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7 Days of Magic in the Western Mediterranean on Board the Costa Diadema @CostaCruises

By Kach Umandap April 19th, 2018 Posted in Cruising, Destination, Europe Travel Blog, Travel Blog No comments

As former backpackers, we are used to adapting to all sorts of things. We can sleep in trains, we can do volunteer jobs and we can eat street foods if we don’t have enough budget. Simply put, Kach and I are flexible. So when Kach had some challenges with her visa, we decided to ‘overhaul’ our honeymoon plans.

10-reasons-why-my-costa-diadema-mediterranean-cruise-was-the-perfect-mancation-5Two Monkeys Travel – Mediterranean Cruise with Costa Diadema

Just so you know, Costa Cruises invited us to go on a honeymoon –  Mediterranean cruise style – and, of course, we were both excited to include that in our itinerary. Being on a cruise is definitely an ideal honeymoon. But since Kach didn’t get her 3 – month visa, (she was approved for just 1 – month) we had to re-arrange our plans quickly. By then we thought that it would be a good chance to have a Mancation instead. And who’s the best person to be with my adventure? I immediately thought of Jonny, one of my best men at our wedding. You can read all about our Mediterranean Mancation on the Costa Diadema here.

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So here is a detailed and first-hand itinerary of our Western Mediterranean Cruise on the Costa Diadema!

Jonny and I met up in Rome the day before our departure and explored the ‘Eternal City’ a little before we boarded the ship. We walked around the narrow streets filled with bars, coffee shops and pizzerias, and walked around the outside of the Colosseum. It was a good ‘warm up’ for the both of us.

Day 1: Boarding the Ship and Sailing Overnight from Rome to Savona

We took the train from Rome to the port of Civitavecchia. We boarded the ship and sailed overnight to our first port, Savona.

Rome, Italy would always be one of the most beautiful cities across the globe. Its intricate yet massive Roman architectures will amaze and fascinate any traveller. Even non – history buffs would appreciate the treasures Rome has gathered from its rich and interesting history.

Two-Monkeys-Travel-Costa-DiademaTwo Monkeys Travel – Mediterranean Cruise with Costa Diadema

Things to do in Rome


– Visit the 2000 – year old pyramid in Rome

– Go to the House of Owls

– Appreciate the street art in Ostiense

– Marvel the buildings at Coppede’ district

With Costa Cruises Excursions:

– Panoramic tour of Rome and visit to St. Peter’s

– Premium Tour : Pontifical Villas of Castel Gandolfo, Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel

– Masterpieces and Mysteries of Ancient Rome

– Classical Rome

– Baroque Rome

– Free Time in Rome

– Right to the Centre of the Eternal City with the “Roma Express” Train

– The Odescalchi Castle and Lake Bracciano

– Rome – The Holy City

– Relaxing on an Etruscan Beach

– Exclusive Transfer to Rome City Centre

– Rome and St. Peter (with free time for lunch)

– Roman Treasures : Vatican Museums, St. Peter’s, The Colosseum and The Forum

– Tour of Ancient and Modern Rome

– The Medieval Jewel of Tarquinia and the mysterious Etruscan culture

Day 2: Arrival in Savona and Sailing Overnight to Marseilles

Savona, Italy is always associated with Christopher Columbus. But one must note that it is more than that. This beautiful place is a significant seaport and used to be the centre for heavy industries. To date, you would find both Roman and Lombards influences around the city which makes it interesting and a must-visit for classic Italian architecture.

Two Monkeys Travel - Costa Cruises - SavonaTwo Monkeys Travel – Mediterranean Cruise with Costa Diadema – Image – Luca Galli

Things to do in Savona


– Walk around the harbor and visit nearby beaches

– Visit small and original bars that serve authentic focaccia

– Appreciate the Art Nouveau Architecture


With Costa Cruises Excursions:

– Free time in Genoa

– Discovering Genoa and its flavours

– Premium Experience : Finalborgo and Noli : Ancient Recipes and Medieval Towns

– Snorkelling on Bergeggi Island : The Magnificent Sea Beds of the Protected Marine Area

– A Walk to Discover Savona and its Flavours

– Principality of Monaco from the Ancient City to the Elite Monte Carlo

– Genoa Aquarium, Ancient Port and Boat Trip

– Seaside Village of Portofino

– The Magical Beach of Bergeggi

– Ancient Genoa : Port, Historic Centre and a New Roadway Amongst Wonders and Flavours

– Gourmet Tour : The Langhe, The Land of Barolo and Truffles

Day 3: Arrival in Marseilles and Sailing Overnight to Barcelona

A part of our Mediterranean cruise was at Marseilles. Marseilles, France used to bear a bad reputation for having a number of crimes and worn out structures. But slowly, the city is regaining its hidden beauty for locals and tourists to appreciate. Expect diversity coupled with vibrant cultures!

two monkeys travel - costa cruises - marseillesTwo Monkeys Travel – Mediterranean Cruise with Costa Diadema – Image – Antonin Rémond

Things to do in Marseilles


– Take amazing photos at Le Panier

– Learn Marseilles’ history by having a quick stop at Musee des Docks

– Try out the Bouillabaisse

– Take sips of Pastis


With Costa Cruises Excursions:

– Easy Tour Marseille – Diadema

– Marseille Discovery & Taste

– Gordes & Provence Lavenders

– Panoramic Tour of Marseille and Shopping in the City Centre

– Aix – En – Provence

– Avignon, City of Popes

– A wonderful day at Cassis

– Arles and Saint – Remy : A day in the heart of Provence

– Marseilles and its hidden treasures

– A Boat Tour of Les Calanques, The Fjords of Marseille

Day 4: Arrival in Barcelona and Sailing Overnight to Palma de Mallorca

Barcelona, Spain is a haven for travellers who fancy eccentric architecture such as Gaudi’s impeccable masterpieces. It has a relaxing vibe that would push you to have an early morning jog while marveling the view of the sea. It is a city to visit should you want to have an excellent dining experience too.

