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Cultural things to do and Places to go as an Expat in Kuwait

By Kach Umandap April 12th, 2022 Posted in Asia Travel Blog, Travel Blog, Travel Guides 57 Comments

They’ve said there’s no life in Kuwait.. possible but not until you know the right places, right event and be with the right people. Here are some of the things I did enjoy doing and experiencing in Kuwait.

1. Go Food Tripping. Pig out and try the restaurants!

I will make another post about where are the best places to eat in Kuwait (based on my preference) for breakfast, burgers, western food, Italian food, seafood, buffet, Japanese food, etc. Kuwait is the place to be…you name it, Kuwait has it!

Things to do and Places to go as an Expat in Kuwait

2. Go Target Shooting

Eid, my good Kuwaiti friend, brought me there for the first time and tried it again the second time with other Couchsurfers. I love it!

3. Go speed boating and Scuba diving

I was influenced by Ron (my friend from Dubai) to try Scuba diving, so I did my research and then eventually met Dr. Hassan from q8divers (if you want his number, message me, and you can tell him you’re my friend, so he’ll charge you on a minimal rate!). I went out to try it one time (just one time, since it’s almost winter time) and it was a good experience, but for sure I should try it in the Philippines.

Awesome Things to do and Places to go in Kuwait - Part 1
Yay, First time! Kuwaiti water!

4. Go Catamaran Sailing- this is love!

I super love my Daddy-yo, Mr. Nigel! He’s the one who invited us and taught me how to be a crew and sail a Catamaran boat. During my last three months in Kuwait, my Friday morning was always reserved to go to Messilah Beach and go Catamaran Sailing! I miss it, and I miss the Kuwaiti Sailors.

And also, with this group.. you’ll meet awesome professional people who eventually become your good friends who can give you good fatherly advice! LMAO (Right, Mr. Ashley? )

5. Watch concerts. Free concerts and fundraising events…

When I was in Kuwait, I was an avid reader of 248am.com and the Grapevine Kuwait which kept me updated on what’s new events in Kuwait. I was attending concert, cultural event and shows in Kuwait with Lory (since she influenced me with this) and other couch surfers.. It was a very good experience…

6. Attend Embassy Parties

Partying at the Diplomatic premises are the only legal place to drink “genuine” alcoholic drinks.. but you need to know someone working for the Embassy to put you in the Guestlist. I’ve attended parties at my favorite British Embassy (I miss the Thirsty Camel bar every Monday and Thursday)and attended a few movie showing with Wine at the Italian Embassy.. =)

Awesome Things to do and Places to go in Kuwait - Part 1
Attend Embassy Parties
Awesome Things to do and Places to go in Kuwait - Part 1
with Himanshu, my very first Couchsurfing friend!

Tip: If you’re driving, it’s better to have a bottle of water, gum, cigarette, perfume in your car after the party since Traffic police are waiting outside the diplomatic premises to capture drunkards. Phones and cameras are not allowed inside the diplomatic premises so not many pictures. So, you better find now connections with the diplomatic community ‘cus you’ll be missing a lot of gatherings! But always be careful since drinking is illegal in Kuwait.

Awesome Things to do and Places to go in Kuwait - Part 1
With Himanshu, my very first Couchsurfing friend!

7.  Attend House, Yacht and Chalet Parties

As you know, it’s illegal to go partying in Kuwait, but you can still enjoy it discreetly. You are cool if you have friends who live in the houses with swimming pools, roof top where you can play loud music and a villa who have their privacy.

It’s also very common to have a party on the yacht or chalet, most of my friends in Kuwait were renting a yacht to celebrate their birthdays, and the yacht will roam along Salmiya area for 2 to 3 hours.

Awesome Things to do and Places to go in Kuwait - Part 1

Awesome Things to do and Places to go in Kuwait - Part 1
Awesome Things to do and Places to go in Kuwait – Part 1

8. Go to Kheiran Beach (near Kuwait-Saudi Border)

It was cool when we discovered this hidden paradise in Kuwait last October 2012. It’s the beach near the Saudi Border. It’s clean, not that crowded and polluted… I was able to wear my swimsuit!

You can go there to relax or chill with friends. However, overnight camping is not allowed in this area. And Please clean your mess!

Awesome Things to do and Places to go in Kuwait - Part 1
Pop and Barry

9. Go to Al Salmi Desert. Stargazing or Overnight Camping

You must go there with a large group of friends! Not alone with a lover or just few girl friends.Still, it’s Kuwait! You better try to go there to try stargazing, it was really fun to watch the shooting stars.. just chill and relax or better to go there with a tent, loud car music, barbecue, and bonfire. I missed it!

