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Luxury Hotel Review: Sense Beach House, Miami Beach, Florida

By Kach Umandap June 11th, 2016 Posted in Luxury Hotel Review, Travel Blog 20 Comments

Sense Beach House has one of the best locations if you are planning to have a memorable vacation at Miami, Florida. Apart from its already amazing facilities, you get to enjoy the shops, nightclubs, restaurants and of course, the jaw – dropping beach which are just few steps away from the hotel.

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Luxury Hotel Review: Sense Beach House, Miami Beach, FloridaUpon reaching the property, you will immediately feel the warm and inviting vibe of the whole place. Checking in is a breeze and that creates a great impression to any traveler visiting Miami. And with that impression, I guess you already know what to expect from our Sense Beach. You can find more details about the property on their website.


For those who have been following us, you know well that as much as we enjoy luxurious resorts and spas, we can handle some of the cheapest hostels out there. After all, that’s where we started. With our travel background, you can say that we are not really after the lavish facilities and high –end services. But of course, we are grateful and we enjoy every wine and buffet we could get our hands (or mouth) into. However, for us, it is the people that makes our stay worth sharing to our readers.Luxury Hotel Review: Sense Beach House, Miami Beach, Florida
In Sense Beach House, the people are very friendly and helpful. They are also pretty attentive to our needs, which makes us feel extra special. We are sure they do the same with all their guests. So if you plan to stay at Sense Beach House, prepare to be pampered. And if you want to get some fresh local scoops, their staff would be willing to share with you interesting stories like a true childhood friend from your neighborhood.

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There are two choices for your accommodation. One is the Blue Room and the other one is the Sand Room. Well, it doesn’t matter which room type you choose because both are stunning in their own ways.

Luxury Hotel Review: Sense Beach House, Miami Beach, FloridaBlue Room

Can’t get enough water from the beach? Then the Blue Room might be a better option for you. The rooms are painted blue (hence the room name) which will remind you of the waves and will keep you relaxed during your entire stay.

Sand Room

But if you want to have that feel of the sand between your toes, we recommend the Sand Room. Similar to the Blue Room, it is very relaxing and calming. Regardless of which room you will take, you get to enjoy plush bedding, perfect after spending the entire day riding the waves and walking along Ocean Drive. Plus, the lavish toiletries would make you want to stay in the showers for hours! That doesn’t stop there. You will also get these following features.

Luxury Hotel Review: Sense Beach House, Miami Beach, Florida

  • 46 – inch flat screen TV (Because you have to watch that basketball match)
  • Minibar (So you can take photos of yourself sipping wine, in your robe – on your balcony)
  • Free Wi-Fi (Because as bloggers, we need it!)
  • In – room safe deposit box
  • Ocean view king with Balcony
  • City view king
  • Ocean view double with balcony

Luxury Hotel Review: Sense Beach House, Miami Beach, FloridaMonkey Dividers


A lot of our readers say that we are gaining weight. Well, it doesn’t come as a surprise because we have been eating great food from each place we’ve been to. There is no way I’m going to miss delicious delicacies while on the road! And The Local House is not an exemption.

Luxury Hotel Review: Sense Beach House, Miami Beach, Florida

Luxury Hotel Review: Sense Beach House, Miami Beach, Florida

Luxury Hotel Review: Sense Beach House, Miami Beach, Florida

Luxury Hotel Review: Sense Beach House, Miami Beach, Florida

Luxury Hotel Review: Sense Beach House, Miami Beach, FloridaThe Local House is the hotel’s restaurant which serves brunch, lunch and dinner. You can choose from the wide array of wines and signature cocktails alongside the mouthwatering menu. Since you are near the beach, you might as well try the seafood platters. Just make sure you have room for a lot of food in your stomach, because you will definitely need it.

Luxury Hotel Review: Sense Beach House, Miami Beach, Florida

Luxury Hotel Review: Sense Beach House, Miami Beach, Florida

Other Amenities

Miami is a great place to make friends considering that it has a large number of tourists. That being said, you can go outside of your own rooms once in a while to spend time in Sense Beach House’s Social areas. They have the Oasis, Veranda and the Playroom.

Luxury Hotel Review: Sense Beach House, Miami Beach, FloridaOasis

No matter what time of the day, you will appreciate what Oasis has to offer. During the day, you can get a quick dip in the pool and at night, get a bit romantic and gaze at the stars.


You know that ‘picture- perfect’ mornings in movies? You can have that at the veranda. Read the news while sipping hot coffee, or try to talk to other guests about your travel plans. It’s very cozy and you get to have a breath of fresh air.


Release the kid within and play few rounds of Ping-Pong. What about a game of foosball? It doesn’t matter if you are good at it. What matters is that you are having fun. Why don’t you compete with other travelers and make instant friends? Or maybe, challenge them with board and card games.

Luxury Hotel Review: Sense Beach House, Miami Beach, FloridaMonkey Dividers


Like any other hotels near the beach, it’s best to get the beach – facing rooms so you can enjoy both the facilities and the view. It’s like having the best of both worlds. And don’t forget to take a lot of photos. Get your friends inspired to travel more and get a tan.

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Casa Casuarina

While you can’t go inside the mansion built by Gianni Versace, you can still take loads of photos of its exterior. It’s also known to be one of the most photographed sites in Ocean Drive. Don’t forget to strike the best pose.

Art Deco Welcome Center

If you want to get to know more of Miami, then visiting Art Deco Welcome Center is a must. You can have guided walks, private tours and lectures which will allow you to see and embrace what Miami has to offer its visitors.

Lummus Park

The place may look familiar because it has been used in a number of movies. Well, they have valid reasons for doing so. It’s a nice beach where you can enjoy the waters, the sand and even do a bit of walking while enjoying the sight of palm trees.

Food Trucks

Who says you have to spend so much on food? If the food from The Local House is not enough to fill your cravings (I doubt this), then go out the Ocean Drive and buy all sorts of goodies from Food Trucks. It’s okay to get messy!

Note: We were invited guests by the hotel and all opinions and text are all mine!

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Luxury Hotel Review: Sense Beach House, Miami Beach, Florida

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20 thoughts on “Luxury Hotel Review: Sense Beach House, Miami Beach, Florida

  1. The rooms in the hotel are perfectly taught. With the names and the locations you can stay at, choose the most that fits your taste.

  2. This looks like the perfect place to stay in Miami as you describe the convenience to shops, nightclubs, restaurants and the beach.

  3. What an amazing place to visit! I wish I were in Florida and in this hotel! So luxurious and beautiful! Love the veranda and food photos!

  4. yu definitely treated yourself! This place looks so great. Wish i can go there even more so because it’s in Miami!!

  5. i live in west palm beach so this just a couple of cities down from me.btw WIndwood wall is defenitly a absolutl must when down in miami!

  6. Wow this looks amazing! Very luxurious for what I’m used to when travelling. I especially like the veranda!

  7. When I finally go to USA I would love to visit Florida, so this is an interesting post for me. 🙂 I love walls full of stickers too, so this is definitely a place I would like! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  8. That room looked so peaceful and relaxing. i can so do with that right now in the middle of writing a dissertation. 😛

  9. My husband and I loves travelling and Florida is one on the list! Thanks for the recommendation! Will definitely have to check it out if we’re heading to Miami. The pictures of the food you take is mouth watering!!!

  10. That’s a really lovely hotel and the rooms are really nice and comfy! I love that there are themed rooms as well. The place looks great all in all and it would be a delight to stay here!

  11. I love the casual laid-back vibe of this place. It looks like somewhere I need to go for a chill getaway.

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