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Consists of 49 countries, Asia is the largest continent in the world and it’s also the most populous. Each country here offers a different culture, heritage, tradition, religion, food, and tourist destinations. For this reason, it became one of the most popular travel destinations for travelers outside its territory. So let’s now explore what Asia has to offer for everyone. 

What is Asia Known For?

Aside from being the largest continent on earth, Asia is also popular for producing world-famous athletes, singers, artists, and many more. Not only that but its unique culture that is really different from the west is the number one factor why foreign tourists are really interested in exploring the countries here.

One great example is Asia’s love for rice. Asians love rice so much that it is actually a staple food. Some countries in Asia even use rice to create another dish. Some also mix it with other food to make a delicious meal. In the Philippines, Filipinos even have the popular joke phrase “Rice is life” which denotes that no one can live without rice.

Places to Visit in Asia

When it comes to popular places that you can visit in Asia, of course, it has a lot. And each country always has at least one place that is popular all over the world. Some of the best examples are; Tokyo in Japan, Beijing in China, Seoul in South Korea, Bangkok in Thailand, Singapore, Siem Reap in Cambodia, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Taipei in Taiwan, Cebu in the Philippines, Dubai in UAE, Maldives, Bali in Indonesia, New Delhi in India, and many more! The amazing thing is every country you will visit offers amazing experiences and knowledge about a lot of things. 

If you’re a fan of beaches, well some of the best and most beautiful beaches and islands can be found in Asia. If you like modern cities and technology, of course, you can also find it here. Interested in history? Asia is one of the best places as it played a big role in world history. This continent is surely a place for anything you’re looking for.

Popular Cuisine in Asia

As mentioned, different Asian countries offer different cuisines. Each has its own distinct taste and preparation. And we all know that Asian foods are just some of the most delicious dishes that exist. Most of them are also healthy. Some of the most popular Asian cuisines that you can literally find everywhere in the world are Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, and Korean cuisine. These cuisines vary depending on the country. And yes, most of them include rice and noodles. Yum!

Overall Thoughts About Asia

I don’t think we still need to convince you why you should go and explore Asia. Given the fact that it is very easy to travel from country to country (since most countries here only require land travel), it is also absolutely cheaper than in most Western countries! Well, except in East Asia where it’s considered a bit expensive compared with other Asian countries. This continent will surely give you an amazing experience like never before!

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