10. Try the Pro Kart (near the 360 malls)

If you have time, you better try it at night time. They will just charge you 5 KWD to do it.. better if there are only a few customers so you can maximize your time.Awesome Things to do and Places to go in Kuwait - Part 1

11. Try playing Paintball 

There’s a paintball field at the back of the Kuwait Towers along the Gulf Road. I recommend if you will go here with a group of friends so you can play against each other.. Paintball is kinda painful. I had bruises last time cuz this crazy Italian hit me on my legs without safety cover!

Awesome Things to do and Places to go in Kuwait - Part 1
Are you ready?


12. Go museum hopping

I only went to the House of Mirrors when my awesome Indian friend (Himanshu) brought me there one time after work. The owner of the house, Ms. Linda, is an awesome lady! Then, I also went to the Kuwait Marine museum located at the Radisson Sas. How I wish I had the chance to go the Kuwait Museum and other places.. but I was busy working my ass off at my desk job!

Awesome Things to do and Places to go in Kuwait - Part 113. Go to the Scientific Center (along Gulf Road)

If you’re child-like as me and want to see penguins and a big aquarium in Kuwait, then you better go to the Scientific center. LOL. It’s also good to go there for a long walk along the shore… hmmm, I’m missing the sound of the sea breeze!

14. Go smoke shisha!

Shisha is the favorite past time of the Arabs and even anyone from the middle east. I used to love it until I learned it is worst than cigarette. You better try it at anywhere along the Gulf road in Salmiya. It’s everywhere but if you live in the South of Kuwait, try it at the Al Kout Mall in Fahaheel near the fountain area. I will try to make another post on where is the best place to do shisha in Kuwait and its’ cost.

Awesome Things to do and Places to go in Kuwait - Part 115. Go to the Old Souq/ Mubarakiya

Cultural things to do and Places to go as an Expat in Kuwait
Photo by Moayad Hussain CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

I used to go to the Mubarakiya to buy some fruits especially when I was still working in Sharq area.. you can also eat authentic arabic food (if you’re not that choosy and willing to have “flies” in your food) then this is the place to be!

16. Go to the Friday Market/ Haraj

Cultural things to do and Places to go as an Expat in Kuwait
Photo by laurencehorton CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

If you’re cool on buying second hand stuff from branded clothes to antique furniture, even animals, plants and a lot more then this is the place to be.. especially if you love to haggle prices! I just went here for the few times but can’t stay longer cuz of the heat.

Tip: You better go there on Fridays, wear a decent/ conservative clothes, have more smaller dinars for haggling, go with group of friends and way better to have a male companion.

17. Go to Al Hamra- the highest building in Kuwait.

I didn’t have the chance to go at the top of Al Hamra since you have to make an appointment and I was already leaving Kuwait. Most of the brands and stores there are Italian brands.. I’ve watched the Skyfall movie in the Al Hamra theater and had my favorite burger at the Elevation Burger (they have a branch there!yay!)

Awesome Things to do and Places to go in Kuwait - Part 1
View from my Old office

Tip: You better park your car at the lowest parking level as possible, it will take you time just to get out of the parking lot! The last time, it took me almost an hour just to get out!

18. Go to Failaka Island

If you’re going with a group then you better rent a yacht or if not go to the Marina area and pay a fare going to Failaka. It’s good to go there to see the ruined buildings, ride the buggy and explore the area.. I think you can stay there overnight but you have to book a room in the hotel there.. not sure since I went there with a group who rented a yacht and left after the sunset.

19. Go shopping – Grand Avenues, 360 mall, Al Kout Mall, Marina mall, Al Hamra Mall etc..

Cultural things to do and Places to go as an Expat in Kuwait
Photo by almasudi CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Everybody should thank Al Shaya for bringing all of these branded Western products in Kuwait.. I bet Kuwait has more branded clothes, makeups, shoes, bags, etc that you can ever imagine. You can also enjoy shopping at Ikea, Zara Home etc. There’s a lot and some are overpriced.. well, that’s business and Kuwaitis are rich and can afford buying a 500 USD dress for their everyday use! lol

20. My favorite.. Go to your favorite gym and spa! Go pamper yourself! 

Since I had a year membership with my awesome gym, Champions Ladies Spa and Health club, I can do everything there.. Gym, spinning classes, zumba, aerobic classes, yoga class, indoor swimming, jacuzzi, sauna, massage, body scrub, arabian hammam, even to fix my eyebrow and do my pedicure!

The best gym in Kuwait!!! Check it out! =)

Awesome Things to do and Places to go in Kuwait - Part 1

My gym is only exclusive for ladies which I enjoyed as well.. It was not allowed to take pictures there so below shots are from their official FB page. I miss my gym instructors and gym buddies!!

21. Go to a not-so-posh restaurant/s and sing Karaoke! yay!

Our favorite place is no other than the Arabian Villas; however, you need to book a table in advance.. I bet my friends in Kuwait are still using my name when booking! Grrr. It is where the good friendship started!! =)

Awesome Things to do and Places to go in Kuwait - Part 1
At a restaurant in Salmiya..

