The 8 Best Travel Wallets [With Tips on How To Choose The Good Quality]

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When traveling, it is important to consider where you will keep your cash or cards in. And that is why we need to know the best travel wallets available.

8 Travel Wallets You Can Use While on Your Journey
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However, you need a wallet that does not only help you to organize your funds and important cards as a regular wallet does. You need more space or compartments to store your important documents such as boarding passes and passport to make it easier to reach. To find some of the best travel wallets which suit your necessity and preference, you need to consider several things below.


The best travel wallet is the one that’s not too small nor too large and able to take in most of your essential things. There are two types of sizes that you need to consider:

  • A personal travel wallet usually has a compact size and able to load a single passport. Solo travelers are more convenient to use this type of wallet.
  • Family travel wallet usually larger and has more space and compartments to accommodate the family’s important documents. This type of wallet is more preferable for those of you who want to travel in a group.


Wallet’s compartments have a tight connection to the available space on a wallet. The more compartments available, the more space it has. But more compartments mean it has to sacrifice its compactness. And you have to consider the amount of the documents you want to bring to adjust to how much compartments you need.


There are several types of material that’s common to use to make a travel wallet. Nylon and leather are the most popular material to use.

Leather / Synthetic Leather

Leather or synthetic leather travel wallet provides you a classic, vintage, and classy look. Unfortunately, most leather travel wallet doesn’t have an anti-scratch feature.


Nylon is the most common fabric to use to make a wallet. It’s lightweight, easy to clean, and flexible. Many manufacturers equipped their nylon travel wallet with a waterproof coating to keep your essential items from getting wet, whether you’re traveling near the water or when you’re facing rainy situations.


There are several designs of travel wallets that you can choose based on your preference, such as neck pouch, hand pouch, or waist belt travel wallet. Make sure that your travel wallet is comfortable enough to carry throughout the day and night.

Additional Features

Additional features that you need to consider is the RFID protection. You need to store most of your essential items on your wallet, including credit/debit cards, driver’s license, passport, or anything that holds your personal information. The existence of RFID protection on your wallet will prevent electronic pick-pocketers from accessing your personal data.

List of 8 Best Travel Wallets that We Recommend

Product NamesProduct ImagesAbout this ProductPrice
Neohipo8 Travel Wallets You Can Use While on Your Journey 1Neohipo provides a travel wallet that’s suitable to use for family trips and can fit up to 5 passports in it. It features an interlayer with a unique transparent ticket bag, a pocket on the front for storing phone and other items, 8 credit card bags, a zipper mesh pocket for coins, a large internal zipper pocket for cash, a large compartment for flight tickets, a large wing pocket, and a pen holder. The wallet is made of nylon fabric FDA approved material which is durable, waterproof, tear-resistant, and high density.check price button2 dnd 300x178
Winks Travel8 Travel Wallets You Can Use While on Your Journey 2This Winks Travel wallet has a neck pouch design and is equipped with RFID protection to block shield materials to prevent personal account information disclosure. It is made with superior quality materials from 210 ripstop waterproof nylon that provides high durability. The neck pouch design allows you to keep the wallet under your clothes to maximize its protection from pickpockets. It has 7 convenience and flexible pockets throughout to store your essential things.check price button2 dnd 300x178
Villini8 Travel Wallets You Can Use While on Your Journey 3With the leather material that’s embossed with Brooklyn bridge and coat of arms USA, Villini travel wallet looks more classy and vintage. The leather has thick high quality and stitches strongly that will last for ages. It’s more preferable for personal usage due to compactness and few compartments available. To add its safety, Villini equipped RFID blocking features on the wallet.check price button2 dnd 300x178
Sandstyleco8 Travel Wallets You Can Use While on Your Journey 4Sandystyleco provides a 100% premium nylon travel wallet that will accommodate your family’s most important items. This material has great durability, waterproof, and lightweight. It has 5 passport pockets, 8 credit card slots, a coin zipper mesh, a large internal compartment for cash, and other compartments for different usage. It’s equipped with RFID protection that will be guarding your personal information such as credit/debit card.check price button2 dnd 300x178
Evershop8 Travel Wallets You Can Use While on Your Journey 5Evershop provides a neck pouch travel wallet to organize your most essential items and secures it throughout your trip. It’s made from high-quality polyester fiber which is quite durable with handy design. The sturdy zipper is equipped to effectively protect your items. Both body and zipper are waterproof and washable. It has a removable neck strap to make it easy for you to carry and store and make your trip more comfortable. You can store multiple passports on its compartment and is very convenient to use for a family trip.check price button2 dnd 300x178
Raytix8 Travel Wallets You Can Use While on Your Journey 6Raytix provides a belt type travel wallet that’s comfortable to use because it’s thin and lightweight. The belt is adjustable and made of high quality and waterproof material. It’s also equipped with multiple compartments both inside and outside of the wallet. To add more protection, Raytix installed YKK zippers and RFID protection on the wallet. You can also have several color options to adjust to your preference.check price button2 dnd 300x178
Casmonal8 Travel Wallets You Can Use While on Your Journey 7Casmonal produces a stylish travel wallet embedded with motivation travel sentences. It has 16 different colors to widen your options. The wallet is made from premium leather and suitable for storing your essential travel items, such as passport, airplane tickets, credit cards, banknotes, etc. It’s also equipped with an RFID blocking feature and secures your personal info from electronic pick-pocketers.check price button2 dnd 300x178
Vemingo8 Travel Wallets You Can Use While on Your Journey 8Vemingo produces a family passport holder that features RFID blocking protection. You can load 4 passports on its available compartments, as well as other essential items. The wallet is made from ultra-durable nylon and the zippers are robust enough to secure anything inside of the wallet. It’s equipped with a removable strap and multiple compartments that provide large internal space capacity and flexible organization. It has multiple color options, a handy, and stylish design.check price button2 dnd 300x178

