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Luxury Hotel Review: Raffles Hotel, Dubai, UAE

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor August 21st, 2022 Posted in Asia Travel Blog, Luxury Hotel Review, Travel Blog 33 Comments

“In Dubai, we do not wait for things to happen. We make them happen.”

This quote, written in Arabic, is displayed in the bustling Sheikh Zayed Road, along with the pleasant photograph of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Makhtoum. Far from the blank sandy canvas that it was years ago, Dubai continues to attract the world’s attention by its constant pursuit of the limitless and the improbable. True to its leader’s remark, the city successfully manages to surpass expectation upon expectation – from building the world’s tallest structure on its sandy grounds to housing the biggest flower garden amidst the dry climate.


Luxury Hotel Review: Raffles Hotel, Dubai, UAE


It is a word that always comes to mind when asked to describe Dubai. Such term is appropriate in describing one of Dubai’s prized jewels, Raffles Hotel.

Strategically set in the heart of the city, the beauty of Raffles is hard to miss. With its pyramid-like structure adorned with intricate Egyptian architectural accents, the luxurious hotel’s ambiance is definitely a feast to one’s eyes.

Luxury Hotel Review: Raffles Hotel, Dubai, UAE

Location: 13th Street, Sheikh Rashid Road, Wafi City

Accessibility from the Airport: The hotel is a quick 10-minute car ride from the Dubai International Airport.

Booking: You can book this hotel in advance through Booking.com or Agoda. You may also visit the Raffles Dubai homepage.


Raffles is known for its excellent customer service worldwide. From its beginnings on Singapore grounds, the hotel chain has made a name for itself as an indispensable experience to the well-traveled.

Luxury Hotel Review: Raffles Hotel, Dubai, UAE

The best bartender in town

Call it subjective – call it anything you wish, but it is with utmost confidence that I say there is truth in the ever-so-positive reviews about Raffles on Tripadvisor, among other prominent websites of reference out there. There is something quite distinct and genuine with the hotel’s brand of service that makes a guest feel the warmth and sincerity resonating in every gesture shown, in every smile given, and in every extra mile exemplified.

From the courteous assistance of Ismail as we alighted from the car to the pleasant well-wishes of Natalie at the front desk, the staff sure has a way of making a guest feel welcome. All procedures were smoothly executed; good and effective training is evident in the way each personnel assumes his respective role. Up until the suite check-in with Lena, everything was hassle-free.

Luxury Hotel Review: Raffles Hotel, Dubai, UAE

One may be quick to judge that people from the front of the house may have been extra caring simply because there is scrutiny in progress. I shall beg to disagree. Theirs is a kind of service that is felt, appreciated and enjoyed.

Come dinner time, it did not surprise me anymore to continually receive the same positive atmosphere from Ashu of Crossroads as soon as I got a glance of him from his workstation.

“It will be my pleasure to give you recommendations from our extensive menu,” he said, clearly going out of his comfort zone from the beverage section and ushering us to a comfortable seat in order to keep the good rapport going.

And then there is Dennis, a man of blending skills and bottomless stories. Displaying good product knowledge and inventive characteristics, he made the night extra special with his signature drinks and refreshing house blends.

Luxury Hotel Review: Raffles Hotel, Dubai, UAE

The word ‘best’ may just be overdoing it a little, but truly no other superlative can come close to describing the awesome server that is Z.

“Don’t bother knowing the whole name, even my mother-in-law is having a hard time memorizing it,” he playfully remarked.

Take the hotel’s customer service excellence and top it with Z’s infectious zest for his line of work, and you have the best bartender in Dubai – and I am ready to be proven otherwise. He (along with his perfect concoction of the Singapore Sling) is reason enough to pay Raffles a visit when in the city. 



Luxury Hotel Review: Raffles Hotel, Dubai, UAE

Overview: Space, elegance and functionality merge to create a suite well-apt for working travelers like yours truly. Upon entering the room, the spacious living area greets you with the breathtaking Dubai skyline as its backdrop. On to the bedroom, a private work desk is made ready for any business matters needed to be taken care of. Adjacent to the plush bed is a wardrobe area equipped with grooming tools and adequate space for personal belongings.

LUXURY HOTEL REVIEW RAFFLES DUBAI 5The bathroom is in itself divine. The bathtub – it invites you to a moment of pure peace and relaxation. Fragrant candles add a romantic mood to the elegant setting.

