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THE HAGUE TELEPORT HOTEL in the The Netherlands: Connecting City Travellers @TeleportHotels

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor May 29th, 2016 Posted in Europe Travel Blog, Luxury Hotel Review, Travel Blog 44 Comments

I took a taxi for the first time in Europe. Might not be a big thing for others but not for me. I had tried to avoid as much as I could to ride a taxi in Europe as it’s definitely out from my budget as a ‘thrifty’ traveller. So there’s one city in Europe, in The Netherlands, to make it more précised, which made me finally convinced to experience a taxi ride – in The Hague. Luckily, it did not rip off my budget that much as my destination is not that far from the city centre; it was just me who’s never been good in direction. I was in the taxi for about five minutes only. How stupid am I? So where my destination was? At The Hague Teleport Hotel which interestingly located in the industrial part of the city. It’s a new building that not all travellers might consider to stay for their visit in The Hague. Then let me introduce The Hague Teleport Hotel more to convince you why this chic hotel can be your best accommodation in the ‘Royal’ city of The Hague.

THE HAGUE TELEPORT HOTEL Connecting City Travellers 1

Inaugurated in March this year, The Hague Teleport Hotel is the newest instalment of Teleport Hotels. The Hotel is designated to welcome mostly all kinds of travellers from budget to business visitors. Standing with 9 floors and accommodating 59 rooms, The Hague Teleport Hotel is the new spot for travellers looking for the best value for money while the feeling of home remains.

Watch the video to know more or simply visit their official website. If you want to find great deals, check Booking.com or read their reviews on Tripadvisor.

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With three nights, I enjoyed the double studio room of The Hague Teleport.

THE HAGUE TELEPORT HOTEL Connecting City Travellers 2

Occupying a huge bed, bathroom and toilet, television, unlimited wifi, complimentary drinks and a kitchenette, the Hague Teleport Hotel’s double studio room can be your best choice of room as well. And yes, you read it right, there’s a kitchen, where you can prepare some food of your choice. The kitchen is actually my favourite part of the room which I think most of the other hotel rooms don’t really provide.

THE HAGUE TELEPORT HOTEL Connecting City Travellers 3

With 22 m² size, my room has view of the on-going constructions of buildings in the city and a glimpse of a river on the side – an interesting contrast though.

THE HAGUE TELEPORT HOTEL Connecting City Travellers 4

Since The Hague Teleport has been operating for only for a couple of months now, some are not fully functioning yet, such as the television. The installation of channels has been in delay by the provider but it’s great that the hotel has included Netflix on it. Well, it’s not that big thing for me as I enjoy watching movies non-stop and so the news that I need to catch up can be accessed in the internet anyway.

There’s an enough table for my working space. And if I say ‘enough’, it’s actually means ‘bigger’ than the usual as I just put my things everywhere in a table when I work. (I am a bit messy, you can say so)

I walked a lot in touring around The Hague and as soon as I see my room and let my body lies, the comfort of home was instantly felt.

Watch what kind of comfort that double studio room can bring.

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Two fast elevators are working conveniently with a photo opportunity with the King and Queen of The Netherlands.

THE HAGUE TELEPORT HOTEL Connecting City Travellers 5I found it interesting that most of the corners of The Hague Teleport are a representation of the Royal city and witty phrases. It makes the whole ambience vibrant and as your stay does.

THE HAGUE TELEPORT HOTEL Connecting City Travellers 6

The Hague Teleport Hotel offers a free bike tour for all its guest who rent a bicycle from 11 in the morning until one in the afternoon. It was raining all the time so I opted not to take a bike but I am certain that this to tour is a perfect way to discover the city of The Hague.

THE HAGUE TELEPORT HOTEL Connecting City Travellers 7
Photo by: The Hague Teleport Hotel

Access to gym is also one of the guests’ privileges in staying at The Hague Teleport Hotel.  Located in the top floor of the hotel, stay fit as you explore The Hague.

THE HAGUE TELEPORT HOTEL Connecting City Travellers 8
Photo by: The Hague Teleport Hotel

The Hague Teleport Hotel will soon offer an Acroyoga workshop. Know how it works here:

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My top factor in staying in a hotel is in fact the Food; the bed is just second. For four amazing mornings, my breakfast in The Hague had filled each of my day tastefully.

THE HAGUE TELEPORT HOTEL Connecting City Travellers 9

Though coming from Asia and rice is a must for breakfast, bread and cereals don’t make my meal incomplete. Would the complete set of bread, cheese, meat, cereals, fruits, biscuits, eggs, and drinks make me unsatisfied?  Totally not!

As I bite, I serenely enjoy the lively vibe of the restaurant, which I think is one of the best areas in the Hotel.

THE HAGUE TELEPORT HOTEL Connecting City Travellers 10

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THE HAGUE TELEPORT HOTEL Connecting City Travellers 11
Photo by: The Hague Teleport Hotel

Arriving around eight in the evening (if I remember it right), the peppy Mr. Adrian at the reception greeted me. Offering a cup of coffee, I immediately felt the cosiness at The Hague Teleport Hotel while enjoying its interestingly-designed lobby.

THE HAGUE TELEPORT HOTEL Connecting City Travellers 12

From the people at the reception until in the restaurant, The Hague Teleport Hotel never failed to make its guests as welcome as possible.

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Directly in front of the Hotel is a bus station which can bring you around the city. If you prefer walking, in about half an hour, you can reach the city centre of The Hague where top attractions surround.

THE HAGUE TELEPORT HOTEL Connecting City Travellers 13
The Mauritshuis that caters the Royal Cabinet Paintings.
THE HAGUE TELEPORT HOTEL Connecting City Travellers 14
The Peace Palace in The Hague. With its inauguration in 1913, the building has been a symbol of peace and justice where nation and jurisdiction leaders from all over the world gather in aim to end war and other forms of disputes.

