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Medical Tourism Guide – The Best Location in the World for Hair Transplants

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor March 23rd, 2019 Posted in Destination, Europe Travel Blog, Travel Blog 6 Comments

When it comes to medical tourism, each country excels in a field on its own. Hair transplants, for example, are most famous in Turkey. Quality, experience, and tourism combined together provide an unprecedented adventure. Here is why Turkey is the best go-to destination for hair transplants.

1. High-quality medical care

While in most countries abroad, hair transplant surgery is performed in clinic rooms, in Turkey clinics like Vera Clinic perform the operation in surgical rooms. Hair transplants may be micro-surgery. However, they are still a surgical procedure and need to be performed according to international standards of medical care. In a surgery room, any emergency can be immediately combated. Risk of infection if the procedure was conducted in a sterilized surgery room is almost zero.

2. Variety of techniques to choose from

As the hair transplant capital of the world, Turkey excels in the field and never fails to impress. With constant progress and advancements, many techniques have emerged to make the process more efficient and convenient for patients. The most recent technology is known as sapphire FUE. The method uses sapphire to make blades used in the incision making phase. Given the contradicting properties of sapphire, sturdy and flexible, the blade can be shaped to have a sharper V-shaped ending as opposed to U-shaped ends in steel blades.

The shape of the knife requires less effort to penetrate the scalp and consequently poses less threat to neighbor tissue. In addition, the precise tip of the knife speeds the process which translates to more incisions made per session and less exposure time of grafts. Combined all the factors contribute to better results with sapphire FUE compared to traditional FUE.

3. Hair transplant centers offer services

Hair transplants centers in Turkey are all for the comfort of patients. With services that include airport pick up, a personal interpreter, 3-night hotel stay, a private driver, and a complementary PRP therapy; patients are guaranteed to have a tranquil stay away from home.

For every obstacle a foreigner could encounter, hair transplant centers in Turkey have offered a service to facilitate the dilemma. The personal interpreter breaks the language barrier between patient and doctor. Private driver escorts the patient between hotel, clinic, and airport; ensuring a comfortable journey for patients.  A complementary PRP therapy increases the success of the surgery.

4. Cost efficient

Given the high standard of medical care, the services provided in state-of-the-art facilities, and cutting-edge techniques such as sapphire FUE; one would assume the prices to be flaming hot. However, on the contrary, the costs of hair transplant surgery inclusive of services can be around $2,500. While many are drawn to the prices, a select few might find them to be suspicious. It is essential to understand that for a Turkish citizen living in Turkey the prices are out of reach. The cost of living and average yearly wages makes the costs cheaper for tourists alone.

5. Touring beautiful Istanbul

Since hair transplant surgeries are fast recovery procedures, what better country to have the operation in than Turkey? Patients should cover their scalp, buy a map and begin exploring the ancient city of Istanbul where oriental meets European. The food, the culture, the experience, the memories to make can never be put into words.

In summary

Istanbul Trip with Shangri La, Inflow Travel Summit and Turkish Airlines

Hair transplants in the world’s capital of hair transplants: Turkey is an outstanding experience. With cutting-edge techniques provided in state-of-the-art facilities; patients are guaranteed to receive the best medical care possible. In addition, hair transplant centers in Turkey provide services that ensure the patients comfortable stay-away from home.

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6 thoughts on “Medical Tourism Guide – The Best Location in the World for Hair Transplants

    1. Hi Sanjeev,

      There are so many options in Turkey; if you’re not willing to pay more than 3K, you may choose Heva Clinic or Smile Clinic. However, if your budget is up to 10K, you may consider ASMED.


  1. Hello.
    My husband is very interested in having sapphire FUE hair replacement therapy. He has been considering it for a long time. Please can I have some more information for if he wishes to proceed.
    What is the best clinic prices and time scales. Also he would be interested in a full package including hotel stay and transfers. I would also like to travel with him so I would really appreciate what options we will have.
    Kind regards
    Leanne and David Smith

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