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How to Send Money from BPI to Palawan Express (BPI Online Banking to Cash)

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor May 24th, 2020 Posted in Guide for Filipinos, Philippines Travel Blog, Travel Blog 55 Comments

Good news to all BPI Account Holders! You can now send money to your family or friends or pay directly to your suppliers in the comfort of your own home. No need to go out and go to the nearest Palawan Padala Centers and queue, you can send cash online. Here’s our guide on How to send money from BPI to Palawan Express.

How to Send Money to Palawan Express through BPI (BPI to Cash)
Photo by John Martinez Pavliga CC BY 2.0

If you have a BPI savings or checking account and enrolled online, you can send money through Palawan. Funds may be available as early as four hours, and you can process any time of the day. If you don’t have an online account, you can also register easily. Read our guide carefully to know the BPI to Cash feature.

How to Send Money from BPI Website to Palawan Express

Please note that you can receive it in Palawan Express in Palawan Pawnshops. Schedules may vary depending on location.

STEP 1:  Go to this website. Make sure you already have a BPI online account (you can see below for instructions to register.)

How to Send Money to BPI to Palawan Express (BPI to Cash)

STEP 2: Enter the amount in Philippine Peso, receiver’s name and their contact number. Click Next.

STEP 3: Type the e-mail address you use with your online account. Click “Login.”

How to Send Money to Palawan Express through BPI (BPI to Cash)

STEP 4: Enter your username and password. Click “Accept.” You will receive a text message from BPI stating that “you have successfully registered your BPI Online Banking Account for PALAWAN EXPRESS …”

How to Send Money to Palawan Express through BPI (BPI to Cash)

STEP 5: When you have successfully registered, close the window, and you will be redirected to your previous window.

STEP 6: Choose the account which you would use for your transaction. Click “Pay Using BPI.” Remember there is a charge of PHP 99 every time you send.

How to Send Money to BPI to Palawan Express (BPI to Cash)

STEP 7: An OTP (One-Time Pin) will be sent to your mobile number. Enter it and “Proceed.”

STEP 8: You have now successfully processed your transaction. A 13-digit reference number will be shown. Save this and send it to your receiver.

How to Claim the Money sent from BPI in Palawan Express (Palawan Pawnshops)

STEP 1:  Receive the 13-digit reference from your sender.

STEP 2: Go to your nearest Palawan Express (Palawan Pawnshops). You may need to check the schedules of the one near you if they are already open.

STEP 3: Fill up a form, write details needed, and the 13-digit reference number. Present your valid ID, too.

STEP 4: Receive your money.

How to enroll in BPI Online Banking

STEP 1:  Go to this website.

STEP 2: Select the type of product you have with BPI.

How to Send Money to BPI to Palawan Express (BPI to Cash)

STEP 3: Enter your account number and birthday. Click “Next.”

How to Send Money to BPI to Palawan Express (BPI to Cash)

STEP 4: On the next step, enter the username you want to use, password, and e-mail address. Remember it as you will be using that when you log-in.

STEP 5: You have now successfully created a BPI Online Banking Account.

Frequently Asked Questions on BPI to Palawan Express

1. Is there a processing fee?

Yes, you will be paying a PHP 99 fee per send out.

2. Is there a transaction limit?

Yes, you can only send up to PHP 10,000 per transaction. However, the maximum daily limit is PHP 50,000 per day, including all cash-ins, transfers, Instapay, and loads.

3. When are the funds available for the receiver?

As per BPI Website, the funds are available as early as four hours after the sender processed it. However, those that are processed beyond 1:30 is available the next day.

4. When is this feature available?

It’s available online 24/7.

5. Can I send it through the mobile app?

Not yet, the feature will be available soon.

How to Send Money to Palawan Express While At Home

I hope you now learn how to send money from BPI to Palawan Express. May also you find this guide helpful, as going out is a hassle nowadays due to limited public transportation and long queues. It’s straightforward, easy, and can be done in minutes. Good luck and keep safe!

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55 thoughts on “How to Send Money from BPI to Palawan Express (BPI Online Banking to Cash)

  1. Hi, was this resolved? I have the same issue, I received the tracking number, but did not receive the transaction code that needs to be used in claiming the money.

  2. The article is helpful but I think this service is not yet that optimize and need more update and integrated with their online banking app so sender can track their remittance.

    Tried it last Sunday and have a successful notification from my mobile and email but after two days the receiver can’t claim the money because the reference was not found. Called BPI and they said that even if it notify that it is successful the transaction is unsuccessful in their system, they don’t know what caused it and the transaction is for reversal already and I have to wait 10 banking days to be refunded. I asked the agent how can I know if the transaction is unsuccessful the next time I tried BPI to Cash and the agent said that the only way is when the receiver claim and the reference is not found.

    I ended up going to Palawan Express and sending the money directly, the money is to help someone after typhoon Odette, can’t risk for another failed transaction.

  3. I sent money to my cousin but there’s no way for her to to encash it as she doesn’t have any ID’s aside from the BIR TIN ID without bar code. Previously she was able to transact using this ID but now, she can’t.

    With that, how can I refund my money? I have transferred the money thru BPI online banking app.

  4. Hi what if the sender wasnt able to claim the money i sent to palawan thru BPI. How can I get the money back?

      1. I send d money to palawan, but my recipient not yet to claim, I canceled already thru Ur hot line. My question is how many days to refund my money? Back to my account?.

