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5 Reasons Why Mykonos, Greece is the Destination of Jetsetters

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor May 24th, 2019 Posted in Destination, Europe Travel Blog, Travel Blog, Travel Guides No comments

Summertime is coming and many people, including the international jet-setters, are preparing their vacations. Among the top destinations, you will see a small Aegean island: Mykonos.


Mykonos was “discovered” by VIPs and celebrities just a few decades ago. Before the 60’s Mykonos was a typical fishermen island without any special touristic infrastructure. As soon as the first high-class visitors found out its natural beauties and the word passed from mouth to mouth, more travelers with a high income wanted to visit the island. The demand for high-quality accommodation and services grew big and Mykonos was able to correspond. Today the island is able to offer all the services and facilities a VIP or even a king would need.

1. The finest and most luxurious accommodation

Although many hotels and villas were built, they had to follow specific rules so that the buildings would not disturb the traditional character or the nature around them. The outcome is amazing as guests can live in luxury and at the same time enjoy the natural beauty and the wonderful Cycladic architecture.

The best and most luxurious accommodation you can find in Mykonos are the five-star hotels and Mykonos Luxury Villas by MLV Villas, the company with the richest portfolio of upscale properties on the island.

Five-star hotels are usually located at Mykonos Town or near the best beaches on the island. They offer lots of services and amenities and in some cases, they have their own gourmet restaurants, recreation areas, shops, spas, and gyms within their facilities. Their rooms and suites are decorated with elegance and they are the ideal choice for people who wish to have everything near them.

Mykonos Villas can be found anywhere on the island but most of them are near the most amazing beaches of Mykonos. They offer luxury, privacy and a lot of space, indoors and outdoors. They are the perfect accommodation for big groups of friends or for jet-setters who want to spend some time away from the crowds.

2. The highest level of concierge services

Concierge services in Mykonos also followed the demand and developed a very high quality. They can cover a wide range of needs: Private yacht rental, limousines with drivers, ceremony preparations, private shopping, chef or other staff hiring, reservations to the most luxurious restaurants and VIP tickets to the most famous night clubs. The experienced staff is always available to hear what you would like and do their best to fulfill your wishes.

3. The impeccable beauty of Mykonos town

Although it became a meeting point for thousands of tourists, Mykonos Town managed to keep the beautiful traditional character and architecture. The center is pedestrian and visitors can enjoy a pleasant walk among the cubic Cycladic houses and the stone-paved alleys. Some of the most wonderful places to visit in Mykonos Town are the Windmills, the Castle, the Old Port and, of course, Little Venice – especially at sunset.

If you get tired of walking you can just sit at one of the many cafes and enjoy a coffee or a cocktail while watching the calm sea and breathing the fresh and pleasant breeze.

4. The exquisite many beaches

Mykonos has around 30 beaches, most of which are sandy with crystal clear waters. There are cosmopolitan beaches – like Psarou – where you can meet and sit next to celebrities and VIPs and there are virgin, secluded beaches – like Houlakia – with no facilities and with very few visitors.

Generally, Mykonos’ beaches can cover almost any taste, as there are organized beaches, beaches for nudists or gays, watersports beaches, and party beaches. It is up to you to decide which ones you want to visit or if you want to try some different ones.

5. The culinary experience

Some of the world’s top chefs choose Mykonos to spend their summer or prepare their unique menu for their demanding fans. Fine dining is very well developed on the island and you will see some big names among the top gourmet restaurants, like Buddha Bar, Ling Ling Hakkasan, or Nobu Matsuhisa.

Mykonos gourmet restaurants offer different styles and cuisines, from fusion Greek to modern Asian. Most of them have great wine and champagne list which includes some rare or very expensive labels. For example, the Nammos restaurant menu includes the Armand De Brignac Methuselah Midas champagne.

Extra Tip: Check out Plumguide for the best holiday homes and vacation rentals in Greece.

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