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Doors Off Helicopter Adventure – Magnum Helicopters Ride in Oahu, Hawaii!

By Kach Umandap April 9th, 2022 Posted in North America Travel Blog, Travel Blog, Travel Guides No comments

My doors off helicopter adventure with Magnum Helicopters is one of the highlights of my Hawaii trip! Let me share it with you!

When in Hawaii, people usually think of going cruising, snorkelling, diving, and other island sports. However, some tourists are not familiar with helicopter rides overlooking the stunning islands of Hawaii! 

Magnum Helicopters

It may be overwhelming to think that you’ll be on a helicopter ride– “It sounds expensive and luxurious!”, well, we won’t deny that a helicopter ride may be pricey, but we all know it’s worth it! Especially if you’re gonna do that in Hawaii! Ah, the view!

In this article, I want to share with you one of my most memorable and exciting trips to Hawaii. I got to experience riding an open-door helicopter for 50 minutes to tour around Oahu island of Hawaii! 

Places To See Above The Sky on Helicopter

There are 3 Magnum Helicopter Experiences that you can choose from. As I mentioned above, I did the Doors Off Helicopter Adventure so I will summarize the overall highlights of my tour so you’ll get an idea of what you’re about to experience!

Doors Off Helicopter Adventure in Magnum Helicopters

This was the tour I did! The experience is totally different from all the previous helicopter flights I’ve done as this one is more exciting without having the doors! This 50-minute ride will let you see the natural beauty of Oahu. Above, you’d get to see the island’s popular landmarks and attractions. Here are the highlights of what you will see:

Magnum Helicopters

Keehi Lagoon, Magic Island, and Waikiki Beach

To start off the tour, I got a stunning view of the Keehi Lagoon which is a popular place for canoeing and boating. The ride continues over the historic Honolulu Harbor, Aloha Tower, and the Natural Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific. Since you’re flying, you will get the chance to have a magnificent view of the Koolau mountains, Ala Moana Beach Park, Magic Island, and Waikiki Beach. The main highlight of this part of the tour is that you can also witness surfers off Waikiki and if luck is on your side, you can have a chance to see marine animals such as dolphins and turtles.

Diamond Head, Kahala, and Hanauma Bay

The next view you will see are Diamond Head, Kahala, and Hanauma Bay. This aerial tour will continue to amaze you with the stunning view of Diamond Head, Kahala, and Hanauma Bay. Enjoy the tour as you continue to admire the beauty of Mount Olomana, Kailua, Kaneohe, and the gorgeous coral formations of Kaneohe Bay.

Kaaawa Valley, Sacred Falls & North Shore & Pearl Harbor 

Finally, as the tour is about to end, it concludes with a stunning view of the island’s most popular historic sights such as Pearl Harbor, the Battleship Missouri, Sacred Falls, and the Arizona Memorial. 

Things To Remember Before and During the Helicopter Ride

As per Magnum Helicopter’s policy, here are the most important rules you need to know before the take-off:

  • Only one camera or phone per person on the tour, and they must have a secure strap. Straps are available for purchase.
  • No hats allowed.
  • No purses or bags are allowed.
  • No loose items in your pockets.
  • The minimum age for passengers seated next to the open door is 12 yrs old.
  • Children between the age of 3 and 11 must be seated in the middle front seat between the pilot and a responsible adult.
  • Passengers over 250 lbs may be subject to a capacity fee.
  • Passengers over 300 lbs may need to purchase a comfortable seat.

Also, remember to put on sunglasses as it is very windy and sunglasses will keep the wind out of your eyes. Don’t wear loose sandals or slippers as you will have to remove them before the flight, to be safe, it is better to wear closed-toed shoes. The flight can also be chilly, so I also recommend wearing a jacket. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to book a ride?

You can directly book here.

2. How much does it cost?

It costs $295 for 1 guest.

3. What if the weather is not good, do they offer a refund or reschedule?

Yes, they do! Magnum Helicopters offer a 100% refund if you cancel at least 48 hours before your scheduled date. In the case of inclement weather, they also offer a 100% refund or reschedule.

4. Do they offer other tours aside from the Doors Off Adventure?

Yes! If you want a more thrilling experience other than overlooking the views, you can have an additional tour for an Exclusive Mountain Top Landing. Here, you’ll have a private landing spot on mountains only accessible by helicopters.

Other than that, you can also try the Navy Seal Experience where you can do the helicopter jump into the ocean! After that brave jump, enjoy the stunning underwater views by scuba diving with their Navy SEAL Instructor/guide.

5. Would you recommend this helicopter ride?

Absolutely yes! Although this is not really advisable for the faint-hearted, this activity is perfect for thrillers and adventure-seekers like me! Imagine seeing the beauty of the island of Oahu from above. You don’t always get to see this kind of view! With the doors off, the vibe it gives is totally different from viewing the island from the inside of a plane. Plus, Magnum Helicopters ensure the safety and security of their guests so you don’t have to worry about anything.

If you plan on visiting Hawaii, this is one of the activities I highly recommend for you to do!

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