Travel and Relationship: The Art of Letting Go

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I’m Cathy. Currently residing in Makati City but originally from the sweet “puto – rice cake ” town Calasiao, Pangasinan.

I am an Online English teacher and been teaching English for a couple of years  now. I love traveling, visited some places in Asia and explored some wonderful places in my very own  beautiful country, the Philippines. I love beaches, (a lot!)  cooking, taking photos, yoga, cocktails, beer, coffee and meeting awesome people.

May Wander Writing Competition: Travel Inspiration, Cathy Mendoza

I remember very well how we met that night at that rooftop bar of my hostel. I was traveling on a search for inner peace after my last relationship had ended in the worst possible way. You seemed like a very simple guy and I noticed you were alone. While I was looking your way you caught my eye and smiled at me. I smiled back and called out a “Hey, why don’t you come over here instead?” which you did, but instead of paying attention to me, you first had a chat with my friend.

There was something about you I found interesting though. I wanted to find out what it was and after a while we started talking. We told each other about our traveling experiences over a few cocktails but somehow the night progressed into us sharing laughter like we had been the best of friends for ages. It was amazing, I thought. The next day we met up again and that was also my last day before leaving for Bali. Whilst you were also on the road, traveling around Asia all the way from Europe, it wasn’t really on my mind that we would ever get to see each other again. Even though you did tell me that night that maybe, just maybe, you would be visiting the Philippines, where I live, in the near future.

So, the days went by and my traveling came to an end and I got stuffed with work back home. We kept in touch over WhatsApp and suddenly you told me that you’re coming over very soon. I felt very happy and couldn’t be more excited and then you came, surprising me of how much change you would bring to my life.

May Wander Writing Competition: Travel Inspiration, Cathy Mendoza

As you’ve witnessed how devastated I was from the terrible pain I had, you never left me. You told me that it’s not gonna be the end of the world and there’s more to life than suffering from misery. You consistently nudged me to be happy by cracking silly and stupid jokes. You bring me small surprises just to see me smile, like giving me sweets or cupcakes and a bowl of macaroni soup which you always order online at Jollibee. You always wanted me to feel good not for yourself but for myself. You never wanted to see me downhearted and when you do, you find the perfect timing to cheer me up by teasing me and turning everything into your own advantage and that annoys me a lot but I never get angry, while if my sister does, I heat up as hell! How could you do that? haha!

There’s even this one time when you saw me alone at the balcony one fine day looking afar, portraying a pensive face, you took my attention, asked me to come sit beside you and told me to stop thinking. It was really amazing how to the hilt you knew I was deep in thought without telling you. And then you turn my serious and dramatic moments into a rib-tickling one and that both make us burst out laughing and at the same time, you’re very glad to see me always smiling. That moment, I realized that you’re one of a kind, a person who never fails to make me grin from ear to ear and hits me to the nerves!

Thank you for standing by my side. Though I knew from the very start that one day you’ll be back to your own world, you gave me so many memories I could hold on to. One night I told you my worries of tomorrow not being with you, but instead of being sad you comforted me and whispered there’s nothing to worry about because tomorrow is another brand new day. You taught me how to savour every moment of our lives with the person we are with and not to brood about the future. Sure you said, we get worried at times but we should make sure we enjoy what we have now. Thank you.

It’s magical how you slowly mended my broken heart by showing me wonderful things only in my dreams I could’ve imagined. I always love to be with you, you’re very easy to be with and up to anything even in one hot afternoon hopping on the bus going nowhere, at a resto bar drinking a bottomless strawberry margarita or simply dipping to the pool using the power of your patience in teaching me to swim and I always scream and say “I’m drowning, I’m so dead I have no pulse” and you just poked fun at me saying “You’ll never drown at a 4 ft pool!” And you never give up. Haha!

You treated me like your very own girlfriend, like a princess and you spoil me a lot in almost everything.

May Wander Writing Competition: Travel Inspiration, Cathy Mendoza

You take care of me when I’m drunk, you buy me my favorite Starbucks coffee the next morning I have a hangover. How lucky am I to have someone like you around, someone I can always depend on whatever mood I have and never really lodges a complaint.

We did much enjoy each other’s company and there’s even no single dull moment in between. I want to thank you, you are the best person I’ve ever had. I don’t have to pretend because you accepted the real me, you never judged me for who I was but you were very glad for what I’ve become. Thank you. Thank you for making me stronger and more mature, and for bringing out the best in me. I so love how you made me who I am now and I know you’re happy too.

May Wander Writing Competition: Travel Inspiration, Cathy Mendoza

We’re not a couple, like real lovers. That is the saddest part. It’s ridiculous I know and I remembered you saying to me the first night we spent time together talking about your favorite football game and team and stuff, “I am not yet really into a long distance relationship. I live in Sweden. It’s very far.” And I contradicted your idea, I told you, “I just came from a long distance relationship, he lives in America and I live in the Philippines – a thousand miles away.” However, we didn’t talk much of relationships because we wanted to enjoy the moment. We knew and it was very clear from the very start that we never want to hurt each other and we’re both not ready for any commitments but to go on a bundle of happiness instead. So we never did.

Now, you’re back on the other side of the planet, your real world. We still keep in touch almost every day, so close yet so far away. On the other hand, we both knew that this is not yet the right time for us, but if the future permits, and if we ever meet again, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna be the luckiest and happiest girl in the world and again, we’ll make the best out of everything we have. Thank you for coming to my life, thanks to traveling, I met you and I hope you’ll always remember, you’re such a tease! 😉

travel and relationship the art of letting go

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5 thoughts on “Travel and Relationship: The Art of Letting Go

  1. Sad but very special indeed! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We understand how much you miss him. Best of luck to you both. May the Lord, who knows the secret of your heart, notices your deep longing. 🙂 God bless!

    1. hey there Glenda! Thanks for reading! it’s kinda sad but the story didn’t end there, there’s more! I hope you’ll read the next story! 🙂

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