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A week in La Paz, Bolivia – Adventures, Beers and Breweries!

Our entrance to La Paz had been a little more than your average bus journey; high winds and heaving waves on the Tiquina Strait of Lake Titicaca made for a very interesting ferry crossing involving sitting on a bus as it pitched up and down on a flimsy floating platform, with the wind lashing rain against the windows. We really shouldn’t have been on the bus on a ferry like that – the lake bed is littered with less fortunate attempts – but we made it across all in one piece! Adventures, Beers, and Breweries in La Paz, Bolivia: A week trip.

Crossing Border South America - Bolivia Brazil

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The Best in La Paz, Bolivia

Eventually arriving in the Centre of La Paz at about 3 am, we banged on the door of the Adventure Brew Hostel, which was opened by a friendly Bolivian security guard, who then woke up the poor receptionist who was on duty for late arrivals. Despite being woken up, he was friendly and took us to our private room in the Bed and Breakfast building, just two doors down the street. The dorms are in a separate building, with 4 floors of large shared rooms and an awesome, lively bar on the ground floor, complete with a pool table, fuzzball, and movie room.

The bedroom was big, with a comfortable bed and a warm duvet. Double glazing kept out the noise from the street and the shower ran hot any time of day or night (important in the highest capital in the world!) Breakfast was unlimited pancakes, coffee, and tea, with jam and chocolate sauce…Awesome!

On the top floor of the Bed and Breakfast, you’ll find the Sky Bar, which is also home to the Beer Spa. (Yes, it’s as cool as it sounds!) Pretty simple really, it’s a hot spa, filled with beer! Two bathtubs mounted off the ground in bricks with a fireplace under each one and a chimney linking the two create the simplest spa in the world! Fill the tubs with water, light the fires, get in and add the beer. It feels good, it tastes good and it’s good for you it’s full of vitamin B (or vitamin beer!) If you stay here, the spa is free when you buy a beer!

You might be wondering where all this beer comes from. The name Adventure Brew is no accident; the owner, Remo, began brewing his beer over 15 years ago before the hostel existed. Saya beer is the result of fifteen years of perfection, with pale, amber, and Negra brews created in a dedicated organic brewery about 1 hour from La Paz, amidst fields and farms, using purified, locally sourced spring water. We spent Christmas Day in the Saya Brewery with the Saya Brewery Tour. Only $25 including transport, the tour, unlimited beer, and BBQ! We had an awesome day chilling and drinking in the garden, playing with the dogs, and eating awesome food – probably the best way to spend Christmas Day away from home!

Adventures, Beers and Breweries in La Paz, Bolivia

If you’re looking for a place to party then La Paz has that too. We started the night in Adventure Brew, with a free beer for guests, followed by the best Caipirinhas outside of Brazil. They’ve also got beer pong and a bar that keeps dancing till about 2 am. After that, you can head to any of the city’s many clubs and bars that stay open until the early morning hours.

Adventures, Beers and Breweries in La Paz, Bolivia

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The best parties are always on the roof!

If you’re thinking of avoiding La Paz because you prefer the great outdoors and adventure sports, think again. With adrenaline-fuelled activities like abseiling fifty meters down the side of a five-star hotel with Urban Rush and cycling The World’s Most Dangerous Road with Barracuda Biking, there’s no shortage of excitement in La Paz for danger junkies. On our second afternoon, we headed down to the Hotel Presidente, to abseil down from the top floor, Mission Impossible-style, with Urban Rush.

The next day we signed up for the Death Road mountain-biking trip with Barracuda Biking; starting at 7 am and arriving back at about 7 pm, it’s a full day of awesomeness! Check out both adrenaline-fueled experiences here – Barracuda Biking and Urban Rush.

Other stuff to do in La Paz

La Paz is a central hub of rich culture and colorful history in South America, with numerous museums, galleries, and cathedrals. We spent a whole day and several afternoons just wandering the streets of the city, enjoying the atmosphere of the decayed colonial buildings, colorful food markets, and vibrant city life.

Witch Market – The local ‘Witch Market’ (or tourist market in reality) is full of interesting craft items, clothing, jewelry, and some slightly witchy stalls offering various crystals and preserved animal parts. You can also buy good luck charms and spells, which incorporate various plant, animal, and mineral parts to represent what you wish for. Perhaps not such a bad idea if you’re planning to ride the Death Road the next day!

