How to get a Certificate from CFO Online (Emigrants, Family, Au Pair, etc.)

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A Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar, Country Familiarization Program, or Guidance Counseling Program is a requirement before departing from the Philippines. The IO mostly asks it from Emigrants, those with Resident Permits abroad, Type D Visas like Fiancés, Au Pairs, and many more. Here’s how you can get a certificate from the CFO Online.

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The CFO or the Commission on Filipino Overseas is an agency responsible for the interest of Filipinos abroad, usually those who will be out of the country for a long time. Before, you’ll go anytime to the CFO office to attend a seminar and/or get your CFO Registration sticker. However, due to the pandemic, Online Services is the new normal – read instructions below.

Guide in Online Registration for the CFO System

You’ll need to register first to avail of their services.

Requirements you might need

  • Valid Passport (at least valid 6 months before travel date)
  • Valid Visa – Long-term visa or Residence Permit
  • Valid ID with Photo (SSS, GSIS, UMID, Driver’s license, etc.)
  • Registration Fee – PHP 400

Step-by-Step Guide to Online Registration

STEP 1: Ready a soft copy of your Passport. Go to this website.

STEP 2: Enter the details needed and upload your Passport. Click “Submit.”

How to get a Certificate from CFO Online

STEP 3: Check your email for the confirmation link. Click it.

How to get a Certificate from CFO Online 02

STEP 4: Continue completing the information needed.

How to get a Certificate from CFO Online 03

STEP 5: Choose “Proceed to Register.”

How to get a Certificate from CFO Online 04

STEP 6: Click the “Register” button.

How to get a Certificate from CFO Online

STEP 7: Fill in the information needed, there are 2 pages of this.

How to get a Certificate from CFO Online

STEP 8: Preview and double-check your answers. Proceed to payment.

How to get a Certificate from CFO Online

STEP 9: Enter the delivery address and check the total amount you will be paying. Click Submit.

How to get a Certificate from CFO Online

STEP 10: Pay the registration fee through the Commission on Filipino Overseas Account in Land Bank. If you don’t want to go outside, you can pay through online bank transfer or G-Cash.

How to get a Certificate from CFO Online

Account name: Commission on Filipinos Overseas
Account Number: 0012114923
Send Receipt to (your email)

STEP 11: Email proof of payment to [email protected]

Subject: Reference No. (123456 – as seen during your registration) – (Your Name).

Don’t forget to attach a copy of the deposit slip or the proof of the transaction.

Step-by-Step Guide to Getting an OF-CORS Temporary Certificate

STEP 1: Wait for the email with your payment confirmation. A CFO email notification will also be sent to you.

STEP 2: Proceed to print your CFO-OFCORS Temporary Certificate.

STEP 3: Your CFO Registration Sticker or Guidance and counseling certificate for Filipino spouses/fiancées and partners of foreign nationals or former Filipinos will also be sent to you by mail.

Appointment at the CFO

If you want to go to the CFO Office, you will need to have an appointment.

Rules at the CFO Office

  • No Appointment, No Entry – You’ll need to have and Online appointment
  • Offices are open from 8 AM – 4 PM, Monday to Thursday
  • There are only 3 batches per day, at 8:00 AM, 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM
  • Only ages 20 – 59 are allowed in the office
  • One member per family are allowed
  • Wear facemask at all times
  • Observe Physical distancing
  • Bring your appointment confirmation, own pen and the exact amount

Step by Step Guide in Registration and getting an Online Appointment Online

STEP 1: Choose the place where you want to have an appointment. Click the link.

(P.S. I’m choosing Davao as they are currently open.)

STEP 2: Prepare a soft copy of your visa. Answer the details asked, upload your visa, and click Submit.

How to get a Certificate from CFO Online 11

STEP 3: Check your email for the confirmation link. Click it.

STEP 4: Continue completing the information needed.

STEP 5: Choose a schedule when you want to visit the CFO and “Proceed to Registration.”

