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2 Clever Ways to Stay in Charge of your Devices While Traveling @Hisgadget

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor April 22nd, 2016 Posted in Travel Blog, Travel Gear Reviews No comments

The Problem

Traveling can be many great things, especially, when you consider adding technology. One thing I always seem to forget is how seldom charging stations are.  Keeping devices charges can be a huge pain in the side these days. 

It’s not uncommon for my trips to last 2 weeks to a month. Regardless, it only takes a few hours of usage to deplete a device. You can go the route of carrying a portable battery storage device or just carry a simple charger with multiple ports.  Hotel rooms don’t always have sufficient charging outlets for Various Devices.  I always have a computer, laptop, go pro, cell phone, camera etc. Backpackers will realize this problem the most.  Their standard of luxury has to make compromises for flexibility.  Shared dorms usually translate to zero, or few free outlets to exploit.

I know the struggle personally being a photographer and media contributor.  I can’t tell you how many times my go pro was left uncharged.  Forgetting to unplug the phone just to plug in the go pro.  Traditionally while traveling, 1-2 outlets most are available in a standard room for charging. 

When I was traveling through Sri Lanka, we were lucky if there was a spare outlet.  Many time we had to unplug a fan or light to free up one.  I found myself triaging my charging accessories.  Seems like madness in the 21st century.  That’s why you have to bring the 21st century with you when you travel. 

There’s also the issue of not having enough time to charge a device on the go, this can be equally as frustrating.  Casual nights stay somewhere may not give you the time needed to remember to set an alarm, and switch devices.

The Solution

While not groundbreaking news, iClever has figured out how to allow up to 6devices to charge at the same time.  To us travelers, and on the go people, this is a game changer.  They have met the demand with the BoostCube. No longer are the days where your single USB port wall charger needs to be dedicated to one device.  They’ve won the battle by creating super fast USB chargers that can handle multiple devices.  In addition, they charge at almost twice the speed of OEM chargers. 

4 devices charging on BoostCube
4 devices charging on BoostCube

We’d also recommend these chargers because they are inexpensive, and are well made. Inexpensive and well made are two things that usually aren’t found in the same sentence. 


Here are a couple quick reasons we like the iClever Quick Charge USB port. 

  • Most important, it allows for up to 6 USB ports off a single outlet, without compromising speed.
  • Uses their Quick Charge 2.0 and Smart ID Technology to allow devices charge at optimal levels.
  • They are universally compatible with all devices operating between 100-240Volts.
  • The USB charger “knows” the optimum level to allow maximum juice to your device.
  • They claim twice (2x) the charging capacity as traditional chargers.  I have noticed they are pretty quick.

Turn up the volume!

Another thing worth noting when packing for a long trip is portable music.  it’s not uncommon to find yourself in a hostel or group situation and share some music.  I always have carried my computer, so that’s easy to play music from for my new friends.  However, draining my battery, or someone kicking it over is always a concern.   Replacing a laptop on the go isn’t worth the risk.  I’ve tried a few lightweight durable speakers.  It’s worth mentioning in my honest opinion, most speakers worth their salt will get the job done.   

iClever has made a speaker suitable for the travel enthusiast. 

iClever Durable Speaker Outdoors
iClever Durable Speaker Outdoors

We’ve tried some expensive speakers and breaking one on the go, isn’t fun.  Their Portable IP65 Waterproof speaker did the trick for us. At the time of this article, we found one on the Amazon store for around 29.99 –  Amazon iClever Bluetooth Speaker

Here are some reasons we liked the Portable IP65 Waterproof speaker. 

  • The speaker is lightweight and compact.
  • The speaker is waterproof, shower with it, bring it to the beach etc.
  • the ports seal tight with silicone waterproof tabs to prevent dust water etc.
  • The speaker has good volume range, on a windy day at the beach it still performed.
  • Charging was quick, and it holds a charge while playing on full volume our whole 5 hour day at the beach.
  • The cost won’t break the bank, save your computer, bring a speaker.
iClever Durable Speaker gardening
iClever Durable Speaker Gardening


I would give this little speaker a stellar review.  High utility, good quality, and low cost make it an stow away device.  It comes with a USB charger we used with the BoostCube, so it didn’t take up any spare ports.  Super excited to play music in our room, on a cruise this week to the Dominican Republic. 

Note: This is a sponsored product from iClever.  We want to thank them for the chance to review these amazing products.  All opinions expressed are my own.  We hope these products make your travel experiences easier and stress-free.

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