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Hearing the word Africa sends a lot of people off, is it because of its poverty or its wild animals? The thing is, it is a huge continent. So this continent is not only about these things. It has a lot to offer; beautiful sceneries, amazing people, as well as interesting food. Not only that but even poverty issues and thrilling wild animals make Africa one of the most fascinating destinations in the world.

Travel Facts About Africa

Africa has a total of 54 countries and around 1.216 billion people. It is the second-largest continent in the world, just next to Asia. But other than these most common facts, Africa also has a lot of interesting facts that you might not know and will make you want to explore this continent more.

  1. The oldest and longest-lasting civilizations in the world are the Pharaonic Civilization of Ancient Egypt.
  2. The Sahara desert is the largest in the world and even larger than the USA.
  3. Some animals are only special in Africa and can only be found here. Those animals include chimpanzee, giraffe, zebra, as well as gorillas. 
  4. The Nile River which is the longest river in the world can be found in Africa.
  5. It had a 2% increase in tourism in 2014 according to the 2014 UN World Tourism Organization report. 
  6. Seychelles is a hidden gem in Africa and has the smallest population in the continent.
  7. Seychelles’ outer islands are less-visited among the island-country. It offers rock outcrops, coral reefs, nature reserves, stunning beaches, and a lot of species of wildlife. 
  8. The majority of travelers in Africa are from North America, Asia, and Europe. 
  1. Madagascar in the Indian Ocean is the fourth-largest island in the world. 
  2. The most popular tourist attractions here include:

Why You Should Visit Africa

It is common to hear people who have traveled to Europe or America. But I bet it’s not common for you to hear travelers who have been to Africa. With its incredible landscape, wildlife, as well as culture, it can prove that it is worth the visit.

Only in Africa can you experience the best Safari adventure! This continent is popular for having numerous wildlife species that can only be found here. The best example is the Kruger National Park wherein you can find zebras, lions, elephants, rhinos, giraffes, and more in their untamed world! 

Furthermore, this continent also offers colorful, coastal cities. Cape Town, South Africa’s capital, is one of the place’s most beautiful and colorful coastal cities. Head your way to Table Mountain for some really wonderful views. You can also go to the Clifton beaches for some relaxing dip in the water. Not only that but Mauritius also offers beautiful sunsets, stunning beaches, warm, gentle nights, and palm trees. So Africa is truly a place to visit for anyone who’s in for an exciting adventure!

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