How to get a Certificate from CFO Online 12

STEP 6: Click the “Register” button.

STEP 7: Fill in the information needed; there are 2 pages of this.

STEP 8: Preview and double-check your answers. Print the form and use this for your online appointment.

How to get a Certificate from CFO Online Emigrants, Family, Au Pair, etc.

If you have any further questions, you can go to CFO’s Facebook Page and send them a message via Messenger. They are quick to reply.  You don’t need to go out or queue if you have transactions with the Commission on Filipino Overseas as they are adopting a new normal to keep us all safe. Happy Travels!

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116 thoughts on “How to get a Certificate from CFO Online (Emigrants, Family, Au Pair, etc.)

  1. Hi, can you explain the visa type/category/classification for Canada. Its all 3 letter initials … i have no clue what it means.


  2. Hi, since Costa Rica don’t require Visa, do I need to fill out the Visa part? or how can I skip? I don’t see any option to skip. Appreciate your response. Thank You!

    1. It’s actually needed upon leaving the country. You can get it once you go back to the Philippines and go out again.

  3. Good day !I just want to ask. My arc (alien resident certificate-Taiwan)expired and for me to go back to Taiwan TECO advise me to applied for a resident visa again which will be release this Oct.18,2021. I have with my previous CFO Certificate dated way back 2011.Do I need a new certificate so I could allow to go back to Taiwan even I already have ARC? Been living in Taiwan for almost 8 year.

  4. Hello ma’am, ask ko lang po if pwede kumuha na ng cfo certificate through online without visa pa po. I hope masagot.

    Thank you!

  5. Hi Po, My girlfriend lives close to manila. And me an her want to get married in Costa Rica this year. I’m from the USA. Does she need this documentation just for a week long trip?

  6. Hello,

    I am holding a U.S. visa ( H4 Category) valid until Sept. 30, 2023. My husband is a contractual employee in the U.S. with a calid contract for 3 years. Do I need to register/file a CFO? Please advise.

    Thank you.

    Mary Christine

      1. Ma’am, do I need to secure one if galing na ako sa bansa at tumira doon where my partner works?
        Thank you.

  7. Hi, I’m a US Permanent Resident, my wife is a Filipina. We were engaged in 2018, married in 2021 while living together in Philippines under covid lockdown. I am parenting my child for summer in US, my wife is in Phils. She will fly to meet me next month in Costa Rica, which is tourist visa-free for 90 days to Filipinos. She will have with her return ticket, insurance, support affidavit from me (notarized in Phils), debit card on her own account, and my bank statements and proof of assets. Will she need CFO certificate? Does the PDOS certificate still exist? If so, how to download online after watching the seminar videos? To make sure BI allow her to exit Phils, would you recommend making the return ticket duration less than 90 days? Like, 30 days? And would you recommend that our default plan should be that I return with her to Phils on Balikbayan visa, and NOT to continue our travels from Costa Rica to other countries? Thank you in advance for your advice!

    1. CFO – OFCORS for Guidance and Counseling Program for Spouse/Fiance(e)s and Other Partners of Foreign National, Former Filipino and Dual Citizen.

      Since you are not a former Filipino or a dual citizen, perhaps it’s not required to get a CFO.

  8. I’ve been on vacation here in the Philippines since June 2021 now ready Togo back to Washington USA in September .Do I need CFO ? I am 69 yrs old.

  9. Hi i would like to know if since we are in a pandemic this applies “Thru online registration, clients need not go to any CFO office to avail of pre-departure services. They could just print their own OF-CORS Temporary Certificate, which will be presented to the Bureau of Immigration on the day of their departure from the Philippines.” Does this mean i do not need to go to a physical seminar? Does this mean i do not need to wait for it to be mailed? Lastly can this all be done within a day as it is online? Sorry for all the questions i am a first time immigrant student and i am super stressed kasi i just saw that i needed this.

      1. Hello ma’am, I just wanna ask kung paano ba itong requirements na ito? Paano po ba Ang gagawin sa ganito? Pwede po sample?

