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The 10 Best Reviewed Sailing Boots for Men and Women

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor April 14th, 2020 Posted in Sailing, Travel Gear Reviews No comments

Prepare your pen and paper and take note of these sailing boots that can help you while enjoying any water activities! Consider buying one of these.

One of the most essential equipment, when you went on sailing or doing other water activities, is footwear. Footwear is needed to protect your feet from constant contact with water or when you go to rocky or slippery locations. Even the boats can be slippery, and you need to protect your feet.

10 Sailing Boots that is Suitable for Any Water Activities

You can use various types of footwear, such as water shoes, sandals, or boots. As for boots, there are two types of boots that are based on the length that you can choose, those are ankle-high and knee-high boots. There are several things you need to consider before purchasing the boots; features, materials and durability, size.


You need to wear comfortable boots to prevent yourself from being wounded, soaked, and it’s dangerous if you’re wearing unfitted boots. When choosing the right boots, you need to check on:

  • Grips. Sailing boots are mostly equipped with grip soles and anti-slip. You need the grip to prevent slipping on the wet deck, and it’s dangerous.
  • Snug fit. You need to use the right size boot. It has to be fit and tight on top to prevent water from entering your boots. But it must be not too tight so you can move freely. Boots should also be equipped with high rope to make it fitter.
  • Quick to dry. Sailing requires a lot of contact with water, either fresh or saltwater. You need boots that are quick to dry or waterproof since wet boots are uncomfortable to wear.


Materials and Durability

Sailing boots made from various types of materials, mostly leather, and synthetics.

A. Leather

Many sailors wear leather boots since it was designed to be salt-water-proof, which decreases the water absorption and quicken the drying process. There are two common leather types that you can choose:

  • Nubuck leather has a soft fur appearance. It’s very durable and thicker than traditional leather.
  • Full-Wheat Leather uses the strongest part of animal skin, which makes it very durable. This is the ideal material for sailing boots since it’s tough, durable, and easy to clean. You can clean it using a wet sponge and rinse it after contact with salt-water.

B. Synthetic

Nowadays, the campaign for no leather to protect the animals has been unceasing. That’s why synthetic materials become a promising option to replace leather. The most common synthetic material to make a sailing boot is neoprene. It’s lightweight, comfortable, durable, waterproof, and less expensive than the leather one. Neoprene is usually combined with rubber to provide extra protection.


Many manufacturers are producing unisex sailing boots. As women and men have different foot sizes, you need to make sure that you choose the right size. Unisex sailing boots usually use men’s standard size, so women need to decrease the size from the size shown in the brochure. You can also contact the seller or manufacturers to get the fittest size.

10 Types of Sailing Boots that You Can Choose From

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Pro’s and Con’s of Each Sailing Boots

1. OutdoorMaster – Hunting Boots – Waterproof, Insulated Boots, Fishing and Outdoor

10 Sailing Boots that is Suitable for Any Water Activities 1


  • Available in size of 8 to 13.
  • Slip-on closure.
  • Rough grooved sole for anti-slip function.
  • 1-year warranty.


  • Too hot to use in warm/hot areas.

2. Gill – Men’s Fishing Boating Waterproof Lace Up Rubber Aero Boots

10 Sailing Boots that is Suitable for Any Water Activities 2


  • Equipped with non-ferrous YKK zipper.
  • Waterproof seal.
  • Wide ankle strap, high grip soles, and reinforces heels.
  • Soft and flexible.


  • Not delivering to some countries.
  • No fixed size but claimed to be fit type.

3. Xtratuf – Performance Series 6″ Men’s Full Rubber Ankle Deck Boots

10 Sailing Boots that is Suitable for Any Water Activities 3


  • Slip-on closure
  • Easy-on rubber grips.
  • Lightweight and breathable lining.
  • 1-year limited warranty.


  • Not delivering to some countries.
  • Unisex users in men size, double-check the size before ordering.

4. Cressi – Cressi Minorca Short Boots

10 Sailing Boots that is Suitable for Any Water Activities 4


  • Anti-slip grip.
  • Adjustable strap fins.
  • Tight zipper.
  • Large size range.
  • Lightweight.
  • 2-years limited warranty.


  • Suitable for water temperatures under 24°C only.
  • Double-check on the size since it’s unisex.

5. Cressi – Cressi Tall Neoprene Boots for Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Canyoning

10 Sailing Boots that is Suitable for Any Water Activities 5


  • Large size range.
  • Build-in fin strap holder.
  • Super elastic and durable.
  • Toe and heel reinforced with long-lasting rubber for extra protection.


  • Not delivering to some countries.
  • Not recommended to use in warm water (maximum water temperature is 24°C.

6. Mares – Mares Classic 3mm Dive Boat

10 Sailing Boots that is Suitable for Any Water Activities 6


  • Lightweight and super comfortable
  • Full manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Equipped with zipper for easier donning and doffing.


  • Not delivering to some countries.
  • The soles were too soft for rocky areas.

7. Neo-Sport – Premium Neoprene Men and Women Wetsuit Boots

10 Sailing Boots that is Suitable for Any Water Activities 7


  • Durable construction.
  • Easy on and off the zipper.
  • Large size range from 4 to 16.


  • Not delivering to some countries.
  • No fins holder.
  • Double-check the size before purchasing.

8. Aqua Lung – Aqua Lung 6.5mm Men’s Echozip Ergo Boot

10 Sailing Boots that is Suitable for Any Water Activities 8


  • Lightweight.
  • Hook and loop zipper lock.
  • Non-corrosive zipper.
  • Flexible.
  • Suitable to use in tropical locations.


  • Not for women users.
  • Size 11 only.

9. SEAC – SEAC Pro HD 6mm Neoprene Wetsuit Boots with Side Zipper

10 Sailing Boots that is Suitable for Any Water Activities 9


  • Anti-slip grip.
  • Adjustable strap fins.
  • Large size range from XXS to XXL.
  • Easy to grip zipper and reinforced hook-and-loop closure.
  • Lightweight.


  • Not delivering to some countries.
  • Too warm to use in tropical locations.

10. Gill – Gill Short Boots

10 Sailing Boots that is Suitable for Any Water Activities 10


  • Large size range.
  • Quick-drying polyester lining.
  • Removable soles.
  • Breathable and highly visible.
  • Lightweight.


  • Not delivering to some countries.
  • Men users only.

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