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How To Get Married in Hong Kong for Filipina and Foreigners

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor December 30th, 2020 Posted in Asia Travel Blog, Guide for Filipinos, Honeymoon Guides, Travel Blog 32 Comments

As I was writing wedding related articles, I have one thing in mind – so many requirements! Especially when you are marrying a foreigner; getting a Legal Capacity to Marry is a bit tedious. Many also asked if they can get married within a week or two, but in the Philippines; it’s quite rare as you have to go through seminars, wait for your license, etc. In case you want fewer documents, try getting married in Hong Kong. Here’s a guide on How To Get Married in Hong Kong for Filipina and Foreigners.

How to get a CENOMAR in the Philippines
Photo by Alvin Mahmudov on UnsplashPhoto by Alvin Mahmudov on Unsplash

Many Filipinos do not know this option, it was my first time hearing it as I was given the task to write about it. But there have also been a number of Filipino-Foreigner couples who tried this process. It’s actually less hassle especially if your Foreign Fiancé can only come in the Philippines for a few weeks. Marriage License will take at least 10 days, not considering that the Foreigner needs a LCM (legal capacity to get married), and you’ll both need to attend many seminars.

Eligibility and Documents you will need to have a Wedding in Hong Kong

  • At least 16 years old (16-21 will need Parental Consent)
  • Valid Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Contact Number

Things to Consider

Marriage Date

You will be giving a Notice of Intended Marriage and after at least 15 days, you can get a Certificate of Registrar of Marriage. With this, you will need to get married within 3 months.

The Registrar may, at least 15 days after the giving of notice, issue a Certificate of Registrar of Marriages to enable the parties to celebrate their marriage within 3 months from the date of notice giving if all the statutory requirements are met.


Date of Marriage – May 27, 2020
Earliest Appointment Date of Giving Notice of Intended Marriage – February 27, 2020
Booking of Appointment for Giving Notice of Marriage – February 13-26, 2020

With this, you can get Married anytime from February 27 – May 27.

Where to Get Married in Hong Kong

  • Registrar of Marriages at a Marriage Registry
  • Licensed place of worship by a Competent Minister
  • Any other place in HK as long as it is ministered by a civil celebrant of marriages
How Foreign Nationals Can Get Married in the Philippines – Filipino and Foreigner Wedding Guide
Lauren Richmond

Steps in How to Have a Wedding in Hong Kong for a Filipina and Foreign Couple

Step 1: Give Notice of Intended Marriage to Registrar

In Hong Kong

1. Book an appointment online.

How to have a Filipino and Foreigner Wedding in Hong Kong

2. Submit Online

At least a day before your appointment, you can submit information online.

3. Attend your appointment

  • Bring a Hong Kong Identity Card, Passport, or Identification Documents of both parties (male and female)
  • At least one (male or female) needs to attend the appointment, but the other person will claim the Certificate (e.g., if the male is the one who goes to the appointment, the female partner claims the certificate)
  • HKD 305 is the fee

Outside Hong Kong

1. E-mail

Send an e-mail to [email protected] (Immigration Department) to request the form and sheet and the complete list of documents needed.

2. Complete the form

Answer the form and have it notarized by a lawyer. In case you are living far away from each other, just have one answer the form. It’s better if its the partner who is near Hong Kong.

3. Send to Hong Kong

  • Send through airmail
    • Authenticated or Notarized Notice
    • Completed Information Sheet
    • Supporting Documents
    • Bank Draft payable to “The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region” in HKD 305 + HKD 100 if it can’t be drawable in HK currency

Subject: Information Required for Registration of Marriage
The Marriage Registration and Records Office
3/F, Low Block
Queensway Government Offices
66 Queensway
Hong Kong

Step 2: Claim your Certificate of Registrar of Marriages

After 15 days after your submission of Notice of Intended Marriage, you can get it at the Registrar. Fifteen days is given as a notice in case someone objects. If one partner went to the appointment, the other should claim it.

For those who have submitted outside of Hong Kong, there will be a reply confirming your appointment and wedding date. When you arrive in HK, you will need to go to the Marriage Registration and Records Office (office hours) or a civil celebrant. Bring your documents. If ever you pass to a civil celebrant, you must give allowance until you have a Certificate of Registrar of Marriages.

Step 3: Get Married

  • During the marriage ceremony, bring 2 witnesses (18 and over) along with Valid IDs
  • Exchange rings and says your I DOs
  • Sign the marriage certificate and get a copy from the registrar
How to get a CENOMAR in the Philippines
Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash

Having a Wedding in Hong Kong is very straight forward. Only a few documents are needed and it can be a great destination for a Honeymoon. There are also many packages online to have a wedding there. Though transportation costs, marriage fees are a bit higher than here in the Philippines. It can still get you at the end point – being married to your one true love!

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Hey, I’m Lyza! I once was a person who just imagined going to places “one day” but decided to pursue my dreams. My first travel abroad was in Japan, solo, last 2018, and fell in love with the journey since. I’m aiming to visit 10 countries before turning 30 and 2 new places in the Philippines every year. Besides traveling, I love organizing trips, photography, reading, and making new friends. Follow my adventures through my Instagram.