        . (Notarized) Declaration of undertaking of travel in letter format to include the following:
        – Activities to prepare for travel
        – Itinerary of travel
        – How to ensure safe travel and stay

  10. Hello po ask ko lng po na need ko pa ba na kumuha ng CFO kahit may registered emigrant number na ako since 1992? Na eexpired ba E number?Due to pandemic kc d me agad nakabalik sa Japan coz of my health problem! Thanks and stay safe

  11. Hi, i am travelling with my partner and daughter to Italy and we are coming back after a month or 2. Am I still required to go for seminar. Hindi naman kami mag migrate dahil dito kami nakatira. My flight is very soon and they’re not even replying to emails.

  12. Hello let me ask if I still can get a cfo certificate if my fiancé is still married? He sponsored me on my visit visa travel to Romania. Because his divorce papers is still processing and they said take to 2 to 3 months before process the divorce papers and my flight is this coming September.
    Please let me know if there is a possibility that I still can get a cfo even my fiancé or my sponsor is still married.? Thank you so much and GODBLESS

  13. bakit walang Costa Rica sa list of country donsa CFP-online registration.destination ko sana is Costa Rica.

  14. We keep emailing CFO tech support to update an email address but we can’t update it. Plus CFO doesn’t answer their phones. It’s very difficult to get CFO sticker online. They need to open up for inperson again. The online takes forever and is inefficient. People miss their flight ✈️ over the sticker and CFO does nothing to improve their system.

  15. Hi! na offload po ako today sa immigration . need ko daw po kumuha ng CFO online registration paano po at hindi n po b ako pupunta sa office ng CFO? thank you

  16. Oaano po ao makakuha ng CFo? Di nila ako mabigyan dahil hinahanapan nila ako ng PSA marriage certificate. overseas po kasi knisal online martiage. Ang kaialangan po dalawa kami mismo mag report ng aming report of marriage sa PH embassy/ consultate sa Japan. Kung asawa ko lang po di po pwedi. Ano po kaya maaari ko gawin? Pra mabigayan ako CFO?

    1. You’ll have to talk to the officer about that one po kung ano kasi super technical yung question eh.

  17. Hi my cfo certificate is expiring soon in July and God knows when can I fly due to the restrictions of SG Govt. They canceled all entry and probably they will open in Early July. And I’m worried if I can renew my CFO certificate since I have not used it yet. To avoid the hassle if they will give me my entry date anytime in July.Thank you.Pls advice me.

      1. Hi pwede magtanong? I’m apply for short term visa. My daughter and I will visit my partner for 3 months, are we still going to get that CFO?

        1. You’ll need po as you will be visiting your partner, as for your daughter po. Please do ask the CFO officer if she also needs one.

  18. Hi po! How will I go about registering my minor child po who doesn’t require a seminar or tele counseling? Thank you po!

    1. Minor child under 12 exempt from seminar – from PH immigration website. For above 13 minor immigration site says “Peer Counseling Program”. However minor doesn’t need any sticker. Please confirm with CFO.

  19. Tanong ko lng ilang buwan ba ma expired ang cfo for immigrants. And alam ko 3 months but binigay nila sa akin less 2 months lng. June 8 2021 ko nag apply ma expired July 31 2021..then mag travel anak ko august pa..

    1. It’s better to contact CFO with regards to that po, kasi alam ko di sya nag expire after ng use mo.

  20. Hello. Thank you for sharing this. Tapos na ako sa Tele counselling tapos nag ask pa sila ng additional requirements. Kaso 5 days na wala pa rin akong natatanggap na email from them. Nag email na ako at tumawag (kaso hindi sinagot ng facilitator ko). Pero wala pa rin. May pwede ba akong gawin para magreply sila? Salamat.

    1. wala po silang e-mail sayo po? Kindly contact them again through other means to or e-mail nila.

