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15 Best Things To Do in Zurich, Switzerland [With Suggested Day Trips]

By Kach Umandap March 5th, 2021 Posted in Europe Travel Blog, Travel Blog No comments

Are you planning to travel to Zurich, Switzerland soon? Read our tips below on the things to do in Zurich, Switzerland with suggested tours! You’ll surely have a lot of fun!

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland both by land area and population. Zurich has long been known for being an upmarket banking city and as Swiss financial capital. Its reputation for having a luxurious lifestyle made its name as one of the most expensive cities in the world.

15 Best Things To Do in Zurich, Switzerland
Rhiannon Elliott

Not only boasting with its eye-watering high-end shops, metropolitanized districts and deluxe chocolates, Zurich is also rich in historical and cultural areas. Set alongside Lake Zurich and framed by the Alps, this city is meant for indoor and outdoor exploration. 

15 Things that you should do and visit in Zurich, Switzerland

1. Old Town

Things To Do in Zurich Switzerland

This part of Zurich seeps with a long history written all over its medieval background. Colorful old houses, architecture, churches, canals and romantic narrow streets all narrate the significant story of Switzerland’s largest city. People can join the guided “Zurich Old Town Walking Tour” to learn more fascinating insights into this historic city center. 

Suggested Tour: Zurich Old Town Walking Tour

2. Lake Zurich

Things To Do in Zurich Switzerland

One of the most popular excursion destinations in the city, Lake Zurich offers a lot of outdoor activities like water sports, picnics, boat rides, sailing, food trips and more. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take a dip in its clear and clean water. Restaurants in the area offer regional and seasonal food for visitors to try. 

Suggested Tour: Zurich Tour Including Lake Cruise and Lindt Chocolate Factory Outlet

3. Zoo Zurich

15 Best Things To Do in Zurich, Switzerland
Photo by Michael Bernath CC BY-SA 2.0

Housing more than 300 animal species, Zurich Zoo is considered one of the best in Europe. They play an active role in conserving animals through breeding programs and relocation projects. Zurich Zoo has easy access to public transportation so there is no excuse not to see the wild and exotic animals and familiarize yourself in this educational institution for all ages. 

4. Grossmunster

15 Best Things To Do in Zurich, Switzerland
Vanessa Schmid

This romanesque-style Protestant church is one of the four major churches in Zurich. This landmark’s twin three-story tower dominates the view of the city’s layout. Historically and symbolically, this 12th-century church is significant to its people. 

Suggested Tour: 2-Hour Historical Walking Tour

5. Fraumunster Church

15 Best Things To Do in Zurich, Switzerland
Photo by Gordon Cheung CC BY 2.0

The stunning Fraumunster Church is well known for its colorful Chagall stained glass windows. Situated on the opposite side of the river to the Grossmünster, Fraumunster is “Women’s Church” in German translation. It is also one of the most prominent churches in Zurich, with a contrasting green steeple. People are attracted to its delightful features. 

Suggested Tour: Zurich Discovery Walking Tour

6. Landesmuseum

15 Best Things To Do in Zurich, Switzerland
Photo by Ethan Gruber CC BY-SA 2.0

The permanent collection showcases the past and present history of Switzerland. The Landesmuseum looks like a medieval castle from outside but quite modern in the inside. It has a wide variety of fascinating exhibits that entertain visitors while learning. 

Suggested Tour: Private Tuk-Tuk City Tour

7. Hauptbahnhof

15 Best Things To Do in Zurich, Switzerland
Photo by Stian Engen CC BY-SA 2.0

Zürich is a major railway hub, with services to and from across Switzerland and neighboring countries such as Germany, Italy, Austria, and France. Hauptbahnhof, also called Zurich HB, is the largest in the country and the busiest train station in the world. Inside is dotted with restaurants, shops, and cafes. Despite its enormous size, people can easily figure out its layout thanks to its well-organized signages. 

Inside its traditional architecture, is a very modern and well-equipped station. 

8. Opernhaus Zurich

15 Best Things To Do in Zurich, Switzerland
Photo by Paul Asman and Jill Lenoble CC BY 2.0

Situated on the edge of Old Town on the bank of Lake Zurich, this 19th-century opera house staged some of the best dramatic and musical events. Visitors can book a tour in advance to enjoy classical performances before going to a Christmas Market just across the opera house.

Suggested Tour: Zurich Highlights In A 2+ Hour Walking Tour Including Panoramic Views 

9. St. Peterskirche

The St. Peter Church is the oldest parish church in Zurich. This cathedral is known for having the largest clock face in Europe and one of the four main churches in the Old Town of Zürich. Though the interior is quite simple, it is still enticing in its way and a view overlooking the river. 

10. Uetliberg Mountain

15 Best Things To Do in Zurich, Switzerland
Photo by kuhnmi CC BY 2.0

The panoramic view of the city of Zurich is worth the hassle. The summit of this mountain is accessible by train. But if you seek adventure, you can hike up to the top. There are walking trail paths and water fountains and camping spots. At the top, there is a hotel named Uto Kulm and 2 observation towers.  


11. Bahnhofstrasse

Things To Do in Zurich Switzerland

Bahnhofstrasse is Zürich’s famous pedestrian street one of the world’s most expensive and exclusive shopping avenues. Strung along in this main downtown street are department stores, boutiques, jewelry shops and some of the world’s most important banks. Spell fabulous? Bahnhofstrasse. 

Suggested Tour: Zurich in a Nutshell: Guided Sightseeing Walk

13. Limmat

The crystal clear water of Limmat River is what makes visitors and locals pull out their swimwear. You can have a boat ride or simply walk along the banks and bridges to appreciate the refreshing beaut. 

Suggested Tour: Lake Zurich 1-Hour Private Guided Boat Tour

14. FIFA World Football Museum

15 Best Things To Do in Zurich, Switzerland
Photo by Daniel CC BY 2.0

The FIFA World Football Museum is a must-see for fans, it has a gallery dedicated to the history of football’s ultimate prize and collections. The FIFA World Football Museum shows the impact football has had on society, and how it is a source of inspiration for fans across the globe.

15. Botanical Garden

15 Best Things To Do in Zurich, Switzerland
Photo by Tambako The Jaguar CC BY-ND 2.0

This Botanical Garden of Zurich features a variety of plants from all around the world. It is an escape from the bustling life in the city. It is compact yet very relaxing. And the best thing is that it’s free! 

How to go to Zurich, Switzerland from the UK

Via easyJet: (one way)

*From LTN London Luton  to ZRH Zurich

Ticket price: $65

Via SWISS: (one way)

*From LHR London Heathrow to ZRH Zurich

Ticket price: $75

* Prices are subject to change. You can visit Skyscanner for more details about the ticket prices.

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