7 Things About Life You will Rediscover When You Travel

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When you travel, you get the opportunity to self-reflect. Here are the things about life you will rediscover when you travel.

7 Things About Life You will Rediscover When You Travel

One of the things you will probably think about when you travel, be it abroad or locally, is life itself. There are many lessons and experiences you gain from a simple journey. And hopefully, after every adventure, we know more about ourselves, grow to be better, and live life to its fullest.

1. The world is big and beautiful.

Things To Do In Mongolia4

As Carew Papritz says, “I travel because it makes me realize how much I haven’t seen, how much I’m not going to see, and how much I still need to see.”

Travel makes you realize that the world is so big that there is more to the four corners of our homes and our office. There are so many places to see, and once you are there, you’ll be amazed by its magnificence. Seeing the world through your eyes is way much better than seeing it in pictures.

We tend to forget the things we take for granted. But when we travel, you appreciate nature, the trees with blooming flowers, the birds that chirp, the sun that sets and rises. We admire the work of man, the architecture of a building, or the story of how something originated. And that’s only less than 1% of the world – there’s still so much to appreciate and see!

2. Conquering your fears is rewarding

7 Things About Life You will Rediscover When You Travel

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” – Andre Gide

Being somewhere unfamiliar with no one you know is scary. But when we do have the courage to take a step toward the journey we want – it becomes rewarding as we’ll discover the world. However, riding on that plane or bus is only the first step. We still have a lot more to overcome – that fear of eating food we are not used to, embracing a new culture, talking to strangers are a few examples. But when we embrace it rather than cower from new or scary ideas, we feel fulfilled.

We always play safe and enjoy what we have at home, but we actually get to do many things out of our comfort zone when we travel. We will gain much more than we will lose. So, be courageous! Who knows, you might discover something you’ll love on your journey! I did.

3. Communication is Important

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When traveling, we should not rely too much on technology. That’s me speaking from experience. I couldn’t count how many times I got lost due to Google Maps pointing me in the wrong way. Talking to people is really important, and you’ll remember that when you travel. It’s more reliable to ask from the locals than from the internet. It also improves your understanding of the place you are in and your social skills. The value of communication is one of the things about life you will rediscover when you travel.

4. Nothing lasts forever.

When we start our travels, we know it’s also going to end. We will eventually go home as nothing lasts forever. We often remember this fact as we end our trip and journey back, remembering the things we have done.

And because of this, we should make our trips worth it. Make it memorable, so that when we go home, there are no regrets. However, we will miss the feeling of being in a new place, travel again, go home; and the cycle goes on. So, live life to its fullest and travel like it’s your last!

5. Memories are the best souvenirs.

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Memories may fade in time, but they’re free! You don’t need to have a lot of money or buy the most expensive souvenirs to prove to anyone that you’ve been there and done that. Our memories are fine; in fact, they’re even better. You don’t need much space, spend money, or pack them carefully in your luggage, and you won’t be worried when they are lost or damaged. You always have them; in your mind and your heart.

So when you are down, remember the things in your travel – the gorgeous views you enjoyed, the warmth of the locals, the fears you have conquered, and the embarrassing moments. It will definitely improve your mood. Memories will make you happy and smile.

6. Kindness is Universal.

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You can find kindness everywhere. No matter where you go, there might be crime or danger, but there’s always someone who will lend you a helping hand. Be it the stranger who gives you directions, the roommates who share their food, or the seatmate who talks to you.

I had many experiences with kind people when I traveled. There was this kind lady who gave me food when I had a train ride from Seoul to Gapyeong for Nami Island, a biker who stopped for me and helped me with directions, the bus driver who let me hitch a ride home, and a 7-11 attendant who lent me his charger.

Kindness knows no boundaries; whether we have different races or religions or don’t speak each other’s language, it’s universal. And it’s not only there for us to receive, but something you can give, daily.

7. Learning is a lifelong process.

13 Things You Should Not Miss When You Travel the Pamir Highway in Tajikistan

When we graduate from school, the learning doesn’t end there. And we actually realize it more as we travel. Be it, when we are planning, we learn more about the places we go to. When we are traveling, we immerse ourselves in the country’s history and culture. We not only learn about it but sometimes, we come to understand. As a quote says, “once you understand and appreciate other people’s cultural backgrounds, then you can also connect with them more.” It’s always a great takeaway whenever I travel.

Those are the 7 things about life you will rediscover when you travel. What do you like best? Share with us your stories and comment below!

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4 thoughts on “7 Things About Life You will Rediscover When You Travel

  1. Agree with everything except for travel light! 🙂 I tend to travel heavy most of the times. Yes, travel does reveal a lot about life – that’s it’s going to pass one day, so live it!

    1. Hi Renuka! Indeed, travel teaches us a lot about life and inspires us to really live before life passes us by. Can’t travel so heavy because I’m scoliotic hehe!

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