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Why I Keep Coming Back to Makassar, Indonesia?

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor August 30th, 2016 Posted in Asia Travel Blog, Destination, Travel Blog 41 Comments

There is a strong string pulling my feet back to South Sulawesi, Indonesia‘s capital. Seeing it twice seems not enough and making me wonder why I keep coming back to Makassar. My third visit last July, spending three days in this city, has strengthened that string and finally let me realized why I need to keep on visiting Makassar.

1. To remind how little am I from Nature

Why I Keep Coming Back in Makassar, Indonesia 1
The 15-meter high Bantimurung waterfall.

“It feels good to know how small am I in this world. It does not make me feel any less but a pride on how vast what the earth can offer. “

Lucky enough that to prove this thought is easy by spotting one of Makassar’s popular destinations – Bantimurung Bulusaraung National Park.

After minutes of walk from the entrance of the 43,750-hectare national park, I could hear the roar of nature. It’s a serene sound of water growl though. It’s the massive and gigantic waterfall, flowing tough and freely to amaze every visitor.

Why I Keep Coming Back in Makassar, Indonesia 2
Just be with the Nature!

As the records state, Bantimurung (waterfall) comes from the two Bugis words: ‘Benti’ for ‘water’ and ‘Merrung’ depicts ‘roaring’. However, this does not restrict those who are looking for a calm place to release emotion as ‘Banting Murung’ is also defined as ‘to break one’s gloom’.

Hiding behind the mighty waterfall is the still corner of the park, where leaves and water meld evenly.

Why I Keep Coming Back in Makassar, Indonesia 3

Also known for butterflies and caves, Bantimurung National Park is a living wall, standing in front my tiny version, with a reminder to keep my itchy feet on the ground.

2. To realise that there is a genuine relaxation in an Island

Why I Keep Coming Back in Makassar, Indonesia 4
A Paradise after an hour of boat ride.

Most were laughing on its name: Kodingareng Keke Island. But I assure you, this island is not ‘just’ something to read and laugh about, as it deserves your time for a visit. Craving for a relaxation is not enough; you need to find a genuine blue sky and clear water mix with fine sand to unleash that weariness you have.

Maybe something like this?

Why I Keep Coming Back in Makassar, Indonesia 5

I am not a beach type though. I hate that sand still stick in my clothes after shower and how they messed with my backpack. I don’t see spending hours under the sun as relaxing. But … I love staying in small island where people are dependent in a sand that stretches in a certain extent. I love a sea that gives me an explicit glimpse of the underwater world. I love to see trees in their mini habitat.

“Lucky enough, I found all those sole affections in Kodingareng Keke Island.”

Why I Keep Coming Back in Makassar, Indonesia 6

3. To know how a day can be fulfilling thru Sunset

Why I Keep Coming Back in Makassar, Indonesia 7

The shades of red, orange, and yellow playing in the so called ‘golden hour’. Everyone aims for its sight. Who would not want it anyway?

“No matter how your day has been, isn’t it fulfilling to see a sunset as wonderful as I witnessed in Losari?”

You judge.

Why I Keep Coming Back in Makassar, Indonesia 8

Joining as one of the assets in Makassar, is to make people of all types to gather at Losari Beach, waiting for that precious moment when the sun sets and signals that your day can actually end as rewarding as this.

4. To see how the Past made the Present

Why I Keep Coming Back in Makassar, Indonesia 9

Before serving as today’s most iconic landmark of Makassar, Fort Rotterdam had been tagged in various names by being an eyewitness and a significant venue of the city’s history.

Inspired by a common Portuguese architectural style, it was named as Benteng or Fort Jumpandang or Ujung Pandang in 1545. To emphasize the glory of Gowa Kingdom both in the land and the sea, the fort was remolded in a sea turtle and rebranded into Benteng Pannyua (Penyu) or Fort Sea turtle. It was Governor General Speelman who transformed its name into Fort Rotterdam, following his hometown in the Netherlands.

Why I Keep Coming Back in Makassar, Indonesia 10

Despite the Fort’s emptiness for a decade from 1960’s up to 1970’s, after being used during the Dutch and Japanese colonization, it remains as sturdy as it could to showcase the chronicle of the past to the current generation.

The Fort Rotterdam has been taken over by the national government of Indonesia since 1972.

Why I Keep Coming Back in Makassar, Indonesia 11

“Living the present might be hard without looking back how the past has been shaped. The future, however, lies on how we have been dealing with these two eras.”

5. To get spoiled by Unending Culinary Experiences

Why I Keep Coming Back in Makassar, Indonesia 12
The popular Es Pisang Ijo (Green Banana Ice/Green Banana Roll Ice Dessert).

“Trying local food will always be one of the best experiences in traveling.”

I am willing to treat with the best Makassar’s food to those who will disagree to this line. Seriously, leave your food preferences at home for a bit and try authentic and local taste.

Makassar is the best place to have the best culinary trip. Topping on the list to try is at Rumah makan muda mudi where Jalangkote and Es Pisang Ijo are among the favorites.

Why I Keep Coming Back in Makassar, Indonesia 13
Jalangkote (fried pastry filled with vegetables, minced beef and boiled eggs).

From appetizer to desserts, Makassar has something to serve that makes you wonder if there is any end of its food offering.

Why I Keep Coming Back in Makassar, Indonesia 14

Why I Keep Coming Back in Makassar, Indonesia 15

Monkey DividersNote: The Tourism Ministry of Indonesia invited Two Monkeys Travel Group and other southeast Asian bloggers for the 10-day #TripofWonders  in four destinations, including Makassar, but the views written on this article are fully my own.

Monkey DividersAbout the Writer

To Nuremberg: A Letter to the City I fell in love and will forever beJessica Ayun is a Freelance Writer who writes if 5-10 cups of coffee  a day will be served. She used to work as a TV Researcher but her feet are always curious to  step into new places so she decided to work in the communities of Visayas and Mindanao as  a  Documenter for almost two years, through a non-government organization (NGO). She tries to see the “real  happiness” in  every person she meets and every place she goes to. She will always choose mountains than beaches.



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41 thoughts on “Why I Keep Coming Back to Makassar, Indonesia?

  1. Hy, I an from Makassar. I hope you comeback, because there are lot of things have changed now in Makassar?

  2. Wow what an incredible place. I’ve never been so it was like being able to experience it with you through your blog.

  3. I think from this post it is obvious why you go back, it is clearly a place you connect with, which is such an amazing thing x

    1. Precisely, Rachel! Makassar, Indonesia can easily give you the feeling of coming back. Hope you can explore Makassar too! 🙂

  4. Looks amazing and the waterfall looks beautiful. There’s always those places we constantly go back to x

  5. The blue and clear water is beautiful. I think it’s nice that there’s a place that you feel you can go back too.

    1. So true, Laalaa! Stunning island and food are some of the reasons why I keep coming back in Makassar, Indonesia. 🙂

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