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Chinese, Vietnam, and India Travel Visa Requirements for US Citizens

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor May 19th, 2021 Posted in Asia Travel Blog, Travel Blog, Travel Guides, VISA Application Guides No comments

This article discusses various travel visa requirements for US citizens traveling to Vietnam, India, and Chinese citizens. 

US Application requirement for Chinese Visa

Chinese, Vietnam, and India Travel Visa Requirements for US Citizens
Photo by Ling Tang on Unsplash

1. Passports

Chinese, Vietnam, and India Travel Visa Requirements for US Citizens
Photo by Levi Ventura on Unsplash

Applicants need to provide an original and signed passport with one copy having the passport’s personal data page. The valid must be valid for at least six months with two blank visa pages for the stamp. 

For people requesting multiple entries, the passport needs two blank visa pages.

2. Photographs 

One needs to provide one passport photograph that obeys the following conditions.

  • Not older than six months 
  • Taken against a white background and printed on a superb quality paper
  • Measuring 48m by 33m
  • It shows the head’s entire frontal view with the face-centered at the middle and the eyes and ears visible.
  • All background shadow and light must not be present
  • Your garment should be different from the picture background 

3. Invitation Letter

Chinese, Vietnam, and India Travel Visa Requirements for US Citizens
Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

You need to meet and submit one of the following documents:

  • A duplicate of your round trip ticket from the airline
  • A copy of your day by day tour or cruise itinerary with your full name 
  • A duplicate of the official invitation letter from your sponsor, which could be an individual or government agency. For an individual sponsor, the invitation needs to have the following information: your full name, date of birth, gender, arrival and departure date, the purpose of visit, places to visit with specific names, details of flight and hotel reservation, information of the sponsor’s ID, etc. 
  • For people invited by a nonprofit organization, the letter must include the job title and description, passport number with date of issue, and expiration. You must also state your relationship with the sponsor. If your invitee in China has a work permit, it is compulsory to provide their residence permit.  

You might submit a fax, a copy, or a printout of the invitation to the consular office even though they might request the original.

4. Proof of State Residency

The applicant needs to submit proof of the present residency address. You can submit a copy of your driver’s license front page or any government-issued ID or utility bill. Your name on the document must also be the same as what appears on the passport. Your address must also be the same as what you have on your visa application. 

Applicants should note that the Consulate does not accept cable and phone bills. Rather, gas, water, and electric bills are accepted. 

5. China Visa Application Form 

How to Apply For A China Tourist Visa with Your Philippines Passport

Your application form must be completely filled and signed. You must complete it online with the entire field answered and (NA for fields where not applicable). The traveler’s name as it is written on the passport must appear on the form.

The printing of the form needs to be single-sided, and it will be printed and signed in black or blue ink.  Enclose the application form with other documents in the kit. 

6. Your Travel Records 

You need to submit copies of your travel record form. Such forms will include all the countries you have traveled to within the past two weeks. It must be signed and include the entry and exit dates of your entire trip.

7. Applicants within the Age of 18

US citizens under the age of 18 should submit the following requirements:

  • A copy of the birth certificate 
  • The copy of the data page of both parents or the driver’s license
  • A copy of the US proof of residency status of residence of both parents 
  • A notarized consent letter from both parents (if they are not accompanying the minor for the trip) giving the kid permission for the trip

US Application Requirement for Vietnam Visa

10 Things To Do In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Photo by Ludovic Lubeigt CC BY-SA 2.0

This section discusses the application requirement for a US applicant for Vietnam Visa.

1. Photographs

Applicants need to submit one passport photograph that must be less than three months old and printed on good quality paper. The background should be white, with a measurement of 2 by 2 inches.

The passport must show the entire front view of the face in the center with a neutral expression. Applicants should not wear any eyeglass or headwear only for religious purposes.

NB: Applicants should not fix their passport photo to the application form, and the photo should not reveal any sign of adhesives like staples or pins. 

2. Passport

Applicants need to submit their valid passports with signature, including a duplicate of the data page. Also, the passport needs to be valid for six months with at least a blank page. One cannot use the amendment and the endorsement page for this. The passport needs to be in good condition without any alteration or damage to the page in any way. 

3. Vietnam Visa Application Form

The consulate of Vietnam mandates all applicants to complete their visa applications online. Once this is done, they will print and submit it with the remaining documents 

The form might take a minute to open; hence applicants need to be patient. The application is available in Vietnamese, but applicants can click English at the top right corner to fill it in English. Take note of the following when completing your application:

  • Completing the form should take 14 minutes or less
  • There is a section marked “place of Visa Collection” Applicants will have to choose the city where such documents will be sent. 
  • The “Sponsor” will be written as ‘Vietnam’ for people that need a tourist Visa 
  • Applicants will append their signature in black or blue ink in the lower right part of the form underneath the date portion

4. Loose-Leaf Vietnam Visa 

A loose-leaf application is a process in which the applicant applies for a visa without tendering one’s passport at the Consulate. The entire requirement above all holds for people that chose a loose-lea visa. You will, however, need to forward a duplicate of your passport data page alongside two passport photographs. 