The Coca Museum – Everything you might have wanted to know about Coca leaves but were afraid to ask. You’ll learn all about the history of the Coca leaf, some myths, truths, and lies, plus an interesting document translated into many languages.

Killi Killi – Formerly a strategic military point against the Spanish invaders in the 1780s, the hilltop viewpoint of Avenida Las Banderas provides 360-degree panoramic views of the city.

Teleferico – The La Paz cable car system is about 10km long and consists of 3 lines running from the northern-most point of the city, to the suburbs of the south – Some of the best views you’ll find in the city and a great way to travel!

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43 thoughts on “A week in La Paz, Bolivia – Adventures, Beers and Breweries!

  1. Had never thought of visiting Bolivia but it sounds like there’s something for every type of traveller. I’d love to get involved with all that danger-junkie stuff! Would have to psych myself up first though..

  2. Oh my, for someone with a huge fear of heights this post has turned my stomach! You are so brave. Even the description of your ferry journey to get there sounds terrifying!

    1. That’s why we had full of adventures in La Paz, Bolivia. You will conquer that fear someday, Helen.

    1. Lisa, that’s an awesome adventure in La Paz, Bolivia! You can also try these ‘brave’ stuff and see La paz’s charming setting. 🙂

    1. La Paz, Bolivia is one of the best destinations as it offers a lot of fun activities and beers! Haha. You should come, Leanne. 🙂

  3. The breakfasts sounds right up my street, while my husband would love the beer spa. He would proberly drink it! LOL

    1. You should visit La Paz, Bolivia with your husband. You will both enjoy it. Just keep eye on him with the beer spa. lol

    1. Don’t be, Candace. Sure you will have your adventures too like what we had in La Paz, Bolivia.

  4. Fantastic photos! I’d love to go here! That mountain biking trip sounds amazing, I’d love to try it! Especially after my recent cycling trip in Crete!

    1. Thank you, Kira! Bet you had a blast in Crete. La Paz, Bolivia seems perfect for your next adventure! 🙂

    1. It’s a great place, Melanie. You should go in La Paz, Bolivia and capture great photos as well.

  5. Oh gosh I’m not sure about a Death Road biking trip! Not my kind of thing… but other than that, Bolivia sounds fab!

    1. Still a lot of choices for adventure activities or even food trip you can do in La Paz, Bolivia. Let us know where will you go and might help you with some tips. 🙂

  6. It sounds like the perfect destination for thrill seekers for sure and the scenery is stunning x

    1. Exactly, Rachel! Are you fun of thrilling activities as well? Visit La Paz, Bolivia and enjoy its scenery, food and adventures.

    1. And to those who want to conquer their fear with heights, Camilia. So better go to La Paz Bolivia if your are seeking for a perfect adventure.

  7. Gosh that looks like a fantastic place to visit! Look at those mountains, and the lights, and the people!

    1. Mountains in La Paz , Bolivia are magnificent not only with eyes but as well as with your feet, trying to stay calm. Hehe

  8. Wow what a fabulous place to visit. This is definitely somewhere that I would like to visit myself xxx

    1. Definitely exciting, Fashion and Style Poilice. La, Paz Bolivia can make your nerves jump with excitement. 🙂

  9. This sounds like an amazing trip, I know my husband would love it, The scenery looks amazing x

    1. You will both love it, StressedMum. Does he like adventure acitivities? Better plan your trip to La Paz, Bolivia

    1. Certainly awesome, Harriet from Toby & Roo. You should try it as well and La Paz, Bolivia will definetely give you the best adventure. Yay!

  10. This sounds like such an amazing place to stay! I travel quite a lot but I definitely need to broaden where I travel to x

  11. The beer spa sounds amazing, and pancakes and chocolate for breakfast, what a great start! x

    1. Perfect choices, Rhian. Those are definitely the best part of this La Paz, Bolivia adventure.

  12. Great article, thanks for sharing! I’ll be spending quite some time in La Paz later this year, and now I def want to try out the abseiling thing! 🙂

    1. YES Edith!! You’ll enjoy it there and it’s really cheap there compared to other South American cities!! =)

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