15 Things to do in Kenya, East Africa

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Among the countries that we’ve visited, Kenya is our favourite since not everyone gets a chance to visit the country. Kenya is a country in East Africa, it has an abundant wildlife, mountain highlands, Lakelands and rift valley.

1. Tour around Nairobi

Kenya’s capital and largest city is Nairobi. Tourists can explore the city’s famous historic sites as well as some excellent wildlife-related attractions. You can also buy beaded jewelry, Kenyan art and wood carvings as souvenirs!

Check out some of the cool and cheap tours you could do in Nairobi.

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We Love Kenya

2. Nairobi National Museum

A great one-stop spot to see exhibits on Kenya’s history, nature, culture, and contemporary art.

3. Visit Nairobi National Park

Kenya’s first national park, Nairobi National Park is a haven for wildlife. Visitors may spot lions, gazelles, buffaloes, warthogs, cheetahs, zebras, giraffes, ostriches and different types of birds. Nairobi’s skyscrapers can also be seen from the park.

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4. Help save the Elephants and Rhinos at the Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage

Elephant calves orphaned by poaching are brought here from all over the country. You can watch baby elephants play at the Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage, where orphaned elephants are hand reared before being released back into the wild. The elephant babies play around in their daily mud bath between 11 a.m. and noon. Visitors can commune with these lovable creatures as they frolic in the mud and drink from giant baby bottles.  If you are lucky enough, you can also play with several orphaned rhinos.  If you’ve fallen in love with an elephant or rhino you can foster one, starting from US$50 a year. This is a good centre for general information on Elephants and their Conservation.

Things to do in Kenya East Africa
Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage Photo

5. Feed Giraffes at the Giraffe Center

At the Giraffe Centre, visitors can come face to face with endangered Rothschild’s giraffes. The visitor center has a raised platform that allows visitors to feed them at eye level with specially prepared pellets. Hand feeding giraffes also educate people. Here You can see close at hand how they use their long tongues to remove leaves from acacia branches.

Things to do in Kenya East Africa
At the Giraffe Center

6. Gaze at the Great Rift Valley

Here the 2,000m- (6,560ft-) high escarpment walls plunge to the flat-bottomed valley floor below, which is dotted by a small string of volcanoes and brackish soda lakes. The valley is great for pictures and exploring.

Things to do in Kenya East Africa

7. Hike Through Hell’s Gate

The coolest thing about the park is that cycling and foot walking are permitted. Hell’s Gate offers excellent climbing and hiking opportunities with two extinct volcanoes. There you can see different types of rock formation.

8. Join Wildlife Safari and Experience Wildlife in its Natural Habitat

There’s nothing more famous about Kenya than going on a wildlife safari to one of the many national parks or reserves located throughout the country to catch a glimpse of the African Big 5 which includes lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino. Observing African animals in their natural habitat is a once in a lifetime experience.

Things to do in Kenya East Africa

9. Masai Mara National Reserve and Witness the Wildebeest Migration

It’s named after the red-cloaked Maasai people who live in the park and graze their animals here as they have done for centuries. Located at the Maasai Mara game reserve in Kenya, along with the Serengeti in Tanzania, it is one of the best places in Africa for seeing lion, cheetah and leopard. It is most famous for the annual wildebeest migration and dramatic crossing of the crocodile-infested Mara River. Every year from July – October you can witness the incredible migration of millions of wildebeest and zebra in search for food and water. The captivating event is one of the few natural land migrations that remain intact in the world today. The sound of the approaching herds is a deep, primal rumbling of thundering hooves and low grunts. Lions abound throughout the park as do leopards, cheetah, hyenas, giraffe, impala, wildebeest, topi, baboons, warthogs, buffalo, zebra, elephants, and of course hippos and crocodiles in the Mara River Balloon Safaris are also offered by some. This incredible once in a lifetime experience offers the visitor a fantastic view of the great plains of the Mara and the chance to drift over the great herds below.

Check out some of the cool and cheap tours you could do in Masai Mara.

Things to do in Kenya East Africa

10. Cultural Tours with the Maasai and Experience Maasai Culture

Learning about the culture and customs of other people is one of the great experiences of travelling. The image of a Maasai warrior is one of East Africa’s most recognisable images. Visiting a traditional Maasai village is frequently included in a safari package to the Maasai Mara.

While not really an authentic experience you may still learn something about the Maasai. Also, Maasai Tribe has their own way of killing goats traditionally, plus, you could learn the Maasai Dance!

Things to do in Kenya East Africa
Maasai, Maasai Warriors

11. Go wild at Lake Nakuru National Park

This park is one of Kenya’s best rhino sanctuaries. It is also dominated by a lake whose edges are frequently home to hundreds of thousands of shimmering pink flamingos that enjoy the alkaline waters of this shallow soda lake.

12. Bird and Hippo Sighting at Lake Naivasha

Lake Naivasha lies at the highest point of the Great Rift Valley. One of the best ways to view the wildlife is by boat. More than 1000 species of birds can be found here at Lake Naivasha. Eagles, vultures, hornbills, weavers, flamingos, ostriches and many others have been spotted here, including Hippos that slosh in the water

Things to do in Kenya East Africa

13. Eat Nyama Choma

Nyama choma, meaning “barbecued meat”, is Kenya’s unofficial national dish. Everyone that can afford meat in Kenya enjoys a good dose of Nyama Choma every now and then. Nyama choma is Kenya’s version of roasted meat on the grill. Carnivore restaurant in Nairobi offers rumps of beef, legs of lamb, chops, sausages, ribs, crocodile, ostrich, chicken livers and gizzards. Guests sit down and bring meat hanging off Maasai swords.

Things to do in Kenya East Africa

14. Nairobi Java House

For a great cup of coffee head to a branch of the Nairobi Java House, one of the best coffee chains on the continent. Try the nutty Kenyan AA blend, or the Ethiopian Coffee and pick up some beans to take home.

15. Enjoy a Matatu Ride

Climb aboard and hold on as the driver races his rivals through the city traffic.

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