Applicants need to secure and include the loose-leaf visa in their passport on receipt. 

5. Application for Kids Under Age 18 

Kids traveling alone or with either one of the parents or the legal guardian need to submit the original notarized letter coming from the other parent or guardian, which will serve as approval for the minor’s trip. The parent or guardian not traveling should also make available copies of their identification document. 

The applicant is required to sign the application form. Suppose the form will be signed by either the parent or the guardian, it is important for them to express their relationship that they have with the applicant by the signature, for example, Legal guardian, Father, or Mother. 

Applicants will submit their Visa Express order form for processing. 

US Application Requirement for India Visa

Chinese, Vietnam, and India Travel Visa Requirements for US Citizens
Photo by Sylwia Bartyzel on Unsplash

1. Passport

Chinese, Vietnam, and India Travel Visa Requirements for US Citizens
Photo by Jeremy Dorrough on Unsplash

Applicants need to provide their signed passport alongside a duplicate copy of the data page of the passport. The passport needs to be valid for six months, which extends after the validity of the visa requested. 

There must be at least two blank pages for the visa stamp on the passport. The passport must be in good condition without any torn pages, alteration, or separation. 

2. Photographs

Applicants will have to submit two-colored passport photographs. The passport must not be more than three months old and must be printed on paper with superb quality. The background of the passport must be white, and none of your clothing should correspond with the background. 

It should measure two inches by two inches with the entire frontal head view visible and centered in the middle. The applicant should also display a neutral expression. Except for religious purposes, eyeglasses and head wears are not allowed. 

Applicants should not fix their photo to their application, and there should not be evidence of adhesives like tape, staples, or gum. One of the photographs must be uploaded digitally when completing the visa application form. 

3. Driver’s License 

Applicant needs to submit a duplicate copy of their driver’s license. It must reveal the applicant’s name the same way it was written on the form. 

Applicants should note that their passport will be shipped to the address provided on the application form, which must match the address on your submitted utility bill.

4. Visa Application Form

All applicants should complete their visa application form online. 

Your application needs to have your name the same way it is on your passport, with answers to all fields. Your signature needs to be on the first page right beneath your passport photograph and the second page. 

Applicants should also supply their personal email to avoid rejection. When printing the form, you need to use sheets with single sides as double-sided applications are not accepted. Also, the bar code on the bottom of the page must be visible.

The field marked “Present Address” needs to be correct as the applicant’s passport will be shipped there. Applicants for a tourist visa should request 120 months validity and multiple entries. This information needs to reflect in all documents submitted. 

Applicants can get in touch with us at Visaexpress.com for assistance and guidance on how to complete the application. Visa Express strongly discourages the use of India visa on arrival option. This can be traced to the lack of support of the online authorization process besides the risk of the process. 

5. Applicants below age 18 

For applicants traveling with a child or children within age 18, it is essential to submit the following documents:

  • Copies of the driver’s license of both parents with a copy of their passport’s data page. People without passports can issue a notarized statement revealing that the parents are not passport holders.
  • The kid’s birth certificate (duplicate) reveals the kid’s date of birth with the nationality and full name of the parent. The birth certificate should be in English. Applicants might also provide a notarized document from the government of the country of origin revealing the parent’s name, nationality, and date of birth of the minor. 
  • Persons with origin in India or former Indian nationals will need to provide their previous Indian passport, birth certificate, or a school-leaving certificate. More information is available in the section marked “Person of Indian Origin Only.”

 In addition, applicants of age five and above needs to sign their name in the space allocated for signature as provided on the first page of the visa application form right beneath the photograph. Kids below age five will need to supply their thumbprint (blue or black ink) instead of their signature in the same box. 

The parents of all minor applicants need to have their names and signature on the second page. The signature needs to be verified by a notarized stamp with a seal on the second page. 

In addition, the parents should also complete and sign the Parental Authorization Form for Minor located as part of the application package. 

6. People with Indian Origin 

 A person of Indian origin needs to renounce their Indian citizenship before applying for an India visa. You will have to submit a renunciation certificate to successfully apply. the following can also serve as proof of renunciation: 

  • An Indian passport with a stamp of renunciation
  • A certificate of renunciation from the Consulate of India

7. Additional Forms

Applicants need to complete and sign all extra particular forms present in the application package. Such questions should be answered with either a Yes or No as N/A is not applicable on the form. 

For an application for a minor kid, both parents need to sign the Extra particulars form. 

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