HOTEL JL NO. 76: A Vibrant Getaway in Amsterdam, The Netherlands @hoteljlno76

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Those are the lines I first heard from the General Manager who’s alone in the Reception area when I arrive at Hotel JL No. 76. I thought I made a wrong door entry in a restaurant. No, I was perfectly at the right place to spend my first night in Amsterdam. First impressions last as they said and Hotel JL could be the best hotel to make your first Amsterdam’s impressions. Lively, welcoming and international – those were the three major words I can easily portray to Hotel JL No. 76.

Check Tripadvisor to know if other guests share the same sentiments as mine.

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The façade of the hotel located at Jan Luijkenstraat 76, 1071, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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I was never a big fan of fancy entertainment until I saw the television built in the Jacuzzi of my Executive Room at Hotel JL No. 76.

HOTEL JL NO. 76 A vibrant getaway in Amsterdam, Netherlands 2

I love watching news at the end of the day as it makes me relax whatever the news is all about. I just have the feeling of being informed and so that satisfies my day. Having Jacuzzi while seeing the world news was just the right treatment after my nine hours of bus trip to Amsterdam.

Looks like Hotel JL No. 76 knows how to personalise every guest. With its 39 rooms, which are all designed to achieve various moods, I got the Executive room that houses  Jacuzzi with built-in television, bathroom with shower essentials, snug huge bed, nespresso coffee machine, flat screen TV, and DVD player and DVD library. And oh, my room has a calm view of the neighbourhood. Hotel JL No. 76 is simply a relaxing accommodation for first timers in Amsterdam, like me.

HOTEL JL NO. 76 A vibrant getaway in Amsterdam, Netherlands 3

HOTEL JL NO. 76 A vibrant getaway in Amsterdam, Netherlands 4

HOTEL JL NO. 76 A vibrant getaway in Amsterdam, Netherlands 5

HOTEL JL NO. 76 A vibrant getaway in Amsterdam, Netherlands 6If you want to make your first day/night in the vibrant city of Amsterdam, directly reserve a room at Hotel JL no. 76 through its website and avail its promotion by using the code SUMMER16 and receive the following:

  • Discount of EUR 10.00 per night
  • 25% discount on breakfast
  • Free welcome summer drink
  • Upgrade upon availability.

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Spring and Summer must be the best seasons to stay at Hotel JL No. 76 and see its garden, perfectly arranged for a relaxing afternoon tea or coffee.

HOTEL JL NO. 76 A vibrant getaway in Amsterdam, Netherlands 7
Photo by: Hotel JL No. 76

As you finally decided to stay for a night or two at Hotel Jl No. 76, you will be welcomed at its inviting lobby. A perfect welcome for the guests is the lively arts surrounded not only in the lobby but as well as in every corner of this 4-star hotel.

HOTEL JL NO. 76 A vibrant getaway in Amsterdam, Netherlands 8

The feeling of a sophisticated home is highlighted at Hotel JL No. 76 to give all the visitors the best stay they deserve.

The living room is located just after the lobby of Hotel JL No. 76 and open for guests who are looking for an artistic and calm area to relax. Either for a business meeting or just planning for your itinerary in The Netherlands’ capital, the homey sofa-like area of the hotel is the right spot for you, while viewing the personally-picked art displays by its owner, Arjen van den Hof.

HOTEL JL NO. 76 A vibrant getaway in Amsterdam, Netherlands 9

HOTEL JL NO. 76 A vibrant getaway in Amsterdam, Netherlands 11

The little ‘collection’ area of Hotel JL No. 76’s owner, where crafts given by his friends are displayed stunningly until the restaurant.

HOTEL JL NO. 76 A vibrant getaway in Amsterdam, Netherlands 12

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The Honesty Bar and Restaurant JAN are housed in Hotel JL No. 76 to serve the guests both local and international food and dishes. The buffet breakfast is served in a mix of stylish and tranquil set up in the restaurant as it lies just before the garden.

HOTEL JL NO. 76 A vibrant getaway in Amsterdam, Netherlands 14

HOTEL JL NO. 76 A vibrant getaway in Amsterdam, Netherlands 15
Photo by: Hotel JL No. 76

Cheese and Meat are the top choices of my craving in breakfast and Hotel JL No. 76 could easily fulfill that hungry taste. I was overwhelmed by the selections of breakfast presented in a single-linear humble buffet area in the restaurant. You can also request an additional and/or specific dish listed in the menu for your true satisfaction of morning buffet.