    2. Ilang days po ang processing sa pag kuha po ng CFO certificate for counceling? Naway matulungan niyo po ako..Ang flight ko po ay june 18,2021
      Maraming maraming salamat po

  21. Hi! Okay lang po kaya na magregister na ako for telecounselling while waiting for my tourist visa to get approved? Gaano po ba usually katagal o kabilis maischedule for telecounselling after you registered as a first time applicant? Thank you!

    1. Pwede po. Depende po yan sa availability ng telecounselors po and if gano ka dami nag-aaply.

    1. they’ll reply po in your e-mail then you’ll get an appointment or they’ll give a date. Depende yan sa availability ng staff nila.

  22. Hi, thank you for this very informative blog. Ask ko lang po to clarify for my partner, i am a filipino with permanent resident need pa din po ba nia mag undergo ng guidance and counselling or PDOS lang po?

    1. Is your partner traveling on an immigrant visa or long-term visa po? PDOS usually is asked. You can also verify with the cfo po via e-mail or FB messenger

      1. Thank you po, we tried to verify po sa FB kaso wala po kami response na receive. She will be travelling with a long term visa, Type D po.

    1. Right now, the CFO is asking this, so better to get prepared with everything and OVER-prepared than underprepare.

  23. Thank you, this is very informative. Clarify ko lang po, after ng online registration, next is appointment interview? face to face interview? need po ba magpunta sa office nila?

      1. hi! after recieving email etc. need pa po bang pumunta sa office for coiuunseling? para saan po ang appointement? and when to get the seal?

        PS. this is for my son 13 years old. iba na kasi ang procedure ngayon kesa sakin noon 8 yrs ago.

        1. you’ll get a call po for an appointment. via tawag nlng lahat.
          then they’ll send you an email of the temporary cfo and the sticker via male.

    1. Good day, Yung nag PA aral kasi sakin pinapapunta akong UAE
      kailangan Ata NG CFO kasi higpit NG immigration kailangan NG Aos at cfo. Hinahanap.
      Required ba akong kumuha?

    1. Temporary Certificate is after your interview or confirmation with the CFO.
      Sticker probably depends on where you are located and when CFO has shipped them.

  24. My Filipina says she has to send you an affidavit of support to come visit me in Maldives to get her cfo is this true

  25. hello good day .. bakit po unavailabe yung mga page or website ? mag o-online registration sana ako ? alin dun yung gagamitin ko ? hoping for your response Thank you.

  26. Helo Po ask ko Lang Po nag registered online ng cfo ang anak ko nakuha nya Po un temporary certificate ng cfo mag seminar pa poba sxa papunta sxa dito Sa Australia new immigrant and 17 yrs old ..

    Thanks Po

    Thank you Po

  27. Hello po. Ask ko lng po any idea kung mga ilang linggo po madeliver yung original copy ng CFO certificate and sticker? Kasi po meron na po akong temporary CFO certificate na natanggap through email. Pero yung original CFO Certificate copy ko not yet sent by mail. It’s almost 2 weeks na po.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

  28. Hi!

    Is this only available for partner and PR visas?
    Kung temporary visa lang such as TSS (temporary shortage skills, 482) e kelangan po ba tong CFO?
    Dependant ko po ung asawa ko pero TSS lang hawak nya.

  29. hi po. ty po sa info. tanong q lng po. lagi po na may available na slot. na pinakamalapit. o puno po palagi. saka nagpunta po ba kayo para lang sa sticker? kasi po nagseminar na ako dati. sticker nalang po need ko. ty po

    1. Hi! Same tayo scenario. Nkapagseminar ako around March pero nglockdown so ng-online sila. Mag-online ka pa ron po. Yung color blue po yung piliin nyo. If may telecounselor ka na, inform him na nkaavail ka na sa seminar before and nkapagbayad. Attached the receipt at ung stub po. Tapos about s payment, 95 nlng ung babayaran pra sa courier na mgdedeliver ng sticker. If your flight is real soon, dont wait for the sticker to he send to your address. Okay na po ang CFO Certificate na ipakita sa immigration.

