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The 6 Best Liveaboard Dive Trips in Mexico [From Budget to Luxury Boat]

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor May 28th, 2020 Posted in Destination, North America Travel Blog, Sailing, Travel Blog, Travel Guides No comments

Have you seen videos of people inside a cage underwater to see sharks? Well, it’s not only for researchers or cameramen in NatGeo or Discovery Channel, but you could experience that too! In Mexico, see Great White Sharks up close and personal as you cage dive. Mexico is not only famous for Mexican Food and its awesome beaches but also for dive spots full of diverse marine life. You can choose between Cabo San Lucas, Guadalupe and Socorro Islands.

Best Liveaboards Dive Trips in Mexico
Photo by Alonso Reyes

The best way to see marine life is going on a liveaboard dive trip to Mexico. Stay on a ship for at least 4 Nights and get to dive every day to see the sharks, dolphins, or whales. The cabins are comfortable and great to sleep in and have common rooms like sun decks, entertainment rooms, bars, and dining areas. It’s like a mini cruise ship or a floating hotel with daily activities.

Best Liveaboards Dive Trips in Mexico1
Photo by Fernando Jorge

There are many liveaboards in Mexico, but this article lists the best liveaboard dive trips in Mexico. See the sunrise and set, sleep under the stars and swim with amazing sea creatures. You will definitely have a trip of your lifetime!

Best Budget Liveaboard Dive Trips in Mexico

Nautilus Belle Amie

Best Liveaboards Dive Trips in Mexico

Price: From USD 287 per day
Anchors at San Diego or Ensenada or Cabo San Lucas
Speed: 8 knots
Max Guests: 32
Cabins: 17
Rooms: Stateroom and suites
Itinerary: 6D5N (15 dives) or 11D10N (21 dives)
Inclusive of: Meals and Snacks and Soft drinks,  Diving Package, Kayak, and Paddle Board
Required Fees: 5% VAT, National Park Fees, Port Fees (USD 65 per trip), Visas and Fees
Optional Fees: Travel Insurance, Airport, and Hotel Transfer, Alcohol, Nitrox And Scuba Diving Course, Rental Gear, Private Dive Guide, WiFi
Required Extras: 5% VAT, Dive Insurance, National Park Fees, Port Fees (65 USD per trip), Visas and Fees.

On this liveaboard dive trip in Mexico, you will get to see great white sharks, mantas, dolphins, other types of sharks and migrating humpback whales in Guadalupe and Socorro Islands. The ship is designed with soundproofing for you to enjoy your blissful sleep. There is also an indoor lounge and a large sundeck, an entertainment area and dive skiffs. You will truly enjoy this experience.

Nautilus Under Sea

Best Liveaboards Dive Trips in Mexico

Price: From USD 236 per day
Anchors at San Diego or Ensenada or Cabo
Speed: 9.5 knots
Max Guests: 19
Cabins: 9
Rooms: Triple Cabin, State Room, Premium and Superior Suites
Itinerary: 6D5N (15 Dives) to 16D15N (41 dives)
Inclusive of: Meals and Snacks and welcome cocktails, Diving Package, Kayaks and Paddleboard, Toiletries, and Towels
Required Fees: National Park Fees, 5% VAT, Dive, and Travel Insurance, Port Fees (USD 60), Visas and Fees
Optional Fees: Airport and Hotel Transfer, Alcohol, Nitrox, Private Dive Guide, Rental Gear, WiFi,  Gratuities

This was the vessel used on the 007 Movie “License to Kill” as well as a research vessel, so not only is it a water adventure but also you would feel like James Bond. However, the rooms have been renovated for liveaboard dive trips in Mexico. With this; you can experience diving with sharks in a cage, in case it’s hungry you’ll be safe. Sharks aren’t the only creatures you’ll see but also dolphins and whales so it will be a sight for your eyes!

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Best Mid-Range Liveaboard Dive Trips in Mexico

Valentina Liveaboard

Best Liveaboards Dive Trips in Mexico

Price: From USD 308 per day
Anchors at La Paz or Cabo
Speed: 12 knots
Max Guests: 20
Cabins: 10
Rooms: Twin, Double or Double plus cabins
Itinerary: 7D6N (15 dives) or 10D9N (22 Dives)
Inclusive of: Airport Transfer, Meals, and Snacks with soft drinks and wine, Land excursions, Diving Package, Toiletries, and Towels, WiFi, National Park Fees, Port Fees, VAT
Required Fees: Chamber Fees (USD 15)
Optional Fees: Alcohol, Private Dive or Snorkeling Guides, Nitrox or Scuba Diving Courses, Rental or Snorkel Gear, Gratuities

Discover Sea Lions, sharks like hammerheads, tiger or bull, rays, eels, and fish on this liveaboard dive trip in Mexico. Go to popular dive sites in the Sea of Cortez or Socorro Islands with Valentina. The cuisine served will be a variety of Mexican, Asian and European dishes that will make your stomach happy on your daily journey. After dives, unwind under the sun or the stars in this unforgettable getaway.

