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ANDAZ AMSTERDAM: Luxury Hotel Review @AndazAMS

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor June 11th, 2016 Posted in Europe Travel Blog, Luxury Hotel Review 41 Comments

My last day in Amsterdam. I wished I could stay longer as the weather was just getting better. As every trip has, the end came. To house my last stay in the Netherlands’ capital before going back to Germany, Andaz provided one of its best rooms to give me a great impression on the unique vibe in the city.

It’s all about details.

Andaz Amsterdam 1

The whole concept of Andaz Amsterdam circled on blue. The hotel got me there; I love blue in most of its shades.

Andaz Amsterdam 2
Photo by: Andaz Amsterdam

This five-star boutique hotel offers the true treasure of the Amsterdam as it narrates the boundless timeline of the city through the whole interior, from the lobby until your room.

Andaz Amsterdam 3
Part of the wallpaper in the toilet of my room.

From a public library, Andaz Amsterdam has been seamlessly transformed into a refine hotel thru the Dutch Architect Marcel Wanders. Luxury has been put in a more creative way at Andaz Amsterdam!

Location: Prinsengracht 587, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1016 HT

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With 122 modish rooms and five vast suites, Andaz has laid each in a unique set up which every guest will surely be amused, by enjoying the complimentary snacks and non-alcoholic drinks from the mini bar, local phone calls and Wi-Fi.

Check Booking.com for the latest prices of rooms.

Andaz Amsterdam 4

The Garden View Twin Room served as my last accommodation in Amsterdam for my April trip. I was fortunate to be settled in an intimate set up despite the obviously busy city.

Andaz Amsterdam 5

Andaz Amsterdam 6

The bed has an interesting glass near in the pillows which I worried at first that I might break it. However, the entire ingenuity of the room instantly shifted that little worry into wonder. Set in the sides of the bed are the tulip-themed chair where you can eye the garden and the naturally-created sink.

Andaz Amsterdam 7

Andaz Amsterdam 8

Andaz Amsterdam 9

The fish and the glass in the wall, highlighting most of the room is the artist’s view on Amsterdam as the staff explained. It’s not that he loves fish but it’s how two totally different things can actually go together. The artist believed that Amsterdam is a rich of variances that make it more exciting to discover.

I rarely appreciate the ‘beauty’ of a toilet until my stay at Andaz Amsterdam.

Andaz Amsterdam 10

Never been fascinated to sit in the bowl while facing interesting information in front of me. Truly, only in Andaz.

Monkey DividersAMENITIES

As for a short stay, I did not have a chance to explore each of the facilities of Andaz Amsterdam though it sure has wide selection of services you can take advantage of.

Andaz Amsterdam 11

One corner I love most is it library that is located directly after the lobby. The location is then giving a nice observation area in the street of Prinsengracht (Prince’s Canal).

Grab a book or play some board games as you sip a cup of tea or coffee in the afternoon.

Andaz Amsterdam also offers body relaxation after a city exploration through its Spa that offers the following features:

  • A large variety of treatments and massages;
  • Wellness area featuring a sauna, solarium, rain showers, relaxation area and changing rooms with lockers;
  • Two treatment rooms;
  • Luxury hotel amenities, such as towels, plush bathrobes, slippers and Zenology products; and
  • Gym with Life Fitness cardio equipment, including upright bikes, cross trainers, tread mills, free weights and a stretching area.
Andaz Amsterdam 14
Photo by: Andaz Amsterdam

Be amazed with the hotel’s video art, showcasing enthralling snaps of stories.

Andaz Amsterdam 15
Photo by: Andaz Amsterdam
Andaz Amsterdam 16
You can surely say that you’re in Amsterdam if Tulips are around you. Andaz Amsterdam gives a better way of presenting these charming flowers through their snug and elegant chairs.

For a lush of green experience, visit the Garden at the hotel which can be accessed close to Bluespoon restaurant.

