South America Visa Application Guide for Filipinos [Visa Tips for Pinoys]

Want to have an adventure of a lifetime? Why not try backpacking? If you’re thinking of doing this kind of traveling, South America is one of the destinations you should consider going. Consists of 12 countries (plus 2 other as territories), you’d surely learn a lot not only about other country’s culture but you will also be filled with awesome experiences.

DIY Itinerary in South America

In case you’re thinking which South American countries you should prioritize first, which country should be your point of entry, or if ever you’re still confused about your itinerary, then you should continue reading this. We provided a guide that will serve as your backpacking itinerary route in South America.

Giving you information from visas, visa requirements, to ideas about both short and long term journeys. After reading this, you’ll have an idea of how you can plan your next backpacking journey to South America and you can proudly say that you conquer this continent.

Countries that are Visa Free

Your Ultimate Backpacking Itinerary Route in South America

Bolivia – up to 90 days

In addition to the requirements mentioned in the introduction, you also require sufficient funds for the duration of the visit and a round-trip airline ticket.

A word from Kach: “You can only stay a maximum of 90 days per year, although you can apply for a 5-year multiple-entry tourist visa.”

Brazil – up to 90 days

From the Embassy of Brazil in Manila: a tourist visa may be granted to those that travel to Brazil for leisure or visiting friends and relatives provided that he/she does not pretend to immigrate or to perform any form of paid or remunerated activity.“We entered by land from Colombia (Leticia) – Brazil (Tabatinga) land border. Please prepare your yellow fever vaccine if you will be entering the Amazon region. It’s free to enter and no other questions nor requirements!”

Ecuador – up to 90 days (update, it’s no longer visa-free)

Just read our article here as they just announced it a few months ago.

What else do you need to know while planning a trip to Ecuador?

  • Return or Onward Ticket
  • Confirm if a transit visa is required for any connections.

Check with your airline in case you have connecting flights overseas as part of your journey to Ecuador. It may be the case that countries you pass through en route to your destination may require a separate transit visa.

Peru – up to 183 days

Your passport will simply be stamped upon arrival. Immigration staff will ask you how many days you intend to stay, and this can be up to 183 days if necessary.

What else do you need to know while planning a trip to Peru?

Check with your airline in case you have connecting flights overseas as part of your journey to Peru. It may be the case that countries you pass through en route to your destination may require a separate transit visa.

A word from Kach: “According to the list, you can only get 90 days but in reality, you can get 183 days on arrival. You just need to mention that to the immigration official. They might ask you for a return ticket but if you don’t have one just tell them that you will be traveling by land to Bolivia or Ecuador. In Peru, there’s no Student visa nor Volunteer visa so if you plan to travel here for volunteering purposes then don’t worry, just arrive at the airport and you’ll be fine. You can also renew it, one quick visa run to Bolivia or Ecuador would be fine!”

Suriname – up to 90 days

You simply receive stamps upon arrival into the country. Make sure there is sufficient space in the passport for this.

What else do you need to know while planning a trip to Suriname?

  • Return or Onward Ticket
  • Confirm if a transit visa is required for any connections.

Check with your airline in case you have connecting flights overseas as part of your journey to Suriname. It may be the case that countries you pass through en route to your destination may require a separate transit visa.

Visa on Arrival Countries

DIY Itinerary in South America

Colombia – up to 90 days, and pay an extra USD 37 for another 90 days

While it probably won’t be asked of you, you must be able to present documents for onward travel, or a return ticket, as well as sufficient funds for your stay in Colombia. You may be able to extend your stay for 180 days, upon application with the Immigration Department of Colombia.

“You can only get 90 days visa on arrival which is also renewable for another 90 days…You can pay an extra $37 if you decide to extend your visa up to 6 months!”

Guyana – costs USD 25 for 30 days

If you are a tourist, you can get a Visa On Arrival and skip applying for a Visa in Tokyo.

Visa On Arrival Requirements

  • Two photographs
  • Letter from inviter or sponsor as well as their name and address
  • Name and address of the hotel
  • Telephone number and/or e-mail address of inviter/sponsor and intended place of stay
  • Evidence of finances to cover expenses for 30 days

Countries That Require a Visa

Argentina – costs USD 150 for 90 days

Filipino citizens who intend to travel to Argentina, whether for tourism or business, are obliged to obtain a visa before scheduled travel. The Argentinian Embassy in Manila issues entry visas to Filipinos living in the Philippines.

General Requirements for obtaining a visa

  • Valid passport – valid for at least 6 months beyond the intended visit
  • Application form – provided by the Consulate
  • Proof of payment of consular fees
  • 1 – 4×4 picture
  • Return ticket
  • Proof of financial capabilities to support oneself
  • Note and Itinerary
  • Hotel Reservation or Invitation Letter
  • Proof of Activity

Visit the nearest Argentinian Embassy to apply for your visa.