  5. May bawas pa po ba tlga ng 100 pesos whrn u claim it to palawan branch kase nagbawas na ang bpi ng 99 pesos for service fees???

    1. Malaki po yung service fee ng BPI, check nyo po sa account details nyo if magkano yung nasend vs na-deduct sa account.

      1. Hi mam ask ko lang nag send po ako ng pera kanina po bpi to cash sa palawan, hindi po nabawasan ung pera po tos isang palawan express registration lng po ang dumating ung isa po na palawan express transaction details un po ang nd dumting ano po ba pwede kung gawin? _at paano ko po makukuha ung references code nia po kc nd po lumabas ung sending po na notification?

  6. I did not receive a confirmation when I transfer money to palawan express but my balance has already been deducted.

  7. Hi! I tried BPI to Cash via Palawan Express using my mobile phone. The transaction was successful with Ref. code given. The problem when my recipient claiming to Palawan Express in Lamitan Basilan. This Palawan Express told her that they could not found or track the transaction although they got the Ref.code and the screenshot of BPI.

    Can anyone help me out, how to claim it. Our recipient extremely needs the money for her tuition fee ASAP. Also, I wondered why I did not get the notification in my email.

    Appreciate your support

    1. that is also my case.. fist time to use it today but Palawan in southern Leyte said they can’t see it after we provide the reference number. I however got the email saying You have successfully completed your PALAWAN EXPRESS cash in a transaction with the following details:

  8. Pwede poh ba malitan ung spelling ng pangalan ng pinadalhan, nagkamali poh kc aq ng spelling ng name ng pinadalhan q kaya d nya poh makuha

          1. Same cases paano po mapalitan?? Already send email in bpi costumer service.. Ngrply po only generated email lng po…

  9. Hi tanong koh lang poh i have already refference code number but hindi poh siya makita….but i send it today sunday? So bukas meron nah yun?

      1. Hello, ano po ginawa nyo para ma-claim yung money? Same case po kasi sakin. Nag-send ako money yesterday pero hindi daw makita sa system ng Palawan Express.

  10. Good day po,
    May ask po ako.
    nag send ako pera today..hindi ko na save or na screen shoot yung details after mag proceed. Tanong ko po, same lang ba yung reference number na nagtext sa akin at reference number na ibigay ko sa receiver sa pag claim nya ng pera?
    12 digit numbers lng kasi at may P sa unahan.

  11. Hello po maam. Nakalimutan ko po r claim yung pera last Sept.20 ,2020 pa pa yun hinulog. kahapon ko pa sana kunin kaso claimed nadaw po. Ilang Days po ot money na ma back to sender yung pera? Salamat po.

  12. Hi okay lang po ba na magkasunod na magpadala same day po.same receiver details.
    Dalawang 10k, yun lang po kc maximum nila.
    Okay lang po kaya?????

  13. Maam, i have a problem .the name of the receiver is wrong?pano po yon?
    pano mag change ng name ,is it posible?kasi ang gamit is online banking bpi to palawan ,
    pls help thank you

    1. Hello po, once it is sent you can’t change it. You’ll need to contact BPI para ma reverse ang transaction. You’ll need to process again.

  14. Can I send money to myself via BPI to Cash? Kasi it’s hard to commute nowadays because of the pandemic and the nearest ATM is quite far from our area. We have a Palawan Express outlet just a block away. Is it possible for the sender and the receiver to be of the same name?

    1. Yes. But I suggest connecting your BPI account to Gcash (that’s what I am currently doing), then cash out at Palawan Express. It saves you PHP 99.

  15. I send money to the sister of my colleagues but the problem is her name in her I’d has no Marie, what I am going to do. Where should I ask.

    1. do you have any proof or ID containing the name you have placed? If not, you will need to send it again and ask BPI for a refund.

      1. Hi can you share the process how to request for refund? Do I just email BPI or is there an easier process online? I encountered a similar case with Yasmin. Thanks!

  16. Hi Lyza,

    I visited the BPI website and I can’t find the option to transfer money to Palawan express. bat kaya ganon? even when I logged on to my account I can’t find any option for that. btw, i’m using my desktop.

    So every time that I want to transfer, I need to go directly to this site? https://bpitocash.com/ (this one I’ve got from this page) haha.

    hope you understand me.

    Thank you.

    1. I think it’s not yet on their website (bpiexpressonline) or the app to transfer money. I tried it and it wasn’t there, however, the link(bpitocash) is used. Maybe they will update it in a few months or weeks.

  17. hi can i ask some question?I send money using my bpi online..And the receiver cannot claim because he lost his ID.Can I change the name I send money on Palawan Express?ReplyAsap.Thankyou!

    1. once you have submitted it, you can’t change the name. You’ll have to process again. Contact BPI to get your money back for your first transaction.

  18. Pano palitan ng name? Di makuha yung padala due to mispelled 1 letter name. Then nabawasan narin sa account ko.

    1. You’ll need to process again po or contact BPI customer service to get your remittance back.

      1. paano po mag process ulit para mapalitan 1 letra..hindi rin kasi makuha..hindi ko rin po makontak bpi customer service sa barko pa po kasi ako

      2. Pano po, if for example yung lastname ng reciever is may ñ (enye) letter, di kasi tinatanggap ng BPI mobile app, sabi not allowed daw?

    1. Valid po ba ID ng receiver nyo as per Palawan website and experience, okay po yung School ID. Contact BPI Customer service if you want to get your remittance back po 🙂

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