Two-Monkeys-Travel-Costa-DiademaTwo Monkeys Travel – Mediterranean Cruise with Costa Diadema

Things to do in Barcelona


– Go biking around Barceloneta beach

– Look for ‘big heads’ which are usually seen in museums and parades

– Visit Picasso Museum

– Go to El Born and look for great bars and restaurants

– Explore Gaudi’s Parque Guell


With Costa Cruises Excursions:

– Barcelona Easy Tour

– Exploring Barcelona and its many Flavours

– Premium – Catalan Heritage (World Cruise Only)

– Helicopter Tour (World Cruise Only)

– Panoramic tour of Barcelona, Shopping and Inside Visit of Sagrada Familia

– Portaventura World Parks & Resort; A World of Unique Experiences

– Gaudi’s Masterpieces

– Monserrat Monastery

– Sightseeing Tour of Barcelona and Shopping

– The Sagrada Familia and Gaudi’s Magical Splendour

– Exploring Barcelona by Bike

– Panorama of Barcelona and the Camp Nou – Stadium

Day 5: Arrival in Palma de Mallorca and heading back to Rome

On the 5th day of our Western Mediterranean cruise, we headed to Palma de Mallorca, the largest city of Balearic Islands in Spain. Enjoy a perfect climate the whole year round  in Palma and savour the beaches and its historic structures. The picture – perfect mountains would lure you to stay in Palma de Mallorca even longer.

two monkeys travel - costa cruises palma de mallorcaTwo Monkeys Travel – Mediterranean Cruise with Costa Diadema – Image – Tommie Hansen

Things to do in Palma de Mallorca


– Visit Museu d’Art Espanyol Contemporani

– Eat great food at Centro Comercial S`Escorxador

– Watch street performances at Placa Major


With Costa Cruises Excursions:

– Palma Easy Tour

– Palma Discovery & Taste

– Discovering Palma by Bike

– Tour of the City of Palma de Mallorca

– Valldemossa and the Son Marriog ancient residence

– Son Amar Evening Show

– Catamaran Trip along the coast of Mallorca

– Evening show Son Amar including Dinner

– Dragon’s Caves and Pearls

– Tour Palma and Relax on the Beach

– Relax on the Beach in Palma

– Palma Sight Seeing Tour and Son Amar Show

Day 6: A Full Day at Sea as we Sail back to Rome

two monkeys travel - costa cruises palma de mallorca - Costa DiademaTwo Monkeys Travel – Mediterranean Cruise with Costa Diadema

Towards the end of our Western Mediterranean cruise, we spent a full day inside our massive luxurious passenger ship, Costa Diadema. Quite frankly, a whole day isn’t enough to experience everything that Costa Diadema has in store for its guests. Allow me to give you few of the ship’s highlights.

  • Total of 1,862 cabins, 141 in the wellness area, 756 with private balconies, 64 suites (all of them with balconies), 11 suites in the wellbeing area
  • 7 restaurants that will satisfy all your gastronomic cravings. 11 bars where you and your friends can just relax and drink

Fiorentino Restaurant – You might want to stay and eat here while watching the sun go down.

Adularia Restaurant – The ambiance is perfect should you want to have a calming yet satisfying dinner.

Corona Blu – You will never go wrong with buffet!

Samsara Restaurant – Care for some Japanese food?

Orlov Grand Bar – This bar will take you to the 50s with its old – school interior.

Bollicine Bar – A sophisticated bar where you can get the best drinks onboard.

Teodora Bar – The lounge provides an amazing view of the sea.

Teppanyaki Restaurant – For those who are craving oriental cuisine.

Pizzeria – Great pizza and great ambiance. You couldn’t ask for more.

Dresden Green Pub – A genuine German pub that will give you a unique experience.

Gran Duca di Toscana Wine Bar – Get one of the best Italian and French wines.

Cream Parlour – Better bring your kids here and munch on some sweets!

  • Wellness facilities that include spa, Jacuzzis, pools and outdoor jogging track
  • Entertainment areas such as a theatre, cinema, laser zone, racing car simulator, library and a whole lot more. It doesn’t matter if you are adventurous or enjoy solitude. Costa Diadema has something special for you.

While I still wished that Kach was able to join the Western Mediterranean cruise, having a mancation with Jonny wasn’t a bad experience at all. I have to say, Costa Diadema is perfect for all kinds of travellers. You can be with your friends, your wife, your kids – or you can be on your own and still be able to enjoy not just the different destinations and excursions, but also the facilities the ship has for everyone.  And yes, it was awesome!

Have you ever been on a cruise, or is it something you dream of? Tell us in the comments below!

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Note : We were invited as guests by Costa Cruises and enjoyed a 7 – day cruise on Costa Diadema. All words and opinion are my own.

Monkey Dividers

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