The one in Manila is located at:

8th Floor, Liberty Center Building,
104 H.V. Dela Costa Street
Salcedo Village
1227 Manila

P.S. If you have a B2 US Visa or a Schengen Visa, you can get an ETA to Argentina for USD 50. Here’s a guide on How to Get An Argentina ETA for Filipinos.

Chile – costs USD 60 for 90 days

Those who wish to visit Chile are required to secure a visa.

General Requirements in obtaining a visa

  • Valid passport
  • Fully completed and signed application form
  • 3 passport size photographs
  • Confirmed itinerary or round-trip airline ticket
  • For Tourism: bank certificate

*The consulate/embassy may request additional documents when deemed necessary.

For more information on visa application and fees, you may contact:

Embassy of Chile in the Philippines
17/F Liberty Center Building
104 H.V. Dela Costa cor. Leviste
Salcedo Village, Makati City
Telephone: (63-2) 843 3463, (63-2) 843 3471/61
Fax: (63-2) 843 1976

Honorary Consulate of Chile in Manila, Philippines
3/F Casa Rocha
290 General Luna
Intramuros, Manila
Telephone: (63-2) 5227568
Fax: (63-2) 527 5465

Get a visa in the Philippines before you go. If you are already traveling you can obtain one at any Chilean Embassy. Here’s a more detailed guide.

Paraguay – costs USD 100 for generally 90 days

Philippine citizens are required to secure a visa before traveling to the Republic of Paraguay.

General requirements:

  • Two signed visa application forms.
  • Passport signed and valid for at least 6 months from the visa application date.
  • Two recent passport-size photos.
  • Two copies of the air ticket to Paraguay, or an official letter from the travel agency.
  • Proof of financial good standing. One original and one copy of a bank letter and/or last bank statement. A company letter is required in the case of a business trip. Each applicant must present separate documents.

For up-to-date visa information, visit the consulate of Paraguay in Manila located at:

Consulate of the Republic of Paraguay
Suite 801, Prestige Tower
Emerald Avenue
Ortigas, Pasig City
1600 Metro Manila

Should there be no reply, you can also ask the Embassy of Paraguay in South Korea through [email protected]

Uruguay – costs $42

All Philippine citizens require a visa to enter Uruguay. To begin the visa application, request for application forms and requirements via e-mail at [email protected]

General Requirements:

  • Official Visa Application Form – fill the form digitally in English
  • Solicitud – SIGMA
  • Valid Passport – scan a copy of the bio-page in PDF, the passport must be valid for 6 months beyond arrival date in Uruguay
  • Passport Sized Photo – with white background and recent, this must be in JPEG or PNG Formant
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Flight Itinerary
  • Travel Itinerary
  • Police or NBI Clearance
  • Bank Certificate or Bank Statement
  • Letter of Request – a letter of request for Tourist Visa stating your purpose, departure date, length of stay, and activities addressed to:
    Consul Marian Ong
    Unit 1412, 14/F Tower One
    Philippine Stock Exchange Plaza
    Ayala Avenue cor. Paseo de Roxas
    Makati City, 1226

Send all documents through this email address: [email protected] You will be given more instructions afterward. Processing may take 6-7 weeks.

For more information on visa application and fees, you may contact:

Consulado de la Republica Oriental del Uruguay en Filipinas
Unit 1412, 14/F Tower One
Philippine Stock Exchange Plaza
Ayala Avenue cor. Paseo de Roxas, Makati City
Telephone: (+632) 848-61-12/13
Fax: (+632) 891-9436

Venezuela – costs approx. $100

Filipino citizens wishing to travel to Venezuela require a visa. Upon arrival in Venezuela, Filipinos will need to present passports with at least 6 months’ validity upon arrival, return or onward tickets and proof of sufficient funds to cover expenses for the duration of stay in the country.

General Requirements:

  • Valid Philippine passport with no less than 6 months before expiration.
  • 1 fully accomplished and duly signed visa application form.
  • 2 recent passport size photographs.

For tourist visas:

  • Demonstrate the intention of non-emigration to a consular official.
  • Proof of residence in a foreign country.
  • Proof of bank account.
  • Proof of employment.
  • Documentation of any buildings, businesses or industries owned.
  • Documentation of family members residing in Venezuela.
  • Proof of economic conditions or other interests that suggest the applicant intends to return to her or his home country.

For more information and to obtain a visa application form, visit the nearest Venezuelan Embassy.

Unit 17 A, Multinational Bancorporation Centers
6805 Ayala Avenue
Makati City
Metro Manila
Telephone: (+63-2)) 845-2841 / 845-2842
Fax: (+63-2) 845-2866
Email: [email protected] / [email protected]

We hope this visa information helps with your travel planning needs.

Itineraries – South America

If you have the time, there are several different ways to explore countries, and each traveler likes to take various approaches – some like to arrive in one place and gather their bearings before they decide on which parts to explore, while other like to have their places to visit outlined before they arrive.

If you have little or no idea of where to travel in South America, check out our next article that will give you suggestions on routes and activities to get the most out of your travel. This section is separated into short term trips of up to three weeks, and long term journeys. Suggested travel time is provided at the beginning of each itinerary.

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