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Beauty of Kuwait: Awesome Things to Do During Liberation Holiday

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor May 21st, 2022 Posted in Asia Travel Blog, Travel Blog, Travel Guides 21 Comments

Earlier this year marked my second Liberation Day in Kuwait, a time of the year when almost all Kuwaitis go out and have fun. It’s like Independence Day for a lot of us.

The whole country would have 2 days off and spend it with family or friends. The most prominent thing you would see at this time is the water guns held by both kids and adults alike. It’s their way of celebrating the occasion, much like how we, Filipinos, do during Pista ng San Juan. Because of this, a lot of people do not recommend going out of their homes, especially at night. Aside from the congested traffic, the people are sometimes a bit overeager when it comes to celebrating the occasion.

Liberation Day is a great time to explore Kuwait and go people-watching. It’s fun to see kids running around the seaside and even in the mall. It’s also entertaining to see the kind of water guns they have on hand. Somehow, it seems that the people here in Kuwait take getting other people wet seriously. The water guns they have are high-tech.

People say that there is nothing to see in Kuwait, but that is not entirely true. You can spend the day in other places aside from the mall. I was really lucky to find another explorer in Ate Ryza, one of my workmates. She also has wanderlust, and she wanted to spend Liberation Day out of the flat. So we put our heads together and looked for the places you can see here in Kuwait.

Day 1: House of Mirrors

Beauty in Kuwait 1
The residential house in the suburbs of Qadisiya. It is said that 77 tons of mirrors and 102 tons of white cement were used to create mirror mosaics that spanned the house both in and out.

On the first day of Liberation, Ate Ryza and I decided to go museum hopping. We wanted to see Kuwait’s history and what it had to offer. We found this charming, unique house off the internet. Most people do not even know it exists. It’s a house designed with mirrors. Although this can be considered a museum, you must first call to schedule an appointment as the house is still private property. It is very easy to find because light reflects from the building. That is how we were able to find it. We took a taxi early in the morning to avoid the traffic on the interstate and saw how the light reflected from the mirror designs on the house.

Beauty in Kuwait 2
The courtyard before you can get inside the house.

Upon entering the house, we were met by the owner herself. Mrs. Lidia al Qattan is an Italian-born sculptor, jeweler, and painter who married renowned Kuwaiti artist, Khalifa al Qattan. She is quite a unique character and very easy to talk to. If you enjoy history and listening to stories told by people who lived during that time, then you will enjoy talking to Mrs. Lidia. She has so many stories about her transition from Italy to Kuwait, and how the house started.

Beauty in Kuwait 3
Mrs. Lidia al – Qattan, owner, explained the history of the house and its inspiration.

When her daughter broke a mirror, superstitious beliefs say that you must throw it out, lest bad luck follows, but instead, Mrs. Lidia decided to recycle the mirror fragments. She designed a cabinet first. When her husband saw it, he was impressed and encouraged Mrs. Lidia by bringing back trinkets every time he would leave the country. It’s funny because Mrs. Lidia said that every time her husband comes back, he would find a different area of the house renovated. She cuts the mirror by hand and cements it to the walls, floors, and even the ceiling. I do not know how a lady like her was able to design the ceiling by herself.

Beauty in Kuwait 4
My travel buddy, Ryz Meris Li.
Beauty in Kuwait 9
Taking a bath in this shower would be another unique experience.
Beauty in Kuwait 5
The huge bird seemed to symbolize freedom, at least for me.
Beauty in Kuwait 6
I do not know how she was able to stick all the mirror fragments on the ceiling and the fan!

Each room of the house and each design has a story. Mrs. Lidia explains how each room came to be and the inspirations that influenced her to make the art. I especially liked the bathroom, the library, and the stairs. The tour took about an hour or two. The last leg of the journey introduces you to art therapy where you sit in a darkened room and meditate, and where you can have fun by throwing art around.

Beauty in Kuwait 9
Taking a bath in this shower would be another unique experience.
Beauty in Kuwait 10
Selfie in the bathroom!
Beauty in Kuwait 11
Unique art made by both Mrs. Lidia and her husband
Beauty in Kuwait 11
Art therapy.

This is an activity to share so if you plan to go, it is best to go with your friends. Expect to be served tea or juice and some yummy, homemade sponge cake. The honey lemon juice is the best. We asked for the recipe.

Beauty of Kuwait Awesome Things to Do During Liberation Holiday
Photo by Marco Verch CC BY 2.0

During the holiday season, it is hard to get transportation back to your accommodations, so if you plan to go, I suggest you bring your transportation, or else you might find yourself walking. We were very lucky to meet two kind, and generous American women who we found out were also touring Kuwait. We asked if we could have a ride and discovered that they were also going to the same place we were planning to go. Unfortunately, we found out that the Grand Mosque and the National Museum were closed during the holiday seasons. So we still ended up in the mall for lunch, where apparently, all people must go during the holidays. It was a wonderful day, even though we were not able to go to the mosque or the museum.

