Are those pans from the ceilings? And they have a beautiful chandeliers! Finest Boutique Hotels indeed!

    1. I love the details at Das Stue Hotel Berlin, Neri. The infamous entrance is already a proof on how the hotel design has been well-arranged.

  13. Thank you Jessica for this well crafted article! Really had me glued and had all my attention. Where can I see more of your work? And big ups to Two Monkey Travel Group.

  14. One of the things I look for in a hotel is a spa or, at least, a clean tub. The spa here looks lovely and very calming. A must-try indeed.

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