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North America Travel Blog

North America is not only about expensive holidays, you can absolutely enjoy yourself even you’re on a budget. Meet the friendly Canadians, see the huge national parks, and enjoy the magnificent lakes. Walk around the famous New York City or take a photo with your favorite Disney character.

North America is the 3rd largest continent on the planet and is consists of 23 independent countries. And the big 3 are Canada, the United States of America, and Mexico. So when you hear these 3, you’d probably think that you need a lot of money in order to fund yourself if you want to explore this continent. However, there are ways on how you can actually budget your money while on a trip. We compiled all the articles related to North America to give you ideas and everything you might need before visiting here. 

Places to Visit in North America

As mentioned, with North America’s 23 countries plus the big 3, you’d definitely have one of the best holiday vacations. We’ll give you a quick introduction to some of the most popular places you can explore on this continent.

Banff/Lake Louise, Canada

Banff is one of those destinations that can show you what paradise looks like. What you see in pictures is what you will get. The spiky green forest is beautifully blended with the vibrant blue waters. Whatever your reason is, Banff is a place to be!

Hilo, Hawaii

Who wouldn’t want to go to Hawaii? With its blue waters, volcanoes that stand proud, and the palm trees so green, it looks surreal. To have the best of the best in Hawaii, then go to Hilo. It is one of the most beautiful landscapes in North America. It has the ideal views of the pacific and is located on the big island. This town is also close to the popular Hawaii Volcanoes National Park so you can see the beauty of it from here. 

Durango, Colorado, United States

Although Durango is a small city, it offers a lot of amazing experiences for a great holiday visit. Here, you can go to Animas River for some whitewater rafting, in Mesa Verde to see one of the well-preserved cliff dwellings in all of America, or try zip lining as well in Soaring Tree Top Adventures. 

Overall Thoughts About North America

Those mentioned above are just the 3 places you can visit in North America. Whether you want to stay in Canada or go further in the South, you’ll surely have unforgettable memories. Not only amazing tourist destinations but also great dishes. Expect to have that all in North America. This continent has so much to offer, you should go and see it!


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