Luxury Hotel Review: Raffles Hotel, Dubai, UAE

Perfect choice for: Business travelers

Notable features: The Middle Eastern and Asian vibe of the suite is ideal for guests wanting a simple yet elegant accommodation during their stay in the city. The view of downtown Dubai from the balcony promises a quiet sunrise and a spectacular sunset at the comfort of your own room.


Luxury Hotel Review: Raffles Hotel, Dubai, UAE

Overview: Raffles’ four Presidential Suites are themed based from the basic elements: earth, water, fire and air. An element is incorporated in all aspects of the room – from furniture pieces to wall accents.

Perfect choice for: Jetsetters traveling in style


Notable feature: The suite will be highly appreciated by the modern and sociable traveler, especially during the colder season where guests can maximize the suite’s outdoor area.

What I viewed: THE ROYAL SUITE

Luxury Hotel Review: Raffles Hotel, Dubai, UAE

Overview: Regal is an adjective that comes to mind upon seeing the interiors of the Royal Suite and the pieces of furniture that complement the whole theme. It is made even grander by the gold accents found in every corner of the spacious suite.

Luxury Hotel Review: Raffles Hotel, Dubai, UAE

Perfect choice for: A grand dream-come-true honeymoon in Dubai. The suite will add a touch of elegance to your holiday of a lifetime. However, the place is arguably too spacious for two. Alternatively,  it is also suitable as a bride or groom’s wedding suite, especially if the celebration is to be held in Raffles’ extensive ballroom.


Notable feature: His and Hers bathrooms provide ample personal space for a well-deserved restart.

What I viewed: THE PENTHOUSE


Overview: A true work of art in gold and red, the Turkish-themed penthouse boasts of luxurious interiors and an expanse of nothing but pure creativity and functionality.

Luxury Hotel Review: Raffles Hotel, Dubai, UAE

Perfect choice for: Gatherings of all sorts. The distinctive theme will surely make any festivity extraordinary.


Notable feature: A personal butler at your service – this is Dubai life amplified!


On Spotlight: Crossroads Cocktail Bar

Raffles hotel houses an array of dining establishments, among them is the Crossroads Cocktail Bar. Upon entering the premise, one is greeted by a cozy ambience of rose petals amidst the flowing water, fancy spirits lined up in the bar shelves, and beaming guests having a great time.

Highly-recommended if you want…


Mezzeh Platter

(Lamb kibbeh, Falafel, Spinach fatayer, Cheese sambousek, Meat sambousek)



Classic Cheese Burger

(served with your choice of patty: Angus beef, Wagyu beef or corn-fed chicken)



Make Your Own Pasta

(Penne, Spaghetti or Farfale with your choice of ingredients. Their pesto is a must-try.)



Mixed Gulf Seafood Grill

(Omani lobster, Calamari, Hammour, Marinated shrimps)



Warm Sticky Date Pudding

(served with Toffee sauce & Crispy almond tuille)



Singapore Sling

(Gin, Cherry Herring, D.O.M. Benedictine, Lemon, Pineapple, Gomme, Angostura, Cherries)



Dubai Sling

(Gin, Coriander chilli gomme, Fig preserve, Lemon, Soda, Angostura)


LUXURY HOTEL REVIEW RAFFLES DUBAI 21Something to End the Experience on a High Note

Traditional shisha

(with flavours like Honey and Cinnamon expertly crafted by Raffles’ shisha sommelier)


The Reopening of the Raffles Garden


Situated at the rooftop of Wafi Mall (and just across Crossroads Cocktail Bar) is a cozy garden-turned-dining area offering probably the best view of the hotel, especially at night time when the lights illuminate the pyramid-like structure of this true Dubai icon. The Raffles Garden has recently opened its doors to guests after being closed for the whole duration of summer.


The garden features comfortable private cabanas perfect for a night of good food, refreshing drinks and specialty shisha.

During the recent reopening of the Raffles Garden, selected guests were given the exclusive opportunity to cook with Executive Chef Tuomas Heikkinen alongside Chef Mohamad right in the middle of the rooftop.LUXURY HOTEL REVIEW RAFFLES DUBAI 35

One of the best parts of the experience is the deeper appreciation for the food served in the table shortly after the demonstration. Having seen the passion being put in every dish, the activity makes your senses feel more engaged with the food you are taking in. This indeed is quite far from your usual straight-out-of-the-menu dining experience.



