GRAND HOTEL KAREL V UTRECHT: The Home of Classical History @HotelKarelV

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“Am I in another country? No, that could not be possible. I just travelled by train for 30 minutes.”

The crazy lines running on my mind when I arrived in Utrecht. The crowd from The Netherlands’ capital faded. And I finally realised how clever it was to visit another city in Holland where genuine tranquillity can highly be felt. My only regret was I stayed so short in Utrecht. Nevertheless, it’s all worth it as I was accommodated by the city’s first luxury hotel – the Grand Hotel Karel V.

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From a historical Teutonic House with a Military Hospital, the Grand Hotel Karel V’s location has been showcasing vast memories since 1348. It was in 1998 when the hotel officially got its name to start giving the guests from all over the world a true experience of luxury accommodation.

Grand Hotel Karel V 1

Core point to know: Karel V or Charles V, who was declared as Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire in 1520, stayed in Grand Hotel (then Teutonic House) when he attended a meeting of the Grand Chapter of the Golden Fleece in 1546.

Grand Hotel Karel V 2

Know more about rich history of Grand Hotel Karel V’s site here.

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Classical yet contemporary! The spacy room provided for my one night stay at Grand Hotel Karel V is nothing but exceptional.

Grand Hotel Karel V 3

The room is located in the very end of the floor where I could enjoy the long carpet way from the elevator. It could be the same feeling where artists or royalties walk in a red carpet. I am fascinated with the royal vibe which I can be a Princess for some moments. All thanks to Grand Hotel Karel V.; that childhood dream came into reality!

Inside the room is a well-thought division of every guest’s needs.

Grand Hotel Karel V 4
The long table for is professional enough to lay your laptop and do your things.

Just beside the table is a huge closet to freely fix your stuff.

Grand Hotel Karel V 5
The symmetrical arrangement of the bathroom is inviting for long shower session.

What is better to do than sleeping after a refreshing shower?

Designed with the classy cloth connected from the mini roof was the most refined bed I had. Blended with the call of modernity, a flat screen TV is attached just in the foot of the bed, which you can turn in a side of your convenience.

Grand Hotel Karel V 6

Grand Hotel Karel V 7

To check more of Grand Hotel Karel V’s room offerings, check its website or visit

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From wellness and fitness to places for gatherings, Grand Hotel Karel V offers services and facilities that will surely satisfy the visitors’ needs.

Grand Hotel Karel V 8

I just had a quick snap of the Hotel’s Wellness corner located in the Roma Wing. With jetstream bath, fitness equipment, solarium, sauna, steam bath, and beauty salon, you can easily find a spot to pamper yourself.

Grand Hotel Karel V can also cater gatherings to their modish and grand 13 function rooms, auditorium, 10,000 m2 courtyard garden, brasserie and to its bar and restaurant.

Grand Hotel Karel V 9

Grand Hotel Karel V 10

Grand Hotel Karel V 11

Grand Hotel Karel V 12

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The glamorous area for dining.
The glamorous area for dining.

Formerly used as Monastery, the Grand Restaurant Karel V gives wide selection of food and wine. Headed by Chef Vito Reekers, the traditional taste is perfectly blended with today’s culinary expectations.

Guests can also enjoy the dish of their choice in the Garden in the middle of the Hotel.

Grand Hotel Karel V 14

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Smiles stay free yet luxurious at Grand Hotel Karel V.

Grand Hotel Karel V 15

Every staff is trained with great hospitality and professionalism so expect your stay as smooth as its best.

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Grand Hotel Karel V 16

Situated in the heart of the Utrecht, Grand Hotel Karel V keeps a mix of dynamic and unruffled ambience with shops, chic and relaxing cafes and restaurants surround the vicinity while the garden lies in the hub of the hotel.

Grand Hotel Karel V 17

Dubbed as the beating heart of The Netherlands, Utrech preserves the medieval vibe and offers excellent architecture, charming canals, and amusing museums.

Note: Grand Hotel Karel V provided a night of complimentary stay but the views written on this article are my own.

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40 thoughts on “GRAND HOTEL KAREL V UTRECHT: The Home of Classical History @HotelKarelV

  1. The place looks really neat and grand indeed. I love that the bed looks cozy enough and if you decide to be lazy, you can just turn the tv facing you. The area of their health wellness corner looked really awesome too and very inviting for a swim.

    I just noticed that the hotel doesn’t really have any guests walking around. Is it really that empty or was it just a quiet day?

    1. Cool points, Dominic. I do love the television set up. During my stay, it was actually quite busy but I had a private tour with the amazing marketing team of Grand Hotel Karel V Utrecht and we visited mostly of the conference rooms for events. 🙂

  2. Utrecht is a beautiful city and this is a beautiful hotel! Don’t remember seeing this when I visited last year!

    1. Grand Hotel Karel V Utrecht is actually located just minutes away from the city center. Hope you can visit Utrecht again and check the Grand Hotel Karel V.

  3. I will also feel like a princess with a room like that. What i love about this is they kept the medieval, sophisticated look while mixing the modern vibe in the rooms. The dining area looks divine I would love to taste the food there. Definitely worth your experience given the short time you spent on that place. This would be added on my bucket list of places to visit.

    1. Thank you, Kim. I know you will be in Utrecht, soon. As the location of Grand Hotel Karel V played an essential role in the past, it’s great to maintain the classical mood in the place, complementing with the artifacts displayed around the hotel, but not sacrificing the up-to-date amenities. 🙂

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