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Top 7 Places In Russia That You Need To See With Your Own Eyes

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor September 28th, 2021 Posted in Europe Travel Blog, Travel Guides No comments

Russia – the biggest country in the world. A truly wonderful destination, where you can see all kinds of different landscapes. It’s got mountains, beautiful squares, impressive buildings and fields that never end. Russia is an extremely popular place to visit, and for good reasons. You can read of its beauty, but nothing compares to experiencing it for yourself. Get ready to plan this trip and see the top 7 places in Russia that you need to see with your own eyes. 

Top 7 Places In Russia That You Need To See With Your Own Eyes
Photo by Serge Kutuzov on Unsplash

Lake Baikal

Top 7 Places In Russia That You Need To See With Your Own Eyes
Photo by Sergey Mind on Unsplash

At 636 km long and 79 km wide, Lake Baikal is the biggest, oldest, and deepest freshwater lake in the world. It is also one of the clearest lakes. If you plan your visit in winter, there are some places on the lake where you can see up to 40 m down into the water. However, in wintertime, it is usually frozen, with most of its beauty frosted. On the other hand, in summer Lake Baikal is a great place for water sports, kayaking and if you are lucky and the water warms up to ~14°C you can definitely treat yourself to a short swim. 


Top 7 Places In Russia That You Need To See With Your Own Eyes
Photo by Michael Parulava on Unsplash

The capital and the largest city of Russia, Moscow is situated on the Moskva River in Central Russia and it is a gem of the country. The city attracts millions of tourists every year with its amazing history, many places for entertainment and, of course, its nature. Over 40% of the city is covered in greenery which makes it one of the greenest cities in Europe and in the world. If you want to see some historic reminders you must visit the Kremlin, Red Square, and St. Basil’s Cathedral. Every history lover will also enjoy Lenin’s mausoleum. There is also the biggest department store in Russia – GUM, which is located in the Red Square and carries over 100 brands, along with multiple cafes and restaurants. And if museums are more your thing there are several great choices, such as the State Tretyakov Gallery, which houses only Russian art, and the Pushkin Museum, for more international art. 

St. Petersburg

Top 7 Places In Russia That You Need To See With Your Own Eyes
Photo by Anastasiya Romanova on Unsplash

This is the second-largest city in Russia, formerly known as Petrograd and later – Leningrad. The city is of great importance in Russia, as it is a seat for the National Library of Russia, the Supreme Court of Russia, the Russian Armed Forces, and many other relevant institutions. St. Petersburg is a great place to get yourself acquainted with the cultural and historical aspects of the country. It is also very beautiful. There are many stunning architectural pieces, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Peterhof Palace which is now a Russian Orthodox Museum, and of course, the second largest museum in the world of art – the Hermitage. It has been open to the public since 1852 and now it carries over 3 million items. The whole museum complex consists of six large buildings, five of which are open to tourists.

You can also hop on a cruise to admire this imperial city, so make sure to check the Russian river cruises

Church of The Savior on Blood

Top 7 Places In Russia That You Need To See With Your Own Eyes
Photo by Steve Barker on Unsplash

Built in the 19th century, this church is a former Russian Orthodox church that now functions as a secular museum. The beautiful building is set in the heart of St. Petersburg and it is one of the most impressive architectural pieces in Russia. All of it is covered in intricate mosaics inside and out, most pictures being biblical faces and figures and from up close you can see the complicated small patterns. In the 1970s management of the church was passed to St. Isaac’s Cathedral, so right now the main attractions of the Church of The Savior on Blood are the mosaics and iconography. 

The Golden Ring

The Golden Ring of Russia unites old Russian cities and it is located northeast of the capital. These cities are considered vital in the culture and formation of Russia. It consists of thirteen cities, each with its own history and tourist attractions. A few, to begin with, are Yaroslavl, Vladimir, and Suzdal. Nowadays they are called “open-town museums” and feature some of the oldest monuments of the whole country, including monasteries, cathedrals, kremlins, and churches. Many of these sites are protected by UNESCO due to their high value not only to the history of Russia but also to the whole world.  

Russian Arctic National Park 

First established in 2009, the Russian Arctic National Park covers a large and remote part of the Arctic Ocean and is set in the northern icy region of Severny Island on Novaya Zemlya. It is a great place for tourists who enjoy open landscapes and overall winter scenery. You can also see some of the arctic animals! Grey and bowhead whales, polar bears and walruses – all of these marine mammals can be seen in broad daylight. This National Park is great for people who enjoy being educated during their holidays, and how often do you get to see the giants of water-life with your own eyes?


Top 7 Places In Russia That You Need To See With Your Own Eyes
Photo by Damir Yakupov on Unsplash

Situated on the Sochi River, along the Black Sea in Southern Russia, this city is the largest resort in Russia. Perfect for both summer and winter, Sochi offers exclusive entertainment for tourists looking for both a relaxing and a little more active holiday. Due to its location near the water, in the summertime both professional and amateur athletes are able to enjoy all kinds of water sports, such as kite-surfing and kayaking. In the colder season, there are many possibilities of winter sports, such as skiing, and snowboarding. However, if active sports are not your thing and you just want to soak up the city’s unique beauty, there are plenty of comfortable and even luxurious hotels and resorts for you to relax in after a day of strolling through Sochi. 

A trip to Russia can truly be a trip of a lifetime. It is a great, rich country filled with history and overall enjoyment. Close up the websites and magazines, it is time to see Russia with your own two eyes. You will most definitely not be disappointed. 

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