Pro’s and Con’s of Each Travel Wallets

1. Neohipo

8 Travel Wallets You Can Use While on Your Journey 1


  • It features a lot of compartments to organize your family’s essential documents.
  • Easy to carry and equipped with RFID blocking shield material to prevent personal account information disclosure.
  • FDA approved material.
  • Durable, lightweight, sturdy, waterproof, tear-resistant, and high density.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • Only have one color option.
  • Not suitable for solo travelers. You can choose the small size if you want a more compact size.

2. Winks Travel

8 Travel Wallets You Can Use While on Your Journey 2


  • Neck pouch design.
  • Super durable, lightweight, sturdy, water-resistant, and breathable.
  • It’s equipped with a comfortable and less bulky tough shoulder strap.
  • Armed with an RFID reader to prevent pickpockets from stealing your personal information.
  • 7 pocket versatility fits all essentials.
  • Personal users are more preferable.


  • Water-resistant but not waterproof.
  • Quite heavy and burdening your neck when all of your essential items loaded in it. As a hack, you can wear it as a slingback as well.

3. Villini

8 Travel Wallets You Can Use While on Your Journey 3


  • Up to 9 various color options.
  • Extra durable, lightweight, stylish, classy, and compact design.
  • High-quality stitching to ensure its durability and protection.
  • Equipped with 4 card pockets and 1 money pocket.
  • 3-years warranty.


  • It doesn’t have an anti-scratch feature whereas the leather is easy to get scratched.
  • The size can be too small for some users.

4. Sandstyleco

8 Travel Wallets You Can Use While on Your Journey 4


  • Durable, waterproof, tear-resistant, and lightweight.
  • Multiple convenient compartments.
  • Easy to carry and equipped with wrist-bracelet or hand-strap.
  • Family size travel wallet.
  • 90-days money-back / replacement warranty.


  • Not delivering to some countries.
  • The design is rather bulky than compact.

5. Evershop

8 Travel Wallets You Can Use While on Your Journey 5


  • Washable.
  • Multiple compartments and allows you to keep several passports and airplane ticket on it.
  • Waterproof, durable, handy, and easy to carry.
  • The inner RFID blocking will be protecting your personal data from pick-pocketers.
  • 100% quality insurance.
  • You can use it as a handbag as well.


  • Not delivering to some countries.
  • The family size is quite heavy and burdening your neck.

6. Raytix

8 Travel Wallets You Can Use While on Your Journey 6


  • Comfortable, waterproof, durable, sturdy, and lightweight.
  • Equipped with YKK zippers and RFID protection.
  • Adjustable waist belt up to 38 inches.
  • Various color options.


  • Quite big and bulky for petite users.
  • For big size users, the belt size can be too tight and small.

7. Casmonal

8 Travel Wallets You Can Use While on Your Journey 7


  • 16 different color options.
  • Stylish and premium design with embossed sentences.
  • Durable, sturdy, and lightweight.
  • Compact and slim design.
  • Featuring RFID protection.
  • 1-year quality protection.


  • Not delivering to some countries.
  • For personal usage and fits 1 passport only.

8. Vemingo

8 Travel Wallets You Can Use While on Your Journey 8


  • Equipped with RFID blocking protection.
  • Multiple compartments and suitable to use for a family travel wallet.
  • Visible storage compartment on the front to ease you from reaching your items.
  • Durable, lightweight, and tear-resistant material.
  • Handy and comfortable to carry.


  • Not delivering to some countries.
  • The size dimensions are too big for personal or couple usage.
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