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32 thoughts on “How To Get Married in Hong Kong for Filipina and Foreigners

  1. hello! Me and my german partner are planning to get married in hongkong. My previous marriage was annuled and he is divorced. I just want to know if a certified true copy of my annulment papers (decision and finality) are enough to be submitted or i need to get it apostille or authenticated? as well as the CEMAR/CENOMAR.

  2. My fiancé is from the Philippines, but is working in HK. I just want to know if it is easier and cheaper to get married in the Philippines or HK. I am a US citizen.

  3. Hi, I’m a Canadian citizen and got married to my ex-wife in the Philippines but got my divorce in Canada, Can I marry my girlfriend in Hongkong? I have all the necessary documents . I want to know how I’ll go about in filing an intended notice of marriage. Can I file everything from Canada without going to HK until the schedule date of marriage. Thank you.

  4. Hello, im judy ans currently here in the philippines, my fiancè is a german national and were planning to get married in hongkong, but i dont know how can we get marroed in hongkong, i dont have any idea. Would you mine helping me regarding this?

  5. Hi Liza,
    I am a filipina domestic helper currently in hongkong ang and my boyfriend is HK CITIZENS he is 24 yr old what should be the requirements he need to marry a 36 yr old?
    Thank you..

  6. Hello mam and sir,my partner is in hongkong she is from Philippines . she applied for divorce….after divorce can she remove her spouse name from her passport

  7. Hi, just wanna ask been separated for more than 20yrs. And married in the Philippines, Can I apply for marriage here in hongkong for a foreign boyfriend? Can it be valid here? Hope to hear your advice soon!
    Thank you!

  8. My Filipina girlfriend and I we are together for 2 years and more and we wish to get married but the problem is that she’s currently still married in the Philippines she also lives in Dubai and I live in Trinidad and Tobago but you would like to get married is that possible for us to get married online

    1. It wouldn’t be considered legal in the Philippines as we have no divorce, she needs to get her first marraige annulled first.

  9. Hi . I want to marry my filipina girlfriend who is working in hong kong as ive been mant times ..I can get all my documents but only problem i see is my birth certificate is different to my passport… i had my name changed over 30yrs ago but have proof of that now only my brittish passort witch proof that the name on my birth certificate is same person on my passport would this stop me getting married .. if its a problem what do i need to do…..

  10. Hi,Im a filipina and my boyfriend is a us citizen,pwede po ba kaming magkita sa Hongkong and the same time get married ?

      1. Hi Ms.Paloma. can you give.me the documents needed for the merriage of a filipino man and filipina who is in canada that wants to get married in hk.

  11. Hi ms Lyza Paloma I just want to ask if what are the requirements if an FDH and a US citizen intend to get married here in Hong Kong? Are there any investments needed?

  12. I’ll just ask, my visa is FDH (foreign domestic helper) and my employer is my boyfriend (HK residents), my question is can he marry me here in Hong Kong? and can i marry him?

      1. Hello same po tayo ng problem sender.. ask ko lng nging ok nmn po ba ung process nyo dto sa hk i mean hnd po ba kau nquestion about sa status nyo sna msagot mo ako kasi plan dn nmen ng bf ko which is my employer ngaun thnx

    1. Hello sis sana masagot mo ako.. nging ok ba ung process nyo ng bf mo dto sa hk plans dn kxe nmen ng bf ko pero xa ang employer k o

  13. Hello Lyza,

    My boyfriend (polish national) planning to get married in Hong Kong when the border opens, we’d like to know if the required Birth Certificates need to be authenticated?

    Hope to hear from you.


  14. Hello there,

    I’m a Filipino and my fiance is a Canadian, due to the keep changing travel restrictions in the Philippines I’m looking for a country to proceed our marriage. Planning to get married in Hongkong by October 2021. Do you think by October Hongkong will accept Filipino tourist?

    What are the first things to do or requirements we should prepare to marry in Hongkong?

    Kind regards,

  15. Hello good day maam. I would like to ask if its possible to legalize the marriage in Hk ?How many days we should have to wait ?

    1. Marriage in HK is legal. You can get it registered in the Philippine Embassy afterwards para ma-recognize sa Pinas.

  16. Hi! I wish all is well with you. I have some question. I was married before by a filipino here in Philippines but our marriage failed. I filed an annulment here in PH already but because of Covid also it is taking so long. Now, i have a foreign boyfriend which we are in a relationship for 2 years and want to marry. Can we marry in Hong Kong even if i am not yet annuled yet here in PH?

  17. Hi there,

    Thanks for the info. Does this work even with COVID? I mean are they still marrying people? If so, do you personally know anyone who has done so? I’d love to get married to my gf. Also, once we get married will I be able to honeymoon in the Phillipines? Thanks and Good luck on your travels!

    1. Hi there. Will this work for 22 and 25-year-old Filipino citizens? Looking to get married there late this year. Thank you

      1. Probably, but I’m not sure if Hong Kong is open for non-essential travelers by late this year unless you are already in HK.

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