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6 Tips on How You Can Maintain a Happy Lifestyle

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor August 5th, 2022 Posted in Inspiration and Love Stories, Travel Blog 7 Comments

“You’re the captain of your own ship, the pilot of your own plane, the painter of your own masterpiece, the writer of your own story so make the most out of it.” -The Lakwatserang Negra

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I know today’s life could be really frustrating trust me we share the same sentiments. Facing every day with a smile would really make a huge effect not just on you but also to others that’s why I ended up making a write up about maintaining a stress free life despite how crazy the world has become. These are some tips on how you can maintain a happy lifestyle.

1. Be Positive

6 Tips on How You Can Maintain a Happy Lifestyle
Photo by MartaZ*
CC BY 2.0

In every person’s life problems are always present, your friends, your parents, your siblings, the random stranger you bumped on the street and even the president of the United States also have personal problems the only escape route is death so as long as you’re breathing the only way to maintain your balance is to learn to adjust.

I as a jolly person I always see the brighter side of things. I always remind myself that there is reason and it is teaching me a lesson though there were moments that came to a point where i no longer understand what’s happening around me, you know what i did? I closed my eyes, uttered a short prayer, asking for guidance and for strength to continue the battle and try look for a different perspective for me to understand better. I never questioned God regardless how bad the situation may end up. I am not the most religious person that you know but I just trust God believing that everything is under control.

The key on maintaining a positive outlook in life is to make sure that you are surrounded by happy people, Good vibes is contagious!   “Just lift everything up to him and embrace each struggle wholeheartedly” .

2. Be Open-minded

6 Tips on How You Can Maintain a Happy Lifestyle
Photo by
CC BY-ND 2.0

Traveling really helped me become an open minded person. When you travel it is no longer about you. You will have to accept the fact that the world doesn’t revolve around you and it will continue its revolution regardless whether you exist or not. Being open minded will help you lessen your load because once you learn the art of acceptance you’ll learn to consider and respect other people’s beliefs, by acknowledging those beliefs you’ll be able to live a life with harmony because you’ll not waste your effort trying to prove your point you someone who happen to have his/her own beliefs because at the end of the day no one will ever succeed on an argument if both parties are coming from different directions.

3. Life-Work balance

6 Tips on How You Can Maintain a Happy Lifestyle
Photo by Free Images
CC BY 2.0

I have colleagues who tend to post their frustrations at work on Facebook it may be an outlet for them but for me posting some work related stuff on social networking sites such as Facebook will not do me any good. I am already aware that work life is really frustrating so there’s no point on bringing those frustrations out of the office. You shouldn’t take home all the problems you have at work, well, unless if you’re working from home. Now how do I deal with it? After a very stressful work week I plan my next out of town trips. I made sure that i always take the break that I deserve. If I have to take a break twice a month, so be it.

Lastly, don’t let your work affect your personal relationship with others. Work problems should end at work. If you had a heated argument with a colleague evaluate what went wrong, explain your side and hear his/hers.

4. Invest on experiences

6 Tips on How You Can Maintain a Happy Lifestyle
Photo by Got Credit CC BY 2.0

My family belongs to the working class of the society (regular laborer). As a kid I don’t normally get what I want because my parent’s income is just enough for our daily expenses but when I had my first job and began to make my own money I started to become materialistic, I spend all my salary shopping and buying stuff I don’t really need, I was a one day millionaire. When I started traveling with friends and learned to connect with other people I realized the true meaning of happiness. People don’t have contentment, we always crave for more and that is human nature. Your happiness should never depend on material things because genuine happiness could also from the simplest things. Who would’ve thought that a kid smile could make your day? Who would’ve thought that sharing a pinch of what you have could put your heart on cloud 9? Who would’ve thought that small acts of kindness could really have great impact in someone’s life?

In the end you will not remember how much money you earned and you spend for the past years but you will surely remember the people that changed your life forever.

5. Just do it and live life with no regrets

6 Tips on How You Can Maintain a Happy Lifestyle
Photo by Roland Tanglao
CC BY 2.0


Take that leave, book that plane ticket, hop that bus, climb that mountain, and move forward without second thoughts.

Been thinking really hard if you’ll do it or not? Just do it, just think of the wasted seconds while you’re busy trying to weight things. Just do it and be happy with your decision because having regrets will not help you move forward, you’ll never be able to turn back time that’s why you just have to accept your shortcomings and learn from it. We are only human we commit mistakes, do not be afraid because people can never use it against you (unless they’re perfect).

6. Travel and blend like a local

6 Tips on How You Can Maintain a Happy Lifestyle
Photo by Jose Nicdao
CC BY 2.0

You’ll absolutely find happiness in traveling especially when you feel the connection to the natives. You will be exposed to their ways and will meet new people with different kind of personalities. Being able to blend in will also benefit you in the long run because the moment when they removed that wall and let you enter their lives they will treat you like family, which was the most priceless thing that ever happened to me in “” my second home.

*Above are based on personal experiences, what works for me may not work for you. At the end of the day your life still depends on you.

 About the Writer:

me on keeping the good vibesHi! I am Angel, 100% Filipino. Born and raised in the Philippines. Wanderlust, Adventure seeker, a shutter bug, an animal and a Nature lover, a novice surfer and loud and proud Negra (a girl with tanned skin).

Blog page: The Lakwatserang Negra

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7 thoughts on “6 Tips on How You Can Maintain a Happy Lifestyle

  1. Hi angel,
    Nice article. Are you the lakwatserang negro… I so love the name, you r the captain of your own ship, pilot of your own plane, the artist of your own masterpiece..
    Did someone said that u just put together…

  2. Credits to two monkeys travel!congratulations to both of you!i’m a fan also, i love reading your stories! Godbless you 🙂


  3. Hi angel! I really enjoyed reading this…and it does help me a lot!after a stressful day at work, ang sarap lang sa pakiramdam na mabasa ito!thank you and Godbless!:-)

    I’m looking forward to read your other articles!Good job!


  4. “You’re the captain of your own ship, the pilot of your own plane, the painter of your own masterpiece, the writer of your own story so make the most out of it.” -The Lakwatserang Negra (ang ganda ng qoute) 🙂 nakakabuhay talga ng dugo kpag tungkol sa travel adventure ang usapan… nice article

  5. Hi Angel,

    I really enjoy reading this type of article. Yung about travel pero may halong usapang buhay hehehe

    I agree with you when you talked about facebook and social media. Ako I seldom post about work on facebook and it makes me happier. I’ve got nothing againts those people who rant about work on fb, it’s just that for me I’ve had enough with work 8 hours daily so when it comes to social media I just enjoy posting about my travel,my blog, family and friends. Walang bakas ng trabaho ang fb ko wahahaha!

    I also agree on investing on experiences hehe My co-workers would always tease me or make fun of me whenever they see me with a big backpack on a friday because it means that I’m gonna have a travel escapade on that weekend hahaha I told one colleague that if for him he would spend his extra money on clothes and rubber shoes etc. ako I would rather spend it on travel. Sari sariling priorities lang yan. 🙂

    Enjoyed reading this post and I will definitely check out your blog. The lakwatserang Negra. Nice name. May branding ah. Hahaha may recall 😉 see you on the road Angel.


    1. Jon,super love reading your comments on the articles!! Yung blog mo din kaya may recall, jontotheworld.. with pagkanta pa kapag sinasabi! haha! <3

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