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Exquisite and attentive. Easy two words I can give to the staff of Hotel JL No. 76. From guiding to your room of your choice in the hotel until your stay in Amsterdam, the folks in the reception are ready to give every inch of assistance. Museums and Restaurants in Amsterdam are crazy fully-booked most of the time and the ‘locals’ from Hotel JL No. 76 are your best helping hands to catch a spot.

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Residentials and Hotels are around the area of Hotel JL No. 76 where tram stations are just stones away, so you can easily find your way around the city.

Feeling of touring like a local? Hotel JL No. 76 offers bike rental to guide your exploration in the infamous city of Amsterdam.

Walking is also the best way to discover the city as the Hotel JL No. 76 immediately provides ‘unlimited’ map for every guest’s convenience.

The Dam Square, where major attractions and top shops are located, is just less than half an hour walk or about ten minutes by public transportation.

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Being part of the Vondel Hotels, Hotel JL No. 76 is definitely a right choice to make your Amsterdam visit convenient. This is because Vondel Hotels showcase 4-star hotels, luxury apartments, bed and breakfast, restaurants that will give you a wide selection of accommodation and food (two essentials in your travels).

What room to stay: I was not able to see the other rooms of Hotel JL No. 76 but you can give a glimpse by visiting Hotel JL No. 76 list of rooms and suites.

Executive Room is recommended for all types of guests (solo, couple. family, etc) as it has all the necessities for an entertaining, relaxing, and modish room.

Going around Amsterdam: Purchase an OV Chip Card (reloadable transportation card) if staying for more than week in Amsterdam and in the other cities of The Netherlands.

Another transportation options in  Amsterdam without buying the OV chip card are the one hour-ticket (2.90 EUR), 24 hours (7.50 EUR), and 48 hours (12.50 EUR). Check the GVB website for updated prices and more offerings.

Buying tickets in the machines in the stations every time is only advisable if you have lots of coins. Nevertheless, fall in a line in the ticket booth.SM Monkey - Section Dividers 1600 px

Last Words: To Thomas and Roos van Maastricht, thank you for a warm welcome and letting Hotel JL No. 76 as my first accommodation in the amazing city of Amsterdam. Keep the good vibes in the hotel! 🙂

HOTEL JL NO. 76 A vibrant getaway in Amsterdam, Netherlands 17
A sweet welcome letter from Hotel JL No. 76.

Though small, the ambience of Hotel JL No.75 keeps a huge welcome for the guests by giving nothing but the best service. The personalised interior of the homey hotel is a great asset to keep the visitors’ mood as dynamic as the Amsterdam is.

Note: Hotel JL No. 76 sponsored a one-night stay for my visit in Amsterdam,but the opinions written in this article are my own.

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43 thoughts on “HOTEL JL NO. 76: A Vibrant Getaway in Amsterdam, The Netherlands @hoteljlno76

  1. I love the huge windows and the garden area, looks perfect for a slice of cake and some coffee. Great to know the service is good too!

    1. Windows in Amsterdam are incredibly huge, Mar. Haha. Yes, the window spot at Hotel JL No. 76 is indeed a right spot to have some cake and coffee while observing the neighhborhood.

  2. This does look like a perfect place to start ones’ Amsterdam adventures, been planning for Amsterdam for some time now. Will definitely look at this option.

    1. Hope you can settle your Amsterdam visit soon, Voyager. Hotel JL No. 76 could be your best accommodation choice!

  3. Meat and cheese is always a win anywhere, looks like an incredible place that you found and I hope to check it out if I am ever in Amsterdam

    1. Traveling Chingrita, that’s a forever duo meal win for me. Haha. Luckily, Hotel JL No. 76 gives the best meat and cheese for breakfast. Haha

  4. I’ve never been to Amsterdam but I hope to go soon. When I do I’ll have to check out this hotel- it looks amazing!

  5. Sitting in a jacuzzi watching television after a day out sight seeing, what could be better? The hotel looked a very interesting place to stay on a trip to Amsterdam.

    1. Precisely, The Nice Nest. Amsterdam tour could be trying so having a jacuzzi at Hotel JL No. 76 is a perfect relaxation.

    1. Oh! When were you in Amsterdam, Katy. Are you planning to visit it again? Check Hotel JL No. 76 for your accommodation.

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