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Top Five Reasons Why You Should Visit Dubai, UAE

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor May 18th, 2017 Posted in Destination, Travel Blog, Travel Guides 11 Comments

Dubai is one of the few cities in the Middle East that are very open to welcoming tourists. However, it must be noted that with the allowance comes the responsibility to be sensitive to the Islamic ways that are dominant and respected in Dubai. It is one of the seven municipalities comprising the United Arab Emirates. Situated in the east of the Arabian Peninsula and southwest of the Arabian Gulf, the city, is most celebrated for its constant sunshine, stunning coastline, and vast deserts, among others.

A Filipino Tourist in the UAE 5-day itinerary on my first visit to Dubai -Abu Dhabi 27

Dubai takes pride in its good enforcement of law and order all throughout the city. Visitors will feel safe and secure while exploring the area at any given time of day. Ultimately, although Dubai is considered a safe travel destination, it is still imperative to be cautious of yourself, your belongings, and the surroundings.

The city is solo traveller-friendly as much as it is family-friendly, you can also check about different Dubai Holidays  and Dubai Tours from reputable travel agencies. Also, the municipality is very strict with regard to community regulations, especially with food handlers’ hygiene and overall food safety. So you’re all good! 

Here are our Top Five Reasons Why You Should Visit Dubai

1. For experience

Home to record-holding structures like the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, and Miracle Garden.

Top Five Reasons Why You Should Visit Dubai, UAE
Photo by Maher Najm 1.0

The beauty of Dubai knows no bounds. With its strength rooting from ambitious leadership and innovative minds, Dubai has countlessly proved to the world that there is truth in Sheikh Mohammed’s statement: “In Dubai, we don’t wait for things to happen. We make them happen.”

  • Experience the old

Dubai has a rich history that will give any visitor a feel of the traditional Arabic culture. A popular historic attraction is the Dubai Museum. Located inside Al Fahidi Fort, one of Dubai’s oldest structures, the museum is home to important artifacts and inspiring stories that make up the city’s modest roots.

Bastakiya is also one of the go-to places for a trip to the olden times. It is most known for its wind towers designed to provide air conditioning in the dry city in the past. It now houses several art galleries and various shops.

  • Experience the new

People who are asked about any landmark that they equate with Dubai will probably give a resounding ‘Burj Khalifa.’ Offering a view of the city like no other, the tallest building in the world gives visitors a glimpse of how much the city has changed in the past years.

Top Five Reasons Why You Should Visit Dubai, UAE
Photo by Sam valadi CC BY 2.0

Another top-of-mind architecture is the Burj Al Arab. Majestically standing on a man-made ground amidst the sea, the hotel is best known for its unique structure and lavish interiors.

2. For shopping

Top Five Reasons Why You Should Visit Dubai, UAE
Photo by Liji Jinaraj CC BY-SA 2.0
  • Dubai Shopping Festival, GITEX, tax-free

Being tax-free definitely, has its rewards. Dubai offers a shopping experience like no other. From global brands to unique finds, the city’s shopping scene is one good reason enough to visit this glamorous side of the world.

  • Shop in the old

Souks, which means ‘market’ in Arabic, thrive in the area. There are dedicated souks for textiles, fabrics, spices, and for gold, among others. Two of the most famous souks are the Spice Souk and the Gold Souk. The Spice Souk offers a variety of different herbs and spices while the Gold Souk provides unbeatable deals on its fine-crafted jewelry.

  • Shop in the new

For a modern shopping experience, Dubai sure has a lot to offer. The city is where you will find Dubai Mall, the largest shopping mall in the world. Apart from shops and restaurants, the Dubai Mall houses a towering aquarium, a huge ice rink, and an indoor amusement center. It also features the Dubai Fountain wherein shows are being played by schedule. The fountain features world-class light and sound synchronization which, they say, can be viewed from the moon.

Top Five Reasons Why You Should Visit Dubai, UAE
Photo by Fabio Achilli CC BY 2.0

Another prominent shopping destination is the Mall of the Emirates. One of MOE’s key attractions is the Ski Dubai where you will find the largest indoor ski slope in the planet.

  • Shopping Festivals

There are three major shopping events in Dubai that are anticipated by visitors and residents alike. The first and most prestigious of the three is the Dubai Shopping Festival. It is held during the month of January. The festival is famous for its huge discounts and incomparable bargains. The second one, Dubai Summer Surprises, takes place every summer. It offers drop-down rates for different purchases as well. The third festival is the GITEX; a technology-themed exposition held every October. It offers gadget bargains and package deals exclusively available only in the said event.

3. For entertainment and adventure

Up in the air

  • Go skydiving with Skydive Dubai. Tick one box from your bucket list and go skydiving with the Skydive Dubai team. Feel the adrenaline rush as you dive amidst the grandeur of the Palm Jumeirah and the Dubai Marina views. Tandem jumps start at 1,999 AED. For more details, visit skydubai.ae.