Andaz Amsterdam 17

Andaz Amsterdam 18

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Andaz Amsterdam 19
Photo by: Andaz Amsterdam

You can choose to dine in from the great options at Andaz Amsterdam. You can grab a cup of coffee at the 24-hour lounge, try the locally inspired cuisine at Bluespoon Restaurant, or drink cocktails in Bluespoon Baralongside, eyeing the canals

For the breakfast buffet, expect nothing but great local and international dishes which are perfect to make you full and ready for an exciting city tour ahead.Monkey Dividers



I am impressed how the people look very welcoming due to the fine arrangement of the reception area. However, the whole set up of relax and luxury could easily be diminished by how hectic the staff look like.

Andaz Amsterdam 20

The room was not ready upon arrival. I was willing to wait as it’s not yet the official time for check-in. Hours had passed and even later than it supposed to be, I heard no information or update from the staff who welcomed me. For about four hours of sitting at the lobby, I have observed how the number of guests waiting increased and how the people from the hotel got busier.

Andaz Amsterdam has been working on this ‘issue’ as it said on the complaints online. I was well accompanied, however by very diverting staff from the lobby until the room.

The staff in the restaurant where the breakfast is served were also welcoming and assured how each guest can find their place.

Overall, it’s hard to give the whole service of the people for a night of stay so what I have shared are all based on my specific short experiences.

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Located in Amsterdam Prinsengrach, Andaz allows its guests to view the city’s most popularly-known asset, the canals. As Andaz Amsterdam promotes the homey neighbourhood for every guests, it lends bikes to flawlessly stroll the area like a local.

Top city attractions such as the Anne Frank House, shopping streets, museums, and galleries, are minutes away from the hotel. .

Note: Andaz Amsterdam provided a complimentary night of stay but the views written on this article are my own.

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41 thoughts on “ANDAZ AMSTERDAM: Luxury Hotel Review @AndazAMS

  1. The idea of the hotel is interesting. Location and food add to the reason to stay here whenever I am in Amsterdam.

    1. Yes, Anthony! Andaz Amsterdam has been trying to improve that aspect. I love the details of the hotel. The most unique I’ve stayed so far.

  2. Wow Jessica!! This place is really beautiful!! I love all of the interior designs of it!!

  3. Jessica this place is so beautiful! Specially the bed and the designs on the wall. The place looks refreshing and unique! Would love to visit someday :

  4. Seems to be a great place to stay. As what I’ve seen in the photo’s the Price is definitely right for the service you’ve get. Surely your stay is so memorable. I hope that I can try that luxury hotel in time.

  5. What a pretty hotel! I love the red chairs and the fish on the walls. And even the toilet is pretty! I am going to Amsterdam this July but sadly I won’t be able to stay there.

  6. Wow ! All photos look very, very nice! Such an amazing place to stay! I have never been to Amsterdam, but I would like to visit this place one day!

    1. Let me know when you are finally in Amsterdam and if any plan on staying at Andaz. Sure, you will like it.

  7. Such a great place to stay that even the comfort room has its own detailed wall. Surely your stay was made more memorable.

  8. I was two times in Amsterdam. First time was shit because of certain reasons but the 2nd time was purely awesome. In bot case, I loved the city. I still do. It’s beautiful and so full of interesting stuff to see and visit. So chill to be there. I didn’t know this hotel, at all. But as I will visit once more the city since I love, I will definitely bring my girlfriend to his hotel. It looks astonishing, seriously. Thank you for making me discover it !

    1. Excited for your visit together with your girlfriend. You will love staying at Andaz Amsterdam due to its location, food and the whole interior.

  9. I have never been to Amsterdam. But now I know which hotel to chose should I ever visit! The photos are great and the place looks amazing. Definitely dying to know the interiors in person.

  10. Each of the photos are so wonderfully captured… I am just amazed by their creative interior and mind swirling thought process behind the entire implementation…
    Thank you for the wonderful review! Now I know where to be, whilst in Amsterdam!

  11. This place looks great! We are planning a trip to Amsterdam next year, we will keep this place in mind! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Since I’m Dutch, I have been here: this hotel is really one of my favorites in Europe actually 🙂

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