Monkey Dividers

Check out some of the cool and cheap tours you could do in the Grand Mosque.

Beauty of Kuwait Awesome Things to Do During Liberation Holiday (2)
Photo by Alex Europa CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Day 2: The Desert

Beauty of Kuwait Awesome Things to Do During Liberation Holiday
Photo by European Southern Observatory CC BY 2.0

Of course, a holiday in the Middle East is not complete if you don’t go to the desert! It was the first time for me to go. A Filipino family who went to church with us picked us up early in the morning. We would be going to a birthday celebration by a Kuwaiti who married a Filipina and they invited everyone from work and church. I was giddy with excitement, I imagined huge dunes and wild camels. Unfortunately, there were no camels or even huge dunes, but there were some very authentic Arabian tents. I thought that kind of tent existed only in the movies. Imagine my surprise to find out that reality still beat all the special effects. When I entered the tent, there were comfortable sofas and even rugs. I briefly wondered if they were Persian rugs.

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Beauty in Kuwait 15
Fun and games as we enjoy the desert outdoors.
Beauty of Kuwait Awesome Things to Do During Liberation Holiday (4)
Photo by Hans Permana CC BY-NC 2.0
Beauty in Kuwait 16
Ate Ryz inside the awesome, comfortable Arabian tent.
Beauty of Kuwait Awesome Things to Do During Liberation Holiday (5)
Photo by Skinnyde CC BY-NC 2.0

The whole day was full of fun and games. We played football, exchanged stories, and ate food. Seriously, the food was great. Later in the day, they suddenly took out these 4-wheeled buggies. I didn’t even know what they were called. The kids knew more about how to drive the vehicles than I did, and I’m an adult. It was the first time I ever rode in something like that. It was fun trying to learn how to drive it.

Beauty in Kuwait 18
Trying to figure out how to drive the strange vehicle!
Beauty in Kuwait 19
Finally figured it out!
Beauty of Kuwait Awesome Things to Do During Liberation Holiday (6)
Photo by Andrew Fackler CC BY-NC 2.0

At the end of the day, we went to the desert oasis. It is amazing to find a body of water in the middle of the desert. You can just imagine how the people of old felt when they trekked miles upon miles of sand and found water. There were no cars or other transportation then. The only way to get from one point to another is to ride a camel, horse, mule, or walk. We are lucky today that we have vehicles that run, and water to drink without looking for a well.

Beauty in Kuwait 21
My travel buddies at the desert oasis.
Things to Do in Kuwait
The fresh, life-giving oasis, a miracle in the desert.

The Liberation Holidays were enjoyable. Although there are almost no trees or even forests like what we have in the Philippines, Kuwait has a beauty of its own. One just has to go out looking for the beauty to discover it.

Beauty in Kuwait 24
The beauty of the sunset in the desert.

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About the Writer:

Kuwait-Hazel Kim DizonHazel Kim Dizon. A nurse working in Kuwait. I dream of one day writing my novel and traveling the world. Born and raised in the Philippines. I love eating, reading, collecting more books, people watching, and God willing. I am planning to go to Europe soon and visit South America.

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21 thoughts on “Beauty of Kuwait: Awesome Things to Do During Liberation Holiday

  1. Wonderful pictures. I am moving to Abu Dhabi in two weeks and once I am there I would love to travel to Kuwait. The house of Mirrors looks pretty, I would def want to visit that.

  2. Oh the House of Mirrors is just stunning – such a beautiful place. I love how your photos really take us there. Kaz x

  3. I’d absolutely love to visit the house of mirrors! What a beautiful place, and so quirky too. It must have been amazing to hear all about it’s history too. x

  4. Kuwait comes across as a wonderful place with so much to see and explore. The Mirror house is fascinating with its intricate mosaic of mirrors. The desert and its wild beauty is another thing which is hauntingly beautiful.

  5. I hate shopping malls, so it’s good that there are some alternatives 🙂 I would definitely go to the desert!

  6. The mirror house is really amazing. I love the creativity that this lady has displayed. Really a novel idea with some lovely designs. Thanks for sharing this unique piece with us.

  7. How refreshing to see a post on Kuwait, a destination truly not known as a tourist destination.

    Thanks so much for sharing your adventures.

    I’m not sure if you noticed, but the photo captioned “Taking a bath in this shower would be another unique experience” appears twice in the post 😉

  8. This is great. Kuwait is not a on the top travel destination in my circle but it looks like a place that should not be missed out or underestimated. I would therefore love to make a trip here, even solo if need be,

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