10 Simple Travel Hacks for Hassle-Free Trip

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Of course, who doesn’t want a trouble-free odyssey? At times, unforeseen events during travels make or break the entire story of our journey – delayed flight, security checks, lost boarding pass, the cluttered mess in your bag, unplanned itinerary, and more. So to keep you from all the worries, cold sweats, and inconvenience along the way, here are some of the travel hacks for hassle-free travel!

1. Get through airport security with the perfect shoes.

10 Simple Travel Hacks for Hassle Free Trip

Removing shoes at the airport security can be a bit annoying for some, worse case if you’re running late for that boarding time! It would be better if you just wear slip-on shoes instead of shoes with complicated buckles, laces, and straps. It’s definitely a convenient way to pass through security, fast and easy! In addition, be prepared and alert – take off belt, watch, and jacket to get through the checking as fast as possible. Better be prepared than being hassled.

2. Keep your things organized whilst on the road with ‘Packing Cubes’

If you are having trouble with packing light and organizing things, then packing cubes can be of great help in your case. Locate stuff easily with these stackable bags! Save ample space on your luggage with these lightweight organizers, of various sizes, keeping your belongings perfectly tidy and well-organized.

3. Grab the lowest airfare!

Flying Business Class from Montenegro to Philippines with Turkish Airlines

The best way to keep up to date with the latest airline promos is to follow news and alerts through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Check multiple dates (if the website has a calendar view, better look into it) and immediately book with your preferred travel dates. If planning to purchase fare via the payment center, book your flight in the morning so you won’t miss the cut-off. Book in small quantities to get a higher chance of booking into that limited flight slots.

4. Make life so much easier with free handy travel apps.

10 Simple Travel Hacks for Hassle Free Trip
Photo by William Hook on Unsplash

Travel apps definitely come in handy all throughout your journey, especially when it’s free! From planning your travel itinerary, checking things to do in the city, finding the cheapest flight deals, searching for a decent place to stay, and everything that is necessary for that hassle-free travel, the web has abounding travel apps to choose from.

One great example of a useful app is Traveloka. With over 6 million users, this great application enables users to search for the best-priced hotels and even the cheapest flight around the Philippines and South East Asia. Price honesty, what you see is what you’ll pay, as the total charge has no booking cost, inclusive taxes with no hidden fees. It offers an extensive way to search for the best deals with secured online transaction, fast and definitely hassle-free.

Booking flights or hotels could only eat up 5 minutes at most. If booking for a flight, all you need is to search for the desired flight, choose flight details (airline, schedule, fares, etc.), complete contact information and passenger details, proceed with the payment, and lastly, get your e-ticket which will be sent thru email.

For hotel bookings, all you have to do is provide your destination of choice or the hotel name with the duration of your stay, pick your preferred hotel, choose the number of room and the room type, complete the contact information and guest details, proceed with the payment and lastly, receive your hotel voucher which will be sent thru email.

Payment is fast and easy as well. All you have to do is complete the form and tick the ‘Pay’ button. Traveloka accepts Visa and MasterCard credit cards, and note that all credit card transactions are well protected by Secure Socket Layer of RapidSSL (Verisign Group) authorized technology. Just wait for an hour (at most) and you will receive an email as confirmation of your booking.

5. Travel better and more efficiently with a carry-on bag.

A life of travel becomes easy with a small bag at your side. Keep all necessary paperwork,  important belongings (cash, pocket camera, phone), and medication in just one carry-on bag. Worst case scenario, during long flights with multiple stopovers, bags tend to get delayed or lost on the long haul, so better pack a fresh change of clothes, just to be prepared and be sure!

6. Pack smart with your meds and Doctor’s prescription.

10 Simple Travel Hacks for Hassle Free Trip
Photo by Kristine Wook on Unsplash

Your own travel aid kit is definitely an important travel essential to keep, especially if you’re taking prescribed medicines. Pack smart by bringing some of these essentials (Paracetamol, Mefenamic Acid, Antihistamine, Anti-motion sickness medicine, antibacterial hand wipes or alcohol-based hand sanitizer, band-aid, antiseptic, and your own prescribed medications). Bear in mind that name on the label of the prescription medication should match with the name on your boarding pass, or the name of someone traveling in your care.

7. Arrange your hassle-free Transpo pick-up in advance.

It’s definitely less-stressful travel with an airport transportation service ready, especially for solo travelers. Make your trip comfy and save the time upon landing by arranging your own transportation pick-up ahead of time. You can choose between booking a car service or if you prefer to save money, search for public transportation options.

8. Travel easily with your mobile boarding pass.

If you are not checking bags, save your time and effort by doing the simple yet fast online check-in! Once checked in, you have the option to print your boarding pass or go paperless and download it on your mobile phone. Just make sure the bar code is visible upon security check. And don’t forget to bring at least one photo I.D. for domestic travel and your passport for international travel. Keep your boarding pass and forms of identification within easy access at the security checkpoint. Arrive on time before the boarding gate opens. For domestic flights, try to arrive 60 minutes before boarding time, and 90 minutes for international flights.

9. Know your rights during delayed air travel.

Health and Safety Guidelines of Hotels or Accommodations in the Philippines
Photo by Phil Mosley on Unsplash

During the not so lucky travel days where your flight has been canceled, it is very vital that a passenger knows his/her right. Better check with the airline reservation service if there’d be other flights they can get you on. Don’t follow the airline’s direction, get in the queue, and just hope for the best. Pick up the phone and call the airline right away. If you have airline lounge access, try to find help there too. Also, a great answer to hassle-free travel during this worst scenario is to get insured. Extra costs but a total guarantee that whatever trouble might have been encountered will be easier to solve.

10. Last but not the least, be polite at all times.

Beijing, China Three Day Itinerary5

Last but definitely not least; be courteous, even when others are rude. Do not let them take the positive vibes away from you. Also, try to learn and understand the politeness etiquette rules in each country destination like a strong handshake can be seen as unfriendly in the Philippines, public kissing and holding hands in Dubai is illegal, insulting the royal family in Thailand is against the law and more). Be a responsible traveler and respect the cultural diversity, customs, and traditions of each country you visit.

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