The HS station and The Hague main station are 15 and 20 minutes away respectively.Monkey Dividers

Last Words: To Evgenia Sakharova and Adrian, thank you for the warmest welcome! My amazing three nights of stay at The Hague Teleport Hotel were as sweet and valuable as your gifts!

THE HAGUE TELEPORT HOTEL Connecting City Travellers 15

Note: The Hague Teleport Hotel offered complimentary stay for three nights but the views written on this article are my own.

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44 thoughts on “THE HAGUE TELEPORT HOTEL in the The Netherlands: Connecting City Travellers @TeleportHotels

  1. wow that looks like one amazing hotel. I loved the breakfast table. That looks really tempting.

  2. The hotel seems to cater to yuppies and students, sporty and youthful! Biking is fun, specially if the weather is not as hot and humid like in PH.

  3. First off I thought this was going to be ‘just another corporate hotel’, but it looks so lovely!! Noted 😉

  4. What a fun, lovely hotel! I just love the asthethics of the place too. And the peace palace was gorgeous.

    1. The palace is a perfect representation of The Hague and the teleport hotel values it by displaying portrait all over the hotel.

  5. I heard that it was really costly in Europe!! Nonetheless, the hotel looks really comfy and I’m glad there’s a kitchen in the room so you can buy stuff from the grocery then just cook. May I ask from where in Asia you’re from? I’m from the Philippines!

  6. The room looks cozy. It`s great that it has a small kitchen so that the guests don`t have to always buy food outside.

    1. Exactly, Graceful Mist. It’s a cosy bed and the entire room is like a home, mainly because of the mini kitchen. 🙂

  7. This hotel looks very nice. I really like the room and the reception area. The blend of colors is nicely done. I totally laughed as l am terrible with directions too. Once we had a taxi drive us about 1 minute after pick up because we had searched for the place forever and didn’t understand enough French to understand..haha!

    1. Haha. At least I have someone to laugh with my directions problem. 🙂 I felt so stupid after taking the taxi and spotting the Hague Teleport Hotel. Luckily I was accommodated in a cosy lobby and tried to forget what I just did.

  8. It’s always nice to know of convenient places to stay near the attractions! This place looks and sounds pretty unique too, which is always a fun experience.

    1. The Hague Teleport Hotel is actually not in the centre but attractions can easily be reached. If you are looking for a calm place to stay, this could be a perfect place.

  9. The Teleport hotel promises to be a great place to stay while in The Hague, I am specially interested in the AcroYoga and biking tour.

    1. If you’re in The Hague then better stay at Teleport Hotel and let me know if you have chance to try the AcroYoga.

  10. I love hotel rooms with kitchenettes, they really help to keep the cost down since you can prepare your own meals and snacks!

    1. Exactly, Becca. The Hague Teleport Hotel’s rooms are spacy so you can freely move in the kitchenette. 🙂

  11. I think this hotel would ideal for a short break to visit the Netherlands. Some of the scenery looks gorgeous.

    Thanks for Sharing

    John M.

    1. Thank you, John. The Hague Teleport Hotel’s location is perfect enough to reach stunning spots in the city. 🙂

    1. Yes, Miss Kitty. I did enjoy the huge bed of The Hague Teleport Hotel that made me sleep long and straight. 🙂 Hehe

    1. Even for a long stay, Harriet from Toby & Roo. Hehe. Because of the little kitchen in the room of The Hague Teleport Hotel, you can prepare your meals and have some extra budget to explore the city longer. 🙂

  12. This hotel sounds great. I like the fact that you can get a ride to the city just in front of the hotel.

    1. Yes, Fashion and Style Poilice There is a bus stop directly in front of The Hague Teleport Hotel and you are ready to tour around the city.

    1. It is, Melanie. Are you planning to visit the Netherlands? Be sure to see the Hague and might as well stay at The Hague Teleport Hotel. 🙂

  13. What a lovely looking hotel in an amazing sounding area. I love the quirky look of the hotel. x

    1. The Hague Teleport Hotel is in an interesting location, Sarah. I also like the details on the designs of this chic hotel. 🙂

  14. Wow! I can’t believe this is the first time you have been a taxi! I know you only spent 5 minutes but at least you tried it now!

    1. Hahahaha. Yes, Ana, in Europe. As I said, I’ve been avoiding taxi ride in Europe as it’s too expensive for me. Well, thanks to The Hague Teleport Hotel for letting me experience that, indirectly.

    1. Yes, Emma. So whenever you’re planning to visit the Netherlands, consider seeing the hague and stay at The Teleport Hotel. 🙂

  15. This looks like such a great hotel, amazing that you get a mini kitchen in your room! The Hague is definitely on my list of places to re-visit x

    1. That’s great, Rhian. Excited to your second visit in the Hague! Drop a comment here if you decided to come back and stay at The Hague Teleport Hotel. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Cathy. Yeah, The mini kitchen (even in standard rooms) seems to be one of The Hague Teleport Hotel’s main assets. 🙂

  16. This hotel looks great!! I love that there was a kitchenette, like having the option of cooking rather than going out for dinner. If I even go there I would use this hotel.

    1. Coolm Sarahjane. Let me know when will you visit the city and stay at The Hague Teleport Hotel. Excited for you! 🙂

  17. What a brilliant idea the bike hire is – Perfect for short sight seeing trips around the city. I love how welcoming the reception area of the hotel is.The Acroyoga workshop is a very interesting addition!

    1. You got all the interesting points, Helen, If it was not raining when I stay at The Hague Teleport Hotel, I totally had the bike tour 🙂

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