22. Go pamper yourself, have a pedicure and foot massage!

Awesome Things to do and Places to go in Kuwait - Part 1
Okay, princess!

I used to go to the Spa Time and Me Time Nail Spa both located in the Avenues then N-Bar in Salmiya to do my pedicure and foot massage! I like it!

23. Play Golf at the Ahmadi Golf Course

You need to know somebody working at the Kuwait Oil Company so he/she can invite you to play there..it’s a must try!

Note: There’s a lot more of awesome things to do in Kuwait but I will do it in another blog post…lol =)

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57 thoughts on “Cultural things to do and Places to go as an Expat in Kuwait

  1. Kuwait Skydive is the first skydiving center to open up in Kuwait. They’ve only just opened and they’re offering tandem jumps out of a plane with an instructor, as well skydiving lessons.

    so we are looking to post about us as option and activity the people can do, and listing us on your website

  2. Thanks Kach Medina for sharing this post!
    Kuwait is one such place that will leave you with multiple memories, of which, Kuwait food dishes & restaurants is something you will definitely be coming back for!

  3. Hi there! I live in Kuwait for ages and I never knew scuba diving is possible here! I’ve never even heard about Catamaran sailing! Oh, please, it would be so kind of you if you could give me a contact person for scuba diving as well as for sailing. May I also know how to set an appointment to be able to be on the top of Al Hamra tower?

    1. Hi Jenny, not sure if the q8divers are still active nowadays but I know there’s a lot of scuba diving centers in Kuwait as well as for the catamaran sailing. You can search for Kuwait watersports for some details. And for Al Hamra, you can go to their website or call their service agents to know about the appointment process. 🙂 Hope you can try it all. We’ll be glad to hear from you about your Kuwait escapades.

  4. Never knew that there were so many awesome things to do in Kuwait. I think there is not a minute to waste when in Kuwait. I was really fascinated by the House of Mirrors, the intricate mirror work is indeed very artistic and beautiful.

    1. Indeed Vyjay, I’m sure you’ll love it there. House of Mirrors is one of my favorite places in Kuwait and the owner is so accommodating too. It’s really worth going to.

  5. This was actually a very enjoyable post 🙂 Sounds like an EXCELLENT place to expat. If I had access to scuba, catamarans and a desert (looooove) at all times I would be a very happy girl!

    1. There are Chris, coral patches occur from Kuwait City, south to the border with Saudi Arabia 🙂

  6. Sounds like there is plenty to do in Kuwait! It’s nice to have all the food options. I think the museums could be really interesting here!

  7. Kuwait looks like a great place for a vacation. I must say i did not think it would be host to such diverse things to do. I really loved the seaside. thats one of my favourite places to be in. That apart, the target shooting looks really cool and I would like to settle in for that.

  8. Wow! I had no idea that kuwait had so many opportunities. I always have it in my head that its not a safe place. You done so many amazing things!!

    1. That’s true Nikki, a lot of people see Kuwait as a dangerous and boring place, that’s why I made this article to prove them wrong and to show these amazing things that Kuwait has to offer.

  9. I’d never thought about visiting Kuwait to be honest but it certainly looks like there is an amazing amount of things to do there – and some good places to eat too!

    1. Yes Yes Yes Ali. I’m certain that you’ll love Kuwait too like I did. Hope you could travel there soon! ❤️

  10. Scuba diving looks absolutely incredible. I think I might be too afraid/claustrophobic with all the kit on though sadly 🙁 xxx

    1. That kind of experience is something you shouldn’t miss Ana. I know you’ll like scuba diving 🙂

  11. So many incredible things to do, I love seeing pictures of people actually there experiencing these beautiful places!

    1. Thank you Sam, hope you can visit Kuwait too, to experience the same fun I did when I was there 🙂

  12. This looks like such an amazing place to visit, and somewhere I’d never even think of as a great place to go. People forget about some of the less ‘touristy’ places!

    1. That’s right Charlotte. it’s not always about the buildings or parks that make a place interesting, you must always know how to make the most of your visits. 🙂

  13. What some absolutely amazing things to do – once upon a time I would have been scuba diving for sure! Wish I sill had he ability to. x

  14. Add Team Escape to things to do in Kuwait, it’s located in Salmiya at Symohiny mall mezzanine floor .. Check their Instagram

        1. you need to have your parents or close relatives to apply for you.. they also need to pass some requirements such as minimum salary to be your sponsor or you can get hotel visa but it’s only for entertainers or businessman.

  15. Oh yes, amazing fun days!you forgot to include the cinemagic rooftop movie in old souk salmiya, italian embassy pasta & movie night…Thumbs up for posting this. You are being missed here. xx

    1. Thanks for reading Ate Lory!!! I’m now starting to be inspired to write though I’m still a trying hard writer.. Enjoy Kuwait for me and I know for sure we will meet again.. maybe South America?

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