    2. Hi how are you. Your help is badly needed. My 3 kids ages ( 21,16,11 yrs old.)
      Has already flight schedule for USA this coming June 25…but the problem is no respond from CFO website or email after sila nag register a week ago.. I understood pwede magamit ang temporary certificate just in case we have them. Is there any possible way na ma speedier process or any suggestions would be very helpful.. one more thing how many days ba makuha ang sticker or temporary certificate just incase. Your help is very much appreciated. Thanks. Godbless

  30. magandang Gabi!!
    tanong ko lng po naka pag siminar na po ako at meron na akong Cfo certificate. waiting nalang po ako ng visa. ang tanong ko po. saan ko po makukuha ang CFO sticker?? salamat po

  31. Do I need CFO certificate if I’m on visit visa but travelling with my husband and children who have British passports?

    1. Better to consult with the Bureau of Immigration (they reply on Facebook) so that you are sure if you need one or not

  32. hi everyone ask ko lang po if saan po pde magpa register for pdos? im flying to canada on march 7 thank you sa sagot po

  33. Hi po, i will be visiting my fiance for 3months. Do i still need to have these certificates/ sticker upon departure?. Sa choices kasi is this is only required for emigrant, au pair and immigrant workers, kaso visitors visa lang po yung sakin. Im worried po na baka ma offload ako kung di ako kukuha. Thank you po.

  34. my son in law was take the pdost on line seminar he did not recieved the certificate until now his flight is on dec 26 to canada what should he do pls . give as a help

  35. Hello good day asking lang po.19 yrs old po anak ko nkakuha sya po ng (S)AS LONG TERM RESIDENT.Need po b nya ng seminar po ?or registered ko lang po sya pra mkakuha po sya ng certification po.slamt po reply asap

  36. My wife has her CFO certificate, but no link came to download the temporary sticker. Can my wife travel with the certificate only? Or will she have to wait for the phantom sticker ???

    1. She can travel on the temp certificate emailed to her. But better to have the sticker. The certificate by email is temporary. CFO doesn’t answer their emails.

  37. Hi , magtatanong po ako ano po recent documents sa CFO since magbabakasyon lang naman sa Pinas . Maliban sa red ribbon any documents pa bo hinihinge nila?

  38. Im done doing the payment, nakatanggap na rin ako ng payment confirmation pero walang link para iprint ung temporary certificate.

  39. Paano po magbayad? madami na po akong napuntahan na bayad center pero hindi nila mahanap ang Biller name na CFO. Online payment po yung pinili ko since akala ko madali siya para sa akin pero sobrang hirap po maghanap kasi hindi alam ng staff ng bayad center kahit may code at reference #. Please help me po thanks

      1. Mayroon na po akong CFO Certificate last October, 2019. Dumating na po ang US ViSA ko po. For STICKER nalang ang kailangan ko po.. Anong procedure po… please help..
        Maraming Salamat po and God bless.

      2. Ma’am ilang araw po bago maka tanga ng notification after ng registration i send on my email?flight ko na po kasi sana sa 29th this month pano po gagawin ko…help please…thank you po and God bless

    1. Hello, this is very informative and helpful esp during this time of pandemic. Do you know how long it will take until the of cors certificate will be delivered to you once payment confirmation in the email is sent? Also, if by appointment, makukuha ba xa agad within the day ung certificate?

  40. I already gets an email to confirm. pero walang lumalabas sakin na step 7. pag click ko ng register bumabalik lang sya.
    Pano mo mahanap ang step 7? need ko na po kasi makuha cfo ko para makapag rebook na ako. salamat po

    1. Hi, may I ask which country kau? same din kasi saken then ayaw na lumabas ng ibang country kapagpinipili ko ung employer US lang meron but before meron nmn syang sweden. thanks

          1. If i have the temporary CFO OFCORS Certificate can I use that on my depature date even I dont have the sticker in my passport?

    1. i already have my temporary cfo certificate thru email , do i still need to attend PDOS? i’m going to canada next month.

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