Rocio del Mar

Best Liveaboards Dive Trips in Mexico

Price: From USD 336 per day
Anchors at San Jose del Cabo
Speed: 10 knots
Max Guests: 20
Cabins: 10
Rooms: Twin or Double cabins
Itinerary: 9D8N (20 dives) to 14D13N (32 dives)
Inclusive of: Meals and Snacks with Alcohol, wine and Soft drinks, Diving Package, Kayaks, Toiletries, and Towels, VAT
Required Fees: National Park Fees (USD 28), Dive Insurance
Optional Fees:  Nitrox Course, Rental Gear, Gratuities

The perfect treat for yourself; witnessing marine life without human intervention or in a big aquarium and away from work and aboard a ship. In this liveaboard dive trip in Mexico, you will see Humpback Whales, dive with Sea Lions and see Rays jumping on the water. After dives, relax under the sun or at your comfy rooms. Book an adventure with Rocio del Mar.

Socorro Aggressor

Best Liveaboards Dive Trips in Mexico6

Price: From USD 387 per day
Anchors at Ensenada or San Jose Cabo
Speed: 10 knots
Max Guests: 26
Cabins: 13
Rooms: Master or Deluxe cabins
Itinerary: 5D4N (10 dives) or 9D8N (23 dives)
Inclusive of: Hotel and Airport Transfer, Meals and Snacks with soft drinks, Diving Package, Toiletries, and Towel, VAT
Required Fees: National Park Fees (USD 78 per trip), Dive Insurance, Port Fees, Visa and Fees
Optional Fees:  Travel insurance, Alcohol, Extra dives, Nitrox or Scuba diving courses, rental or snorkel gear, WiFi, Gratuities

In this liveaboard dive trip in Mexico, you will be diving in Pacific Mexico; Guadalupe and Socorro Islands. Experience a thrilling adventure as you cage dive for 30 minutes to get up close with great white sharks. You could also swim with other friendly sharks, dolphins, and whales. As you cruise towards the next destination, sleep under the sun or stars or your comfy bed. This will be a trip of a lifetime you won’t regret!

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Best Luxury Liveaboard Dive Trips in Mexico

Socorro Vortex

Best Liveaboards Dive Trips in Mexico

Price: From USD 576 per day
Anchors at Cabo San Lucas
Speed: 21 knots
Max Guests: 14
Cabins: 7
Rooms: Stateroom and Suites
Itinerary: 9D8N (20 dives) or 13D12N (48 dives)
Inclusive of: Hotel Transfer, Meals, and Snacks with Alcohol, Wine and Soft drinks, Diving Package, Nitrox, Toiletries and Towel, Environment Tax, Fuel Surcharge, National Park Fees, WiFi
Required Fees: VAT 16%, Chamber Fees (USD 15)
Optional Fees:  Airport Transfer, Nitrox or Scuba Diving Course, Private Dive Guide, Laundry, Gratuities

A paradise for divers, the Socorro Islands adventure will let you meet various marine creatures from majestic whales to friendly dolphins. As there are only 14 of you, expect to be pampered and catered by the crew immediately. With comfortable rooms, an enormous place to roam in the boat and relax under the sun it will be an unforgettable getaway. Socorro Vortex is absolutely one of the best liveaboard dive trips in Mexico.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I don’t know how to dive, is that okay?

Yes, everybody is welcome. You may choose to snorkel near the ocean’s surface. However, if you want to dive there are Diving Courses available for an additional fee.

2. I want to dive, however, I have no experience, can I do it?

Some (open water) can let you dive without experience. However, some advanced ones will need a minimum of logged dives. You can also get a Diving Course on the vessel.
A dive log, btw, is a record of the number of times you have been diving underwater

3. I don’t know how to swim, is that okay?

Yes, there is swimming equipment (like life jackets) that could help you float.

4. Is Insurance included?

Some liveaboards provide travel and dive insurance, however, some don’t. To be safe, you have to purchase travel insurance every time you travel.

5. I’m vegetarian or allergic to some food, can I have special requests?

Liveaboards can cater to those who have different food preferences, just make sure to state it on your reservation.

6. Can we spend time at the beach?

Most liveaboards have land excursions included in their itinerary, you may have a barbeque on the beach or hike in the mountains. Please check if what you have book includes such.

7. Why do you need to pay National Park fees?

The Cabo Pulmo National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage; the fee is for the everyday maintenance and protection of the site.

8. How to get here?

If you are off to Cabo San Lucas; you can fly internationally to Los Cabos International Airport. There are also airports in La Paz and Ensenada.

Enjoy your vacation to its fullest as a liveaboard dive trip in Mexico is truly an unforgettable experience. You will see sharks, dolphins, whales, mantas and other sea creatures freely swimming in their territory. Go home with exciting stories to tell and book your liveaboard adventure today!

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