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Backpacking Guide – 10 Essential Things to Bring while Staying in Backpacker Hostel

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor April 10th, 2020 Posted in Travel Blog, Travel Gear Reviews No comments

While staying at a backpacker hostel, you should consider the things that you should bring. Here, we’ll give you an idea of what are the essential things to bring in a backpacker hostel.

While backpacking, budget is an essential issue. To suppress your budget, you can change your stay from star hotels to a hostel. Unfortunately, hostels don’t have a complete facility as a hotel since it’s a cheaper place. Well…you even need to share a room or bathroom with other travelers as well.

To make your stay in a hostel comfortable even though with the minimum facility, you can prepare these following things to ease your stay.

List of the Things To Bring While You’re Staying in a Backpacker Hostel

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Pro’s and Con’s of Each Things

1. Padlock

10 Essential Things to Bring while Staying in Backpacking Hostel 1


  • Great durability.
  • Another level of protection with 3 digit combination lock and key lock with open alert indicator.
  • TSA Approved.
  • Lightweight material, made from a zinc alloy body with no plastic points.
  • Easy to use.


  • Couldn’t open it once forgot the combination numbers.

2. Easy to Dry Towel

10 Essential Things to Bring while Staying in Backpacking Hostel 2


  • Lightweight, easy to pack, and portable.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Luxurious feel.
  • Wicks sand and debris.
  • Super absorption and fast drying features.
  • Ultra-soft materials.


  • Not delivering to some countries.
  • Some of the product has poor stitches, but it’s just a rare case.

3. Travel Size Toiletries

10 Essential Things to Bring while Staying in Backpacking Hostel 3


  • It has a large capacity, enough for all toiletries.
  • Compartments: 2 side pockets for small and medium things and 17 compartments with dividers and loop in every pocket on the inside of the bag.
  • Handy.
  • Durable seams and stable bottom.
  • Hangable.


  • The empty bag is quite heavy (10.4 ounces).
  • Not enough for a hairdryer.

4. Sleeping Aid

10 Essential Things to Bring while Staying in Backpacking Hostel 4


  • High quality, super soft, and breathable material.
  • Lightweight and fits perfectly.
  • Increased rem sleep.
  • Adjustable soft elastic strap.
  • No need to wash.


  • It can produce too much pressure on the eyes when the strap is not properly adjusted.
  • Blocks the light completely. People with nyctophobia shouldn’t use it at all.

5. Earbuds/Earplugs

10 Essential Things to Bring while Staying in Backpacking Hostel 5


  • Comfortable to wear without anyone discovering.
  • Comes along with foam and silicone earplugs which can reduce up to 23dB noise.
  • Package: 1 concert earplugs, 1 foam earplugs, and 1 silicon earplugs.
  • Easy to store and clean.
  • Ultra-lightweight.


  • The small size earplug can be a little bit hard to remove for some people.

6. Flip-Flops/Sandals

10 Essential Things to Bring while Staying in Backpacking Hostel 6


  • Quick to dry.
  • Thick sole that soft for the skin, but tough enough for a rough road.
  • Lightweight.
  • Unisex users.


  • Not delivering to some countries.
  • Double-check on the size before purchasing. It came too narrow for some peoples.

7. Dry Bag for Dirty Clothes

10 Essential Things to Bring while Staying in Backpacking Hostel 7


  • Comes in several capacity options.
  • Made from 500D PVC and waterproof certified..
  • Available in various colors.
  • Durable, comfortable, and sturdy.
  • It comes with a waterproof phone pouch.


  • Heavy.
  • The 10 and 20-liter bag only uses a single strap.

8. Adapter

10 Essential Things to Bring while Staying in Backpacking Hostel 8


  • 4 USB Port (2.4A)
  • It can charge 5 devices at the same time with high speed.
  • FCC CE ROHS certified safety system.
  • Support worldwide sockets at 100-240V.
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Do not use it for high power appliances, such as 110V hairdryer, curling iron, straightener, etc.
  • No voltage converter.
  • It doesn’t work in South Africa.

9. Multiple USB charger

10 Essential Things to Bring while Staying in Backpacking Hostel 9


  • Compact and handy.
  • USB output is 5V and 10A (total).
  • The length of the cable is 1.5m / 5 feet.
  • Equipped with fire-resistant materials and surge and overload protection.
  • Easy to use and durable.


  • Heavy.
  • Some of the port doesn’t support quick charging features.

10. Pocket Wifi

10 Essential Things to Bring while Staying in Backpacking Hostel 10


  • Works on 4G LTE and 3G connection.
  • The download speed is up to 150 Mbps on 4G connection and 42.2 Mbps on a 3G connection. The upload speed is up to 5.76 Mbps.
  • Uses 1500mAh replaceable battery with maximum work up to 6h and standby up to 300h.
  • Standard 6-pin SIM card.
  • Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n produce a hotspot connection for up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled clients.
  • Compact and lightweight.


  • Not delivering to some countries.
  • SIM card is not included.

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