A Filipino Tourist in the UAE 5-day itinerary on my first visit to Dubai -Abu Dhabi 19

  • Ride a hot air balloon with the Balloon Adventures Emirates. Explore the vast dunes and enjoy an aerial view of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. Perfect for individuals with a penchant for breathtaking sunrises, peaceful moments and natural wonders, the ballooning activity is definitely worth experiencing. Price starts at 995 AED per person. Click on ballooning.ae for other information.

On sandy grounds

A Filipino Tourist in the UAE 5-day itinerary on my first visit to Dubai -Abu Dhabi 21

  • Experience the world-renowned Dubai Desert Safari. Book an unforgettable moment at the desert. Activities include dune bashing, camel riding, and sandboarding. There are also shops that offer henna tattoos and city souvenirs. Cap off your experience with belly dancing, barbecue, and shisha. This activity may be booked for daytime or nighttime, but most visitors recommend the desert safari at night. This activity is widely offered by a lot of tour agencies in the city.

Under the sea

Top Five Reasons Why You Should Visit Dubai, UAE
Photo by salis- CC BY 2.0
  • Explore water wonders at the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. Located on the ground floor of the Dubai Mall, the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is the largest suspended aquarium in the world. It is home to thousands of sea creatures, including the biggest collection of tiger sharks all over the world. Package starts at 100 AED, depending on which activities you would like to experience. Children below three years of age are free of charge. For more details, visit thedubaiaquarium.com.
  • Enjoy the Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark. Rides, slides, sharks and so much more await you at the best waterpark in Dubai. The Aquaventure Waterpark is situated in the prestigious The Palm, the world’s largest man-made island. Park fee starts at 250 AED. For bookings and best rates, check out atlantisthepalm.com

Snow in the desert

Top Five Reasons Why You Should Visit Daubai, UAE
Photo by Timo Tervo CC BY-SA 2.0
  • Go skiing at Ski Dubai. Take a tour of the Mall of the Emirates and visit the Middle East’s first indoor ski resort. Ski Dubai offers year-round snow right in the desert city, with the ambience perfect for skiing, snowboarding or simply playing in the snow. A pass to some popular attractions in the ski center is priced at 250 AED, while a full day of fun costs 500 AED. Search for Ski Dubai at theplaymania.com for more options.

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4. For food

Top Five Reasons Why You Should Visit Dubai, UAE
Photo by Kimon Berlin CC BY-SA 2.0

Dubai is popularly dubbed as a melting pot of cultures. When people of different nationalities come and reside in the city, they have not only their luggage in tow; they also bring in their food, among other cultural gems. Visitors and locals alike are spoiled with an array of cuisines that cater to any tastebud.

Because of the vast history of trade in Dubai, the flavor distinct to the city is widely influenced by the countries who actively brought in and practiced business in the city. Some spices that dominate any traditional Emirati menu include cardamom, saffron, cinnamon, and turmeric.

5. For relaxation

Enjoy playing your favorite sport or treating yourself to your preferred recreational activity while in Dubai. The city boasts of its location and climate being perfect for different outdoor activities such as golf, dune driving, and windsurfing. Alternatively, there are also lots of indoor facilities that promote relaxation such as spas and other wellness centers.

Top Five Reasons Why You Should Visit Daubai, UAE
Photo by Oiva Eskola CC BY 2.0

For a quick escape from the fast-paced lifestyle of Dubai, head over to the city’s well-known beaches, with most of them accessible by public transport. Some of the go-to shores include:

  • Kite Beach – Activities in the area include kitesurfing and stand-up paddling. The beach also offers a fantastic view of the Burj Al Arab.
  • Sunset Beach – Located near Kite Beach, this beach offers a good view of the Arabian Gulf. It is a recommended venue for people looking for a quiet place to just lounge under the sun while reading a good book.
  • Jumeirah Open Beach – The open area is suitable for strolling, jogging and sunbathing. Visitors and residents alike go here for a simple day out at the beach.
  • Al Mamzar Beach – The beach is perfect for bikers, joggers, and picnic goers. Al Mamzar is a typical venue for fun runs and family gatherings.
  • JBR Beach – Ultimate Frisbee, parasailing, and banana boating are some of the things that you can do in this area. Located near Dubai Marina and Skydive Dubai, the beach offers a view of the towering structures on one side, and of skydivers playing with the winds on the other.

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This article is written in collaboration with Emirates Holidays! =)

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  2. Experience oman and drive the highest mountain of gulf Jabel al Shams and drive the stip mountain going to jabal akdar.The five star hotel will accomodate u there in jabal akdar and some 4 star hotel too in Shams.Experience trekking and its fun Knowing the way of life of the locals up there. Visit bidiya driving in dessert and an overnight stay in the middle of the dessert where there are hotel tents offering good breakfast ,lunch and dinner if u like to make away from chaotic life……visit Muscat ,Nizwa, salalah and many more .Dhowe cruising in oman ..Too many activities.

    1. Your currency is very strong and so with the exchange rate, it will cost way more to travel to Oman and Kuwait, than to say Dubai, Iraq, Lebanon or Egypt for instance. or Tunisia.

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