Luxury Hotel Review: Raffles Hotel, Dubai, UAE

Some amenities of the hotel include the Raffles spa, a place where you can find time to pamper yourself after a long day of tour. For those maintaining an active lifestyle, the hotel has a gym equipped with basic fitness equipment. The gym area, I must say, is quite small compared to other luxury hotels.

Overlooking the gym is an outdoor swimming pool. Other amenities include the hotel library with meeting rooms for private functions and the ballroom with ample space for big events.

Luxury Hotel Review: Raffles Hotel, Dubai, UAE


When visiting Dubai…

Take into consideration the weather during your stay. As with other destinations, it will highly influence the activities that you can do (and the enjoyment that you will feel). You will surely not like to walk under the scorching 45-degree heat during June!

Be mindful of the do’s and don’ts in the city. While Dubai is considered to be one of the most open Arab destinations, it does not mean that restrictions do not apply, especially when it comes to clothing, display of affection, and public transport usage.

Learn how to use and maximize the metro system. The city has efficient modes of transportation. Use it to your advantage.


When staying at Raffles Dubai…

Opt for a room with a view. Although this may be trivial to others, I highly suggest requesting for a room with the best view of downtown Dubai. With the majestic city skyline as your background, it is a perfect way to say ‘you have arrived.’

Take time to look around. The hotel’s marble structures and intricate accents are all worth laying eyes on.

Be in the loop of the current promotions happening at the hotel. Fashion-themed high teas and Happy hour by the pool – these are just some of the staple offerings you will want to check out. Browse through their guide and see what they may have in store for you.

Area Guide


To make the most out of your stay in Raffles and in Dubai, try visiting and experiencing the popular destinations within the hotel vicinity.

If you are looking for…

Cultural appeal Visit Bastakiya and experience Old Dubai. The area is about 15 minutes away from the hotel. Alternatively, you can head to the Dubai Museum in Al Fahidi. The museum is home to different artefacts and age-old heritage.

Adventure Book for a Desert Safari experience. Drive across the dunes, watch the famous sandpit sunset, interact with the camels and try your skills in belly dancing – all 45 minutes away from the hotel.

Shopping destinationsSome prominent malls are a short distance away from the hotel. Wafi Mall has a connecting entrance from the hotel lobby, while Dubai Mall is a convenient 10-minute ride from Raffles.

For the ultimate gold experience, visit The Souk to find the best bargains for jewelry. While at the area, ride the abra and explore Dubai Creek.

Luxury Hotel Review: Raffles Hotel, Dubai, UAE

A Note of Gratitude: Thanks to the whole Raffles Dubai team for the warmest service. A well-deserved appreciation goes to Sara for being an accommodating host and for making this worthwhile experience possible.

Note: The hotel stay is sponsored by Raffles Dubai, but the opinions in this review are my own.

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33 thoughts on “Luxury Hotel Review: Raffles Hotel, Dubai, UAE

  1. I have never stayed at a Rafffles so glad to see your review of their accommodations. The room looks lovely, spacious and with expensive furnishings. I like the food choices and pictures. Yum!

  2. Great to have reviews like this, when you’re thinking about visiting a place! Keep up the good work!

  3. A very detailed review. Loved the account of the people and excellent customer service. But photos look so small and some are not clear. The grandeur of the hotel’s facilities is somehow lost. Celebrated my birthday once in Raffles Hotel in Singapore and that is one memorable birthday!

  4. Love love love this luxury hotel you stayed in! I can only wish that our next travel involves something luxurious like your experience here. 🙂

  5. I have a lot of friends in Dubai so whenever they upload a photo, it is indeed a beautiful place. Even the hotel you have stayed in looks so prestigious. 🙂

  6. This place looks beautiful.. Too bad i haven’t been able to go out of the country yet. 🙁 i hope i’ll have a chance o check this out

    1. Beautiful indeed. When you get the opportunity to go out of your home country, consider Dubai, my friend =)

  7. I haven’t been to Dubai nor plan a trip there soon but will recommend this to my friends who live there 🙂

  8. praying to go visit and experience Dubai! That tallest building there definitely added to putting Dubai on the map.

  9. Whenever I travel, I always request for a room with a view. Among those you featured, the Royal Suite appealed to me the most.

  10. hat an amazing life you are having! My mom used to work there as an OFW. Dubai is such an amazing place. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Amazing life – could not agree more! I bet Dubai has a special place in your mom